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 Subject: What the heck is a "Realtime Character"?

Darchind opened this issue on Jan 30, 2013 · 4 posts

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  Darchind    ( ) ( posted at 5:51PM Wed, 30 January 2013 

Poser, DAZ Studio,  Bryce...I'm familiar with those things. But lately I have been blown away by the detail of "Realtime Characters".

What the heck is a "Realtime Character"? All I know so far is that they are rendered in Mental Ray, a renderer within 3DS Max.


This guy's character is amazing. Fellow males, please keep it in your pants, lol.

  LuxXeon    ( ) ( posted at 7:45PM Wed, 30 January 2013 · edited on 7:48PM Wed, 30 January 2013 · @4036470

That character was modeled in Maya, which also uses Mental Ray.

A real time character is basically a very low poly character optimized and designed to be animated and rendered eventually in a game, or real-time GPU engine, where all the details come mostly from highly realistic texture maps, normal maps and vertex shading.  He did the detailing of the mesh in Zbrush, which can then export those "modeled" details as displacement or normal maps, to be used on the original low polygon object, giving the "illusion" of a very highly detailed geometry.

Not sure what real time render engine he's going to use for this in the end.  It may look slightly different than the Mental Ray version he's showing there, depending on what features the real time engine supports.

As great as these map-driven details look, you always lose some detail when using displacement or normal mapping vs. actual high polygon geometry, but I don't know of any real time engines that can support millions of polygons and still be true "real time".


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  wheatpenny    ( ) ( posted at 8:32PM Wed, 30 January 2013  · @4036482

That is an amazing character. Incredibly realistic.


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  LuxXeon    ( ) ( posted at 10:17PM Wed, 30 January 2013  · @4036499

Quote - That is an amazing character. Incredibly realistic.

Especially the wrinkles in the shirt.


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