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 Subject: Spherical map in 3DS Max

TL4500 opened this issue on Feb 01, 2013 · 4 posts

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  TL4500    ( ) ( posted at 10:19AM Fri, 01 February 2013 



I have what I think is a basic question but I am having great difficulty solving it!


I am trying to map a transparent map of the world to a spher in Max.  The render comes out just as I want it but there is a seam where the map meets.  The Max help just says that the seam appears when you map.  I have tried welding verts along the seam but this just knocked a hole in the sphere.


I am assuming there is a simple answer to this but no-one has answered my posts in other forums.


Can this seam be removed?


Many thanks,



  LuxXeon    ( ) ( posted at 12:47PM Fri, 01 February 2013 · edited on 12:57PM Fri, 01 February 2013 · @4036997

Is this a geosphere or polar sphere?  I know what you are saying I think, but this simply sounds like an issue of you using a map where the edges don't match up.  You can reduce or eliminate this effect manually on the map itself in something like Photoshop, by converting it to a tileable image (blend the edge colors and texture), so that the seam where the edges meet isn't visible.

Yes, there are some techniques and/or plugins also that can assist in solving this issue directly in Max if you must, but this is much easier fix to do in your image editor.

If this isn't what you mean, then perhaps post an example image of the problem.

PS:  Make sure your bitmap texture coordinates are correct.  You might wanna post a sceencap of your bitmap settings, etc. if the issue is not fixable in Photoshop or some similar image editor.


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  TL4500    ( ) ( posted at 1:51AM Mon, 04 February 2013  · @4037626

Thanks for that.


I'm not certain what the cause is.  I have attached a Max file, the image that I have used and a rendered frame.


Many thanks,



  TL4500    ( ) ( posted at 2:06AM Mon, 04 February 2013  · @4037630

Thanks LuxXeon.


It was simply the bitmap setting.  All OK now.





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