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 Subject: New tutorials

volter opened this issue on Jan 24, 2013 · 5 posts

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  volter    ( ) ( posted at 10:56AM Thu, 24 January 2013 

I am posting new free video tutorials : http://www.geekatplay.com/db1.php

Mostly work in photoshop. Creating mixed media images. Here is few examples from tutorials: 



Full production cycle from where to get stuff, how to setup lighting in studio, render digital backdrops, and lots lots work in photoshop.

I will be adding new tutorials weekly, per project. Your feed back greatly appritiated.

  26Fahrenheit    ( ) ( posted at 11:02AM Thu, 24 January 2013 · edited on 11:03AM Thu, 24 January 2013 · @4034482

But those are PAYED  ..so this is a commecial posting ..

and im not sure if that fits in the TOS here at rendo ..


Only the overview videos are "free" 



  volter    ( ) ( posted at 11:41AM Thu, 24 January 2013  · @4034489

They free, scrool down on page. Not all of them at same time  - New releases weekly. Pay if you want download and bonus. All tutorials at geekatplay free to watch.

  26Fahrenheit    ( ) ( posted at 11:51AM Thu, 24 January 2013  · @4034493

i have watched the free video ..i see only previews on what the other tutorials are going to be about .. nothing is showed in detail ..

so maybe you see links i dont see

if so link the actual LEARN tutorial ..


other then the preview video's i see Purchase tuts




  volter    ( ) ( posted at 11:56AM Thu, 24 January 2013  · @4034495

did you check here: http://www.geekatplay.com/adobe.php

How i posted above, new tutorials will be added weekly.

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