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 Subject: architectural input format in Rhino 4?

knowbeing opened this issue on Dec 16, 2012 · 4 posts

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  knowbeing    ( ) ( posted at 9:18AM Sun, 16 December 2012 

Hi folks,  
I've decided to try using my Rhino 4 for some basic 2D and 3D architectural drawings.  

When I first open the software I get a choice of templates.  I'm in the US and so an architecvtural template of feet and inches would be  appropriate but is not available.  So I just open Large/Feet.   Next I want to draw a line much the way I would in other CAD software -  command line, "6'-4 1/2" " + enter.   I'm not getting the inches or fractions, the entry is discarded altogether.   Can someone tell me how to do this - what the format would be?  Also is there a template for US feet and inches or can I make one?  

I used to use Rhino a little to make 3D models for renderings in Cinema 4D but now I'm getting ready to order v5 and try to work exclusively in Rhino now.  Your help would be much appreciated.  v5 looks really excellent for this and a couple of favorable comments by imperamon here have convinced me to invest in it again.  


  knowbeing    ( ) ( posted at 12:55PM Sun, 16 December 2012  · @4020932

...answered most of my question...I leave out the dash beetween feet and inches but add the dash between inches and fractions.  However now if I look into the line properties box under details it still gives me the length in decimals even though all the settings I can find have been changed to "feet and inches".   Can I get properties to read the length of a line in feet and inches plus fractions?  (Oh how I wish we would just use metric here....)



  UVDan    ( ) ( posted at 1:36PM Sun, 16 December 2012  · @4020939

Welcome to the forum. I cannot help with version 4. I am still on version 3, but I always work in inches and it has not failed me yet.  When I build something, I read my tape measure in inches, so this tends to work out for me.

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  knowbeing    ( ) ( posted at 2:24PM Sun, 16 December 2012  · @4020963

Thanks UVD, I will definitely give the tape a try.  Had not thought of that - was just looking into the properties to check that it had input properly.  Sorry to be so dense, it's been a long time since using Rhino even though I enjoyed using it in the past.

Best and Happy Holidays.

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