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 Subject: How to Make an Effective Demo Reel

libertycityanimation opened this issue on Jan 12, 2013 · 1 posts

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  libertycityanimation    ( ) ( posted at 9:03PM Sat, 12 January 2013 · edited on 9:05PM Sat, 12 January 2013

Attached Link: How to Make an Effective Demo Reel

Many people use video résumés (CV) or demo reels to show their skills to potential employers or clients. For people in the visual world of video production, it's even more critical. Here are some tips on what you should show and what should end up on the editing room floor.

Demo Reels - we all know we need one and most of us need multiple versions, but what makes an effective and motivating demo reel? It's your work but how do you organize it and make it sizzle, jump out and stand above the rest? How do you capture what is unique about you and your video production? Can you do it yourself or do you need an editor?


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