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 Subject: Resizing

Zhann opened this issue on Jan 11, 2013 · 4 posts

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  Zhann    ( ) ( posted at 1:06PM Fri, 11 January 2013 

Does anyone know how to resize multiple images at the same time, I need about 2 dozen images resized for thumnails, and didn't want to do them one at a time???

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  gunsan    ( ) ( posted at 2:19PM Fri, 11 January 2013  · @4029968

Mediachance has a great filter for that: DCE Autoenhance (Batch)

Maybe there is a trial??

  EnglishBob    ( ) ( posted at 5:38PM Fri, 11 January 2013  · @4030028

I would use IrfanView for that, rather than PSP. It has a batch convert mode that can be set up to resize (and many other image transforms besides).

  RedPhantom    ( ) ( posted at 9:25PM Fri, 11 January 2013  · @4030111

You could create a script to do the actual resizing and then use the batch process function to do it to all the images. 

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