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 Subject: Render problem in Blender

Miss B opened this issue on Feb 02, 2013 · 12 posts

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  Miss B    ( ) ( posted at 9:31PM Sat, 02 February 2013 

Hi all:

I don't often have this problem with objects I model within Blender, but if I find a model I like created in another app, it often imports into blender very large because not all apps use the same "unit size".

That said, I had found a Hexagon model years ago that I just opened in Hex and exported as OBJ, and then imported into Blender so I could UV map it and create textures.  I played with the camera to get it framed properly so I could render it, but again, as I've had with these types of imports, half the object disappears behind what appears to be an invisible wall.

I'm fairly sure this is a render setting that needs to be adjusted, but I have never been able to figure out what it is so I know what to do whenever I run into this again.

Attached is a render of the object (a rickshaw) so you can see what I mean.  Any suggestions/tips on how to get around this would be greatly appreciated.


OK . . . Where's my chocolate?

Butterfly Dezignz

  unbroken-fighter    ( ) ( posted at 9:37PM Sat, 02 February 2013  · @4037385

ok there can be several things to look into depending on the blender version

have you rescaled the mesh to about 10% of the original?

was the original modeled mesh mirrored?

is there an actual plane in the scene that is blocking the mesh?

without having the mesh it would be hard to say exactly on my end


  Miss B    ( ) ( posted at 9:44PM Sat, 02 February 2013 · edited on 9:57PM Sat, 02 February 2013 · @4037389

OK, there's nothing in the scene, other than the rickshaw, 3 lights, a camera and the floor plane that's default in Blender.  My default setup scene has the 3 lights and camera on the 20th layer, away from any objects I may be working on so I don't accidently select them as well when I "select all".  Just keeps them out of the way, so to speak.

As far as version, I haven't upgraded from 2.61 yet.  I know, I should, but I don't get to play in Blender often so I haven't gotten around to it.

As far as the original model mesh mirrored, I have no idea.  I believe, IIRC, I had downloaded it from one of the freepository forums on the old DAZ forums (before they updated the site last May), so I don't recall who the creator was.  I only know that when I look at it through WinExplorer it's dated 2006, so it's old.

If I can find a link to the download on the old archived forums and it's still active, I'll post a link here.  Other than that, I don't recall the usage rights, so even though I want to map and texture it, I have no plans of playing with the mesh at all.  If you know of a way I can check in Blender to see if the mesh was mirrored, let me know how to check and I will.

Edited To Add:  I found the original post on the old DAZ forum, but the download link is no longer good as the creator's site is no longer online --> http://forumarchive.daz3d.com/viewtopic.php?t=39515

The modeller's name was Couerl, and at the time he was a DAZ PA, but he no longer is, so have no idea how to get in touch with him.


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Butterfly Dezignz

  DramaKing    ( ) ( posted at 10:06PM Sat, 02 February 2013 · edited on 10:07PM Sat, 02 February 2013 · @4037392

The issue is really simple. The camera uses a 'clipping plane' so that it does not have to render to infinity. You can visualize this with the 'Limits' setting. Of course, the best way to fix this is to scale the object down after import.

It is better to do one thing well, than to do many things and excel at nothing.

  unbroken-fighter    ( ) ( posted at 10:07PM Sat, 02 February 2013  · @4037393

it could be the depth of field limitations that are preset taht are killing it

i do not have 2.61 loaded now but i do have 2.49 and 2.65 and ill run a test to see but im almost 100% sure its the DOF

ok checked in both versions i have and if you turn on limits for the camera you will find that the limits are the issue


  DramaKing    ( ) ( posted at 10:08PM Sat, 02 February 2013  · @4037394


It is better to do one thing well, than to do many things and excel at nothing.

  Miss B    ( ) ( posted at 10:23PM Sat, 02 February 2013  · @4037395

Thank you sooooo much.  Off to check that and see what I get.

As far as scaling it down, I could do that, but when I imported it into DAZ Studio it was the correct size, so if I scale down too much and save the new size, then it'll be tiny when I get it into DS, but I'll play with it and see.

Let me go check what the settings are, and I'll get back to you and let you know.  :-)


OK . . . Where's my chocolate?

Butterfly Dezignz

  Miss B    ( ) ( posted at 10:53PM Sat, 02 February 2013 · edited on 10:59PM Sat, 02 February 2013 · @4037397

WOOT!!  I just changed the End Clipping from 100 to 125 and all is good!!  Thanks guys, I really appreciate knowing how to get around it the next time I come across this issue.


OK . . . Where's my chocolate?

Butterfly Dezignz

  unbroken-fighter    ( ) ( posted at 12:10AM Sun, 03 February 2013  · @4037404

no worries on my end

anyday i can help someone with blender i take it as a win

the more blender users there are the better


  Miss B    ( ) ( posted at 12:26AM Sun, 03 February 2013  · @4037405

I agree.  I've been using it for a number of years, but not on any regular basis, so probably would still consider myself a newbie where Blender's concerned.  ;-)


OK . . . Where's my chocolate?

Butterfly Dezignz

  unbroken-fighter    ( ) ( posted at 12:39AM Sun, 03 February 2013  · @4037406

ive been using it since about day one, almost 11 years now and i still have alot to learn

if ya need help just ask

for now im out to deal with figuring out how to deal with a recent death

  Miss B    ( ) ( posted at 12:48AM Sun, 03 February 2013  · @4037407

Oh, sorry to hear that.  You have my sympathies.  Take it easy.


OK . . . Where's my chocolate?

Butterfly Dezignz

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