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 Subject: How to install Ssicidator into Blender??

3eighty opened this issue on Jan 15, 2013 · 4 posts

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  3eighty    ( ) ( posted at 11:37PM Tue, 15 January 2013 

OK..I'm running windows 7-64 bit..I have Blender 2.65a and I'm trying to install the free version of Suicidator..I guess I have gotten slow in my older age but I can't seem to get the instructions correct..

Can somebody just give the 1-2-3 of how to install it...Sure would appreciate it..

Thank You



  Touchwood    ( ) ( posted at 2:28AM Wed, 16 January 2013  · @4031659

Install and troubleshooting instructions seem pretty straight forward: http://cgchan.com/suicidator/manual/installation 

Only proviso is making sure you have Java installed. Where exactly are you going wrong?  

  3eighty    ( ) ( posted at 3:55PM Wed, 16 January 2013  · @4031835

Touchwood>  Thanks Hadn't seen those instructions..Was trying to follow ones that came with download..Again, Thank you..

  Touchwood    ( ) ( posted at 5:54AM Thu, 17 January 2013  · @4031961

My pleasure.

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