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 Subject: 40% off XfrogPlants for 3ds Max

xfrog opened this issue on Jan 23, 2013 · 1 posts

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  xfrog    ( ) ( posted at 3:29PM Wed, 23 January 2013 

Xfrog’s unrivaled level of realism and detail at a massive discount for a limited time only: all plant bundles and plant libraries in 3ds Max format are on sale! **Over 3,000 plant models for pennies per plant model!
Volume Bundle $659 (was $1099)
XfrogPlants vol 1 $419 (was $699)
XfrogPlants vol 2 $419 (was $699)
XfrogPlants Libraries $119 (were $199)

We create biodiverse plants – some regions we have created for you: Africa, Northern and Southern Europe, 3 regions of Australia and Oceania, Central Asia, Japan, and the Conifers, Southwest, East and West coasts of America. These will enable you to create believable localized landscapes from all around the globe. With population distribution plugins for 3ds max such as Itoo Forest Pack(or any that support .max files – or using 3ds max as-is) our plants can be distributed as amazingly real biologically correct ecosystems in your scenes. It may be time for you to buy up a large stockpile of plants for current and future indoor and outdoor realism.

Don't forget, we have over 140 free plant models for you to try before you buy.

You can see even more great work from our customers in the Xfrog Gallery.

Sale ends January 25

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