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 Subject: hair behind glass

SpectralShadows opened this issue on Feb 02, 2013 · 6 posts

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  SpectralShadows    ( ) ( posted at 3:51PM Sat, 02 February 2013 

Hair and fur don't appear to render behind glass textures. (C4D R12 Studio)

What's up with that / how do I make it work?



  Mike K    ( ) ( posted at 8:22PM Sat, 02 February 2013  · @4037377

In your render settings, under hair render, check Reflection/Refraction/Traced Shadows. Should render fine then.


Mike K

  SpectralShadows    ( ) ( posted at 10:16AM Sun, 03 February 2013  · @4037479

Thanks Mike, that works for Hair but not for Fur.

I poked around with the other settings there but didn't see anything that allowed fur to work.

However, I was looking in Help, and I found this:

Quote - When using the Fur Object, the "Cache all Fur" option must be enabled to allow the fur to be refracted in transparent surfaces and be reflected.

So I selected the fur, ticked that setting, and I now get them both working as shown in attachment. :)



  cartesius    ( ) ( posted at 5:26PM Sun, 03 February 2013  · @4037551

Glad you got it sorted!


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  Hatifnatt    ( ) ( posted at 3:01PM Wed, 06 February 2013  · @4038389

Thanks. I know this problem. Sometimes you have to look into the render options, how many reflections you use. I think, 15 is too much (makes rendering very slow), so I put it on 4 or 7, but often it's not enough...

Is there a solution to show hair using fog? The objekt ID with render-tag to put it together in the postpro later doesn't work (hair isn't cut out on black - there is nothing).



  cartesius    ( ) ( posted at 4:49AM Fri, 08 February 2013  · @4038879

To be honest I think I've never even used Fog, sorry :/


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