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 Subject: Terragen v2 - "Plants Planets and Stuff"

Danny_G opened this issue on Jan 13, 2013 · 4 posts

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  Danny_G    ( ) ( posted at 9:03AM Sun, 13 January 2013 · edited on 8:40PM Mon, 11 February 2013

List of locations for top notch Terragen Content -

Terragen 2 download

Planetside Forum's File Sharing

Rendo's Free Section

Terragen.org Downloads (Ashundar)

Terranuts Downloads

http://www.imaginature.us/ (Chronor, Weeladdie and others)

dandelO's Terragen Stuffing

YURdigitalRedwolf (Terrade aka Rewdwolf)

http://www.terraproject.de/ (Terraproject)

http://www.terradreams.de/gallery/index.php (TerraDreams)

http://www.mrlamppost.com/index.htm (Mr Lampost)

**http://www.silva3d.com/ ** (Walli)

http://store.nwdanet.com/ (NWDA's community store)

http://www.nwdanet.com/ (NWDA's content)

http://xfrog.com/category/AP.html (X-Frogs)

**http://www.xynedia.de/ ** James Webb aka Claudia02

Sitemail | email

New World Digital Art

  ladylake    ( ) ( posted at 11:07AM Sun, 13 January 2013  · @4030598

Thanks for the great list.

  vikinglady    ( ) ( posted at 5:49PM Wed, 16 January 2013  · @4031861

very cool.  goes to make paper backup

  TerraCr8tor    ( ) ( posted at 12:39PM Thu, 28 February 2013  · @4046129

Lots of stuff to choose from, thanks for the links


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