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 Subject: Cropping Center of Layer

Steeleyes101 opened this issue on Jan 25, 2013 · 7 posts

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  Steeleyes101    ( ) ( posted at 8:25PM Fri, 25 January 2013 

Hey all, hope your weekend is off to a good start.

I was wondering if someone could tell me how I might crop out the center of a layer?

I am trying to make a border for a picture Im working on and want to create a layer give it a color and then crop out the center. 

Can someone provide me with tut so that I can do that?

Thanks much


  SWAMP    ( ) ( posted at 1:39AM Sat, 26 January 2013  · @4034998

Use the Rectangular Marquee Tool then hit delete.

For more precision choose the “Fixed Size” style (found up in the tool bar) and use the ruler (Crtl+R).

Shift+click on the ruler to pull out guides to aide in your alignment.



  Steeleyes101    ( ) ( posted at 5:50AM Sat, 26 January 2013  · @4035018

Thanks much for this info 


  dreamer101    ( ) ( posted at 10:00AM Sat, 26 January 2013  · @4035077

Another way you might find interesting if you want the frame an equal size on all edges.

  • Create your new layer

- Select > All

  • Select > Modify > Border

  • Edit > Fill with pattern or color 

  Steeleyes101    ( ) ( posted at 10:27AM Sat, 26 January 2013  · @4035081

Cool have to try that one Dreamer


  retrocity    ( ) ( posted at 8:39PM Sun, 27 January 2013  · @4035450

if you want to make a border out of a picture (or a specific layer) you can do any of the suggestions above (i usually just make the shape white) and place it under the layer i want to show as the border. Move to the layer palette and hold down the ALT key with the cursor "between" the two layers and you should see an icon that looks like a half filled circle. the one layer should indent in the layers palette and theone layer should transform into the shape you made for the border.



  Steeleyes101    ( ) ( posted at 9:34PM Sun, 27 January 2013  · @4035456

Thanks Retrocity  much appreciated

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