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 Subject: Looking for an action or script or . . .

ShawnAllen opened this issue on Jan 18, 2013 · 6 posts

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  ShawnAllen    ( ) ( posted at 1:00AM Fri, 18 January 2013 

OK, I;m new to Photoshop - as in 2 months - and am amazed at the things that I can do with it.  That said, now I have to make it useful (and profitabl, so i can pay for it).  
I need to find and actiobn or script or whatever to make frames for photos like the ones on this site:  http://www.parkerjphoto.com/?p=2362 .   

At the top are three pix of the same dimensions against a parchment/yellowed background.  I like this and would like to be able to do it.  What I'm relly looking for is farther down.  Each picture is in a white frame with a slight dropshadow and the signature in the corner.  These pix are of all different sizes and aspects.  

That's what I'd like to have.  I will, of course, pay for it!


Anyone have any ideas?  

Thanks In Advance.

  bobbystahr    ( ) ( posted at 11:16AM Sat, 19 January 2013  · @4032678

have you looked in Photoshop Help on the top bar...try searching there as there's often a step by step there


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I see a sound
and try to write it down
Sometimes they come out very soft
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  bobbystahr    ( ) ( posted at 11:19AM Sat, 19 January 2013  · @4032679

BTW...many years ago when I first started using PS4 I discovered the help as a handy onboard tutor...still use it and learn new stuff all the time....faster than forums anytime as tho I'd post a query in a number of forums I'd always have an answer from help before I got a reply


Once in a while I look around,
I see a sound
and try to write it down
Sometimes they come out very soft
Tinkling light sound
The Sun comes up again






  ShawnAllen    ( ) ( posted at 1:54PM Sat, 19 January 2013  · @4032728

I'll certainly give that a looksee.  I am so new to PS, didn't kow there were tutorials in there.  I'm having to learn fast and under a deadline.  Thanks for the tip!

  msg24_7    ( ) ( posted at 5:31AM Sun, 20 January 2013  · @4032889

What you are seeing on that website is all being done using the websites template.
When looking at the images, you'll notice, that the frames are all the same size, the
image beinge centered within the frame, the signature being placed x/y pixel from the
pictures corner.

In Photoshop I'd create the frame with the drop shadow and a signature layer, sized large enough to hold  my images.
Save this as a template, drag my image into a new layer, center it, adjust the signature layer, save as...

I don't know enough about actions, but I am sure there is a way to automate the process of placing the image and adjusting the signatures position.

This should work, if your images are all within a similar range of sizes.

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  ShawnAllen    ( ) ( posted at 9:54AM Sun, 20 January 2013  · @4032932

msg24_7 - Hey!  I hadn't noticed that.  (And I should have.)  It is the web templaye.  

Hm.  knowing that, I have to redouble my efforts to figure it out in PS.  

Thanx for the insight and the reply!  


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