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 Subject: Lightwave 11.5 released! :)

beyondMyth opened this issue on Jan 31, 2013 · 8 posts

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  beyondMyth    ( ) ( posted at 4:07PM Thu, 31 January 2013 

it's here - Lightwave 11.5 released! :)

and what got me excited, except for stuff i already knew,  was the After Effects intergration! :D

Feature and what not here <<


awesome! :)


  SPACEY    ( ) ( posted at 6:57PM Thu, 31 January 2013  · @4036754

Looking forward to diving into this.  I want to explore the new per intstance features.  Also some the new modelling features got me hot, a little. :)  Should have more to say on this thread soon...

Awesone!  It's finally here!

Must've slipped my mind...but it's the thought that counts...


  TalleyJC    ( ) ( posted at 12:04PM Mon, 11 February 2013  · @4039845

Still havent had time to install =0(

  SPACEY    ( ) ( posted at 12:20PM Mon, 11 February 2013  · @4039850

Been playing a bit with 3DCoat on your recommendation, but still haven't found a stride during the trial period mostly because of my plate.

Nonetheless had a bit of time to look into the new move features in modeler.  Planning on upping my game and adding some shortcuts for the new transform, tweak, and axis translate buttons.

Also had a chance to test shrinkwrap.  With a little tweaking in the numerics panel you could slime a cube with sphere.  Really seems to work.

Went into Layout with a Genoma rig but I think I need to read more or look at the tut again.  Had a little cloth action but again, need to grasp all the options before I go in half baked again.

The new interfaces and colors during the new translation modes really make it feel more robust.  Plus I was blown away by the quality of the genoma turnables.  Just wish you could test them in that setting before I commit.

Hope to hear your thoughts soon Talley...

Must've slipped my mind...but it's the thought that counts...


  TalleyJC    ( ) ( posted at 2:16PM Mon, 18 February 2013  · @4041906

Well it's installed....   Have to redo plugins and menus...

  beyondMyth    ( ) ( posted at 4:35PM Tue, 19 February 2013  · @4042260

installed as well, been trying out the Genoma feature on my "Indiana Jones" character and some instancing/flocking play-around.. nothing serious but so far i like it.. more in-depth as we proceed :D


  SPACEY    ( ) ( posted at 6:05PM Tue, 19 February 2013  · @4042276

Really?  Thinking about having another go at the Genoma thing.  How is the rig on that.  Is it all that and a bag of rotation limits?  Also havent done anything with the new flocking/instancing stuff yet.

 One thing I did notice was that the DPInstance plugin seems to have more feature and it's free.  Baking separate motions for a series of instances and that kind of thing.  Thinking about trying that but see for yourself...


Must've slipped my mind...but it's the thought that counts...


  beyondMyth    ( ) ( posted at 8:23PM Tue, 19 February 2013  · @4042307

yeah, i'll get back on this topic once i've tried it some more -- even considering animating the character in an under 1 minute short just to try the rig and see it in action for real.. :)

as for instacing/flocking its quite easy to get going and i made a "birds flying around"-ish animation in no-time :) 


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