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 Subject: Helping Poser Newbies

basicwiz opened this issue on Apr 23, 2012 · 503 posts

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  RHaseltine    ( ) ( posted at 6:42AM Mon, 02 December 2013  · @4120568

If Naika loads from the Props library and not the Pose library I would suspect it's a magnet set - in which case you need to tell the magnets to affect the clothing. That may well be what the Adj pose does, but such things can be very sensitive to the order in which they are done - if there isn't a readme with better instructions try loading V4, applying Naika, then loading one of the clothing items, applying the magnetise and Naika adj poses, selecting V4, loading the next piece of clothing, and again applying the magnetise and adj poses, and so on. As for the Walk Designer, I've not used it but I think you need to define the walk path - in your case presumably standing more-or-less in one spot - and it then applies the walk cycle along the path.I suspect you may be better off just using a straight walk cycle, rather than the Walk Designer, but I really am not an animator.

  MistyLaraCarrara    ( ) ( posted at 8:37AM Thu, 05 December 2013  · @4121416

the bikini may not include all the morphs applied to V4 with Naika. or jcm's activated by some poses.

a useful utility like D3D Morphing Clothes is handy to add missing morphs to clothes.

but i'm only on pp12, maybe pp14 can add the morphs with the fitting room?

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  hborre    ( ) ( posted at 1:11PM Thu, 05 December 2013  · @4121471

You could add morphs in the fitting room, but if the clothing is already designated to a particular model, use the copy morph feature instead.

  XoechZ    ( ) ( posted at 1:37PM Fri, 06 December 2013  · @4121685

Ok, I have a question that (I think) belongs to that category:

How can I make a surface refective in Poser 10?

I have found reflections under the advanced tab in the material room, but there is no slider to add a value. How is that done?

  hborre    ( ) ( posted at 3:35PM Fri, 06 December 2013  · @4121698

You must have an environment skydome or populated room for reflection to work accurately.  Unfortunately, I am not at my own computer to provide a node arrangement image to create reflections.  However, there are plenty of threads in the forum covering the same topic.  You need to search back far enough.

  basicwiz    ( ) ( posted at 3:44PM Fri, 06 December 2013  · @4121700

Quote - Ok, I have a question that (I think) belongs to that category:

How can I make a surface refective in Poser 10?

I have found reflections under the advanced tab in the material room, but there is no slider to add a value. How is that done?

Are you wanting to turn an object into a mirror, or simply make it reflect light onto another surface?

  XoechZ    ( ) ( posted at 3:57PM Fri, 06 December 2013  · @4121702

All kinds of reflections.

Mirrors, yes, but also polished metal, tiled floors and anything that is not only glossy, but also reflects the environment.

A mirror, in my opinion, is nothing else then a plain silverish plane with maximum reflection settings. So it should not be much difference with different materials, but I dont know how to get reflections to work in Poser.

  hborre    ( ) ( posted at 8:09AM Sat, 07 December 2013  · @4121808


I believe this thread might be resurrected back as a sticky but it contains a section on reflection links as you scroll down.  Some methods are obsolete, like image maps connected to reflect nodes.  This should get you started.  Also, search the RuntimeDNA forum for reflection topics, especially those involving Bagginsbill's inputs and tutes.

  basicwiz    ( ) ( posted at 8:33AM Sat, 07 December 2013  · @4121812

As soon as the holidays pass and I can get back to it, there is a team working on the new Poser FAQ. We will be extracting material of this sort for the FAQ. ANYONE who has a thread bookmarked that they found useful in performing specific tasks should beel free to make a post here to make sure that thread's material gets included in the new FAQ.

ALL help appreciated!

  hborre    ( ) ( posted at 10:04AM Sat, 07 December 2013  · @4121832

Basicwiz: I have been seeing a considerable increase in new users attempting to use DAZ's DSON in Poser and having a horrific time configuring their apps.  Many threads are becoming repetitious; either the users are too lazy to search the forum or are having a terrible time using the right keywords to conduct successful searches.  Would it be possible to create a sticky directing those interested to useful information?  I know this is something that needs time to develop, but would it be feasible and necessary?

  basicwiz    ( ) ( posted at 4:43PM Sat, 07 December 2013  · @4121910

No problem at all Hborre. In fact... a good idea.

Can someone recommend a good thread for me to sticky in this regard. I can do it in a matter of seconds if I just know what to do.

  Miss Nancy    ( ) ( posted at 1:49PM Mon, 09 December 2013 · edited on 1:54PM Mon, 09 December 2013 · @4122310

Attached Link: http://www.renderosity.com/mod/forumpro/showthread.php?message_id=3982720&ebot_calc_page#message_3982720

xoe, in current versions of poser, mirror surface has little or no diffuse (no colour); reflects  range of visible spectrum. one may wish to start with bill's basic fresnel shader:


general technique in poser: start with basic shader, then change variables/add nodes until it looks good.  trial and error for most, simple math for bill et al.

  Detrick420    ( ) ( posted at 6:50PM Thu, 12 December 2013  · @4122982

Where might be a good place to look to purchase some animations for v4?

  Detrick420    ( ) ( posted at 8:14PM Thu, 12 December 2013  · @4122989

I also seem to be running into some issues getting the elite body shapes and heads to load for v4. I had issues getting the morphs++ to load and I was directed to install a batch file. That seemed to fix the problem. Is there something i need to do to get the elite body shapes to load? I can see them iin my runtime, also I can load the elite textures no problem from the materials tab and they seem to work fine.

From the pose tab if i try to INJ Elite v4 or INJ Muscels v4 nothing seems to happen. I wanted to see what the fantasia body looked like so I tried to load that even though nothing happened when I tried to INJ Eliete v4. Of course nothing happened. An thoughts on what I might be missing?

  hborre    ( ) ( posted at 9:05PM Thu, 12 December 2013  · @4122990

You need to reinitialize V4 everytime you load a new morph pack.  It would basically be the same process you performed when you installed the Morph ++ pack.

  Detrick420    ( ) ( posted at 3:04AM Sun, 15 December 2013  · @4123293

Thanks so much!!! That cleared up my issue with no problems. After I ran the batch file again everythig worked just fine. The Elite shapes finally showed up for me. That was really bothering me.

As if I dont have enough problems, the next issue I'm running into is with some morphs working with clothing and some not. 

Say for instance if I load v4, and then run the batch file. I then load inj morphs++, Muscles, base morphs, and elite. If I then try and load an article of clothing like the bodysuit that comes with v4, after conforming the bodysuit most of the morphs work. But if I try to use any of the Muscle morphs they dont seem to work with the bodysuit and poke through. 

At the same time if I use any of the Elite body shapes, or morph++ dials they all seem to work fine and dandy.

I've also tried loading some additional morphs like WonderBreast form curves and the morphs just seem to imediately poke through on the body suit.

I recently upgraded to poser2014 and thought the "copy morphs" feature woud fix this. So after conforming the clothing I try and copy the morphs and that still doesnt seem to solv the issue, Any thoughts, Im pretty lost lol.

  hborre    ( ) ( posted at 8:55AM Sun, 15 December 2013  · @4123332

Did you attempt to add the magnet sets for the clothing?  There are magnetize props for Vicky 4 to help clothing better fit her shapes.  Also, there are several options to select under Properties/Parameters for each item of clothing for better fit.  

Couple of tips: if you are using clothing that covers most of the body, you can make her body parts invisible so they won't poke through.  Unfortunately, this is not feasible with scantily fitting clothing.  Your best bet under those circumstances would be to use PP2014's morphing brush to loosen those illfitting areas. 

  Detrick420    ( ) ( posted at 3:02PM Tue, 14 January 2014  · @4129015

So Ive been having so much fun with this program that I've neglected to seek help on an issue thats been bugging me.  I picked up V4-WM, but im having troubles getting it to work in pp2014.  I've followed the instructions it came with but i cant get anything to show up in the scripts menu.

I made a seperate folder for the v4-wm files and it seemed to load into poser no problem. But following the instructions it came with i need to run a script and its not showing up for some reason.

If i manually look up the files in the runtime, in the python folder the poserplace script im looking for shows up. So I know its there it just seems I'm doing something wrong. Any thoughts?

  Detrick420    ( ) ( posted at 4:47PM Tue, 14 January 2014 · edited on 4:48PM Tue, 14 January 2014 · @4129031

In another attempt to figure this out I also put the V4wm files in the runtime where v4.2 is located. In the librarys menu in the python folder the poserplace script still shows up but if i run poser and look under the scripts tab its still not there unfortunately.

  hborre    ( ) ( posted at 6:57PM Thu, 16 January 2014  · @4129352

You must place it into ScriptsMenu for it to show up in Poser.  The complete path is:


  Detrick420    ( ) ( posted at 9:35PM Thu, 16 January 2014  · @4129372

Ok in the scripts menu folder I have a folder called PoserPlace, and in it is the weight pose file.

This is in the runtime that I also have v4 in.

Also in that same runtime in the goemetry foler I  have all the files that should be there according to the instructions.

does it need to go in the pp2014 runtime? I dont know Im a lil clueless on what else to try.  But like always thanks hborre for trouble shooting this with me.

  hborre    ( ) ( posted at 3:46PM Fri, 17 January 2014  · @4129532

The answer is yes.  All Python script must go into the application runtime folder.  Those are the only exceptions when placing content into their proper locations especially when dealing with external files.  It will work properly even under UAC protected security under Vista/Win7/8.

  RainbowGypsy    ( ) ( posted at 12:34AM Sat, 18 January 2014  · @4129577

Ok, I'm going to try and be brave and ask probably a really dumb question.  But I can't find an answer to it and I have searched a few forums and the ever so useful reference manual (tongue in cheek).

I have been using Poser 7.... well just by that you know it is lots of years.  I just got Poser Pro 2014 and am actually want to keep it clean and only install the characters I use etc.  So I started with V4.  Did all the necessary things, initialized her and everything installed ok, except when I open Poser Pro the Daz folder where I would normally find V4 is not in the library?  The install path was correct it was installing to 

C:Program Files (x86)Smith MicroPoser Pro 2014

It is a big step going from Poser 7 to 2014.  The biggest of which is the library and I'll be damned if I can figure out how to load my new characters in so I can find them and use them.


Sorry if this is a newbie question that gets asked all the time.  I tried to do a search in the forum so as not to bother anyone but couldn't get a hit.


Your help and patience is greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much



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Why struggle for hours, just ask, I still do and I'm always grateful for a solutions.

All the best.


  RHaseltine    ( ) ( posted at 10:01AM Sat, 18 January 2014  · @4129618

You shouldn't install to the application folder - it's no longer the default location for the main Runtime folder, and is an actively bad idea if you are using Windows Vista or later (unless you have turned all the security features off). The default location for the Poser content is in Smith MicroPoserPro 2014 Content in your Public Documents folder, as I recall, so you should either install V4 there or to another content library if you want to keep the V4 stuff separate from the base content - in any event, you should uninstall the files you placed in the application folder as Poser will find the readscripts there and if you later install other morph expansions that could cause conflicts.

  hborre    ( ) ( posted at 11:59AM Sat, 18 January 2014  · @4129640

Agreed.  For the most part, you can create a separate, external runtime for V4 and content.  Carefully read the default installations for PP2014, Programs Files folder is no longer the default destination.  The old ways no longer apply.

As a side note, upgrading to PP2014 from P7 will mean that you unlearn the old methods of doing things.  Gamma correction is a prominent feature in the Pro versions; learn about it how lighting has dramatically changed because of it.  IDL is another feature; also come to terms how it also influences light set ups.  

You have a lot to relearn if you want to use this application successfully.

  RainbowGypsy    ( ) ( posted at 12:47PM Sat, 18 January 2014  · @4129647

Wow thanks guys that is the opposite of what I had to do with the past version.  

I know the learning curve will be big but I really want to be able to use the new features and enhancements.  I already noticed the lighting was more responsive and more easily adjusted to get very awesome results. 

I'll be doing tutorials and probably hanging out here a whole lot.  Thanks so much for your help.

  Detrick420    ( ) ( posted at 6:24PM Tue, 21 January 2014  · @4130261

Im sill strugling with some clothing issues and wanted run something by some experienced users.  

I have a morphed figure in which an article of cothing does not fit in the chest reigon. Before conforming the clothing item i mess with the scale and some adjustments so it looks ok.  I then go to the fitting room and set up a fitting session and after running the fit it looks pretty darn good from a beginers standpoint.

I then create the new figure and go back to the pose room and there are now two coppies of the clothing. the first is the original which i delete and the second is the new fitted peice.

Now heres my problem if i try and conform the new cothing it conforms but also seems to grow in scale. I've tried this on several different articles of clothing and several different figures. The end result always seems the same it looks good before i conform but once i do all the sudden the article is like 25% larger.

  moonlitmammerult    ( ) ( posted at 8:34AM Sun, 26 January 2014  · @4130896

<- Noob Here. I have only questions and no answers.


I was wondering how all of you go about adding bones and setting groups to those bones.


I've been playing around and I made myself a single piece mesh. I gave it multiple materials to make grouping easier. I export it (as obj file), inport it into poser (10). I (click it) go to setup room and start adding bones. I make them go where they should be, rename them, blah higharchy blah blah. Then I group them. But then I go the pose room and it either act like nothings happened or I get the Hip, Neck, Head, and maybe a few other actually bond to bones. I'm not sure if I'm doing anything wrong or if there is a better way to go about this. 

  Cimarron    ( ) ( posted at 1:38AM Sun, 09 February 2014  · @4133239

Another noob Question;)
I've setup a complex scene, ran dymanic cloth, all posed and rendered.
Now I would like to save just the character posed and wearing the sim calc dynamic cloth...is there a way to do this without having to run it again when I import it?


  Cimarron    ( ) ( posted at 3:19AM Sun, 16 February 2014  · @4134478

Think I've found out how,yet to try it but if anyone is interested the best way seems to be to spawn morph targets.

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