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 Subject: Blacksmith

digitell opened this issue on Oct 28, 2012 · 14 posts

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  digitell    ( ) ( posted at 8:39AM Sun, 28 October 2012 

Has anyone used this application and if so how well do you like it? Was just thinging about getting it but not sure if it is worth the $$ or not?

Thanks for your input! :)


  Elke    ( ) ( posted at 8:52AM Sun, 28 October 2012  · @4004627

I only use it for morphs, cant say anything about Blacksmith paint or model. 

I like the morph tool and for me it is worth the money.

  digitell    ( ) ( posted at 9:32AM Sun, 28 October 2012  · @4004637

Thank you for your response Elke..I was surprised that there were not posts in this forum. Thanks again! :)


  Fauvist    ( ) ( posted at 10:30AM Sun, 28 October 2012  · @4004673

I bought the suite. The instruction manual is really lacking information in some areas. I haven't used it much because I have to guess how to do things and it's a lot of trial and error. There's a few helpful video tutorials.

  digitell    ( ) ( posted at 10:39AM Sun, 28 October 2012  · @4004682

Hi Fauvist..now see..that is what I am afraid of. If I cant figure out how to use it or if it is too difficult then it will just sit and gather dust and would be a waste of $$. I cannot seem to find reviews anywhere on line about it so I am guessing not many peeps use it?? Thank you for your input on it! :)


  DustRider    ( ) ( posted at 4:17PM Fri, 09 November 2012  · @4009059

I have the suite, and so far have found it pretty intuitive and easy to use, and am happy with my purchase. I got it primarily for texture painting, and so far it seems to do a pretty good job. There are other alternatives available (zbrush, 3Dcoat, BodyPaint, etc.) that are more robust, expensive, and complicated, but they are well beyond my modest needs at the moment. What I like about Blacksmith is the excellent integration with Poser figures, and it's simplicity compared to the alternatives.

I bought it several months ago during one of their sales. I basically had the same reservations you have expressed. There is a definite lack of community support, which made getting my questions about purchasing answered very "difficult". I finally took the matter into my own hands and downloaded the demo. After about 30 minutes of playing with it, and reading the manual I was convinced that it would do what I wanted.

I recommend that you download the demo (it's the full version, only with limitations on saving) and give it a test drive. I know there are at least a couple vendors that use it for production work. For me, it does what I need it to do now, and if I find later that I need to move on to a higher end product, I don't have so much invested in it that I'll feel like I wasted my money.

Sorry for being so late to the party! I hope my comments help you make a decision (if you haven't already).


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  digitell    ( ) ( posted at 4:32PM Fri, 09 November 2012  · @4009069

Hi DustRider,

Thank you so much! I did download the demo but couldnt get anything to do what I wanted it to do..I have Photoshop and from what I have read that Blacksmith does is act as a image editor so it really wouldnt benefit me much. I was really wanting something that I could alter models easily in, because I am in no way a modeler! I couldnt figure out how to do that with Blacksmith so..I guess the sale is over now and I decided to just wait and maybe further down the road I will look at it again. Thank you so much for posting and trying to help! Have a great weekend! :)


  DustRider    ( ) ( posted at 5:34PM Fri, 09 November 2012 · edited on 5:41PM Fri, 09 November 2012 · @4009077

Are you looking to basically do one off alterations of Poser figures, or creating morphs for use later? The other question would be do you primarily use Poser? There are several options that might work if you need more than Posers morphbrush, but some people get great results with it.

I use Carrara a lot with Poser content, and it's very easy to modify the figure in Carrara, but that simplicity really only applies if you are also rendering in Carrara. I also use Hexagon for modeling, it's easy to learn and free at DAZ. If you use DS, then Hex is the ideal companion modeling/morphing application with the integrated 3D bridge (if your on a PC). It works well with Poser too, except you do need to go through the whole export and morph import routine, but you will have to do that with about anything other than Blacksmith or zbrush and goZ for Poser (Poser 9/2012). Some others to try would be Wings 3D and Silo (if you haven't already).

One thing I've found is that some applications simply don't work the way I think. Hex is easy for me, but I struggle with Wings 3D. So it may be simply a matter of trying a few out, and you may get lucky and find something that "fits" (though I'm guessing that you have probably been down this road already).

What I like about Blacksmith for texture editing is the ability to edit the texture map on the 3D model, but if you have the extended 3D functionality of Photoshop that wouldn't be of much use.

Blacksmith has been running sales this year every few months, I'm guessing that they might have another around Xmas if your still interesed.

Good luck, sorry I couldn't be more helpful.


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  digitell    ( ) ( posted at 6:19PM Fri, 09 November 2012  · @4009091


Yeah I use Poser Pro2012 and I was wanting mostly to do the morphing with it on the models. I have Hex, but totally lost in it..as I said I am no modeler lol. I even have Zbrush..and have toyed with it somewhat but I just need to take time to learn modeling to be successful with it. I guess I was really wanting something that was "simple" to alter morphs on the models then just bring back to Poser. You have been very informative and I really thank you for taking time to explain things more..I have been having such a hard time finding any reviews or input anywhere! I will certainly give it anoher look. Thank you DustRider! :)


  dreamcutter    ( ) ( posted at 11:35AM Sun, 23 December 2012 · edited on 11:36AM Sun, 23 December 2012 · @4023773

Blaciksmith3D not an awful tool, however I think you would find ZBrush most capable and versitle.  Also Pixeologic makers of ZB provide free updates and really support the product thoroughly.  It seems the Blacksmith3D designer gets to about 90% towards completing a featureset and then changes his mind and lops it off.  Unlike ZBrush, Blacksmith3D charges for updates & changes and may ambandon features you rely on or purrchased the app for.   It does not seem like they are trying to develop a loyal customer base.  Atleast thats my limuted experience.

 FWIW, Blacksmith3D is now being called realityPaint


Oh qand dont overlook the awesome & free Hexagon modeler available DAZ3D.com!

  Fauvist    ( ) ( posted at 2:18PM Mon, 24 December 2012  · @4024163

I've tried using this program again.  There's still very little documentation or useful instructions.  It's VERY frustrating to try to do anything with this.  These software developers keep coming out with new versions of their programs to make more money, but they don't bother taking the time or money to create instructions for it.  The instructions may as well say "Figure it out yourself."

  fly028    ( ) ( posted at 4:07AM Sat, 26 January 2013  · @4035013


I'm using 3dcoat and RealityPaint for texturing and morphing.

Just received today the last update. Don't regret to upgrade to realitypaint. The new interface is far more intuitive than the previous V4 version.

They added some new features to get it faster and more easy to use.

I was looking for a tool that gives me the ability to morph in a realistic way and to texture at the same time. I use it for hobby, don't have much time to waste, so, it have to be easy and fast. Just took some time to watch at the video on their site and discover that with the "tile brush", i was able to do a realistic morph very easely. Like many CG programs, you have to spend some time on internet to learn how to use the functionalities. I'm using DAZ, Poser, hexagon, 3Dcoat, etc.. and spending time to learn how to do each special thing..

Reality is really good for morphs export, particulary with Genesis (if you thought about exporting the initial object in low resolution!! :-)) Creating Gen5 maps is very easy!

They also changed their website, witch is now more friendly and professional. It's just the beginning, but the new tutorials ares very useful!.

So, for me, to morph and texture a model easely, it's really a great product that worth the price.

StudioArtVartanian is one of my favorite artist, she's is doing amazing things with RealityPaint. I was very impressed by "eirenne" skin. I think it's a good example to see that this product is very powerful.

Hope it helps



  dreamcutter    ( ) ( posted at 1:19PM Sat, 26 January 2013  · @4035122

I was hoping someone who u/g from Blacklsmith3D would provide some insight oin the value of the upgrade to RealityPaint.  Thanks! You just rekindled my interest...  time to try that update!

  fly028    ( ) ( posted at 4:00PM Sat, 26 January 2013  · @4035157


Just received this morning the new update but there were some misfunction. Did send a mail to the support and all the problem have been sold with a new update this evening..So Great!! (And they re activate the autoupdate on launch..really a must, no time to waste downloading and reinstalling). Only saw this reactivity with PhilC or Andrew from 3Dcoat. Really a pleasure, you're not only a name or a number on a customer sheet....  Really appreciate it!

I work with a tablet. The new interface is really fast with this device (just press space bar to hide/unhide menu and check function is really fast and easy). If you already had the V3 or V4 version, it's not the same. Instead of 3-4 evening to do a morph and texture, it takes me only 1 or 2 evening to achieve the same result with RealityPaint....and i'm not a pro!!

If someone has already understood how to use correctly the presets, it would be a great help!

hope it helps, it's really a great update and worth the invest!


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