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 Subject: Modelling Clothing for V4 Tutorials?

Hydra opened this issue on Jan 02, 2013 · 4 posts

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  Hydra    ( ) ( posted at 10:03PM Wed, 02 January 2013 

Are there any good tutorials for creating clothes for V4.2?  I mean good step by step, preferably written tutorials, as opposed to the 30 second modelling of the IBM Selectric typewriter video.  I am particularly interested in finding tutorials for doing clothes in Rhino or 3D Studio Max.  

The tutorials section of renderosity pretty much sucks, half the links are busted, and any usefull tutorial is either gone, or is about 50 years old.  


Thanks! :)


  26Fahrenheit    ( ) ( posted at 7:53AM Thu, 03 January 2013  · @4027056

The tutorials section of renderosity pretty much sucks, half the links are busted, and any usefull tutorial is either gone, or is about 50 years old.  

Thats a kinda stupid thing to say .... most of them are by members and are free tutorials.

Dissing them as 50 years old and so ..is not a way to get any help ..


And for one working with Rhino and 3dmax .. those cost a fortune ..im sure you know you way around a 3d package.. and modeling clothing or anything else is almost the same..

Your Welcome


oh and Google does pop up loads of tuts ..




  fly028    ( ) ( posted at 8:27AM Mon, 28 January 2013  · @4035558


Personnaly, modeling was a pain and i searched for a long time free tuts... without success

Finaly i turned to Fugazi1968 serie here at rendo, really worth the money!! They ares based on Silo (witch is affordable) and described functions ares the same in hexagon or other modeling software. It's really a step by step process going from box modelling to advanced modeling and detailling with a lot of tricks to go faster.

I did learn a lot and now, it's a pleasure to model.

There is another serie, very well done by LittleFox aviable on an other website, describing also very well the process.

Hope it helps

  VolcanicMink    ( ) ( posted at 5:38PM Sun, 10 February 2013 · edited on 5:42PM Sun, 10 February 2013 · @4039573

I'll second fly028's recommendation for Fugazi1968. I have his Digital Tailor and Digital Cobbler tutorials and they are very helpful. I find that most tutorials assume that you already know all about the program (which, if I did, I wouldn't be searching tutorials would I?), but these start you out pretty much at square one.

If you try Silo and like it, there are tuts on YouTube called Glen's Silo Fundamentals that really do start at square one - probably the only tuts I've ever found of that kind!

[And yes, there is an unfortunate number of broken links on that site.]

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