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 Subject: Anyone Importing DAZ Genesis Characters Into C4D That Were Exported From DAZ Stu

zonkerman opened this issue on Jan 07, 2012 · 27 posts

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  zonkerman    ( ) ( posted at 12:52AM Sat, 07 January 2012 

I've see mention of a plugin at DAZ 3D that exports their charactes into FBX format for use in C4D at the following page:


Has anyone imported characters from DAZ Studio that were exported with this plugin?  Wondering what peoples experiencs are in using this. In particular for use of the new DAZ character model called Genesis. If somene has pleae indicate the version of C4D you are using for these imports. I am using C4D R12.  Thanks in advance.

  R.P.Studios    ( ) ( posted at 8:53AM Sat, 07 January 2012  · @3880701

I have been using Riptide for years, it works the best IMHO.

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  MarkHirst    ( ) ( posted at 2:45PM Tue, 10 January 2012 · edited on 2:48PM Tue, 10 January 2012 · @3882008

The only experience I have is exporting Genesis using the Collada export from DAZ Studio. Default settings seem to leave materials very shiny and the transparency seems broken.

My recent test was in R13 Visualise, but I think the results were similar back when I tried it with R12.

Even at version 4, my impressions of DS are still quite lukewarm; feels clunky and disorganised. I think I'll be sticking with my aging Poser and InterPoser Pro for the moment.


  prixat    ( ) ( posted at 5:58PM Tue, 10 January 2012  · @3882079

I played with the FBX exporter during its 30 day trial period. All imports were into the R13 Demo.

It seems to work as well as expected. The transmaps for eyelashes had to be cut from the transparency channel and pasted into the alpha channel, for example. But it got the basic diffuse, bump, displacement maps correct.

The rig was simplified by the time it got to C4D, but only a c4d exporter or a DSF importer would solve that!

I think because of the new rigging in R13 there was no IK. With only FK on the rig you'd go insane doing more than minor tweaks.

I can't remember any real difference between FBX and Collada. Perhaps if I had tried animation then FBX would shown its advantages.

(There were a couple of updates of DS4 where Collada was broken, but its working again in the latest build.)


  prixat    ( ) ( posted at 6:01PM Tue, 10 January 2012  · @3882081

Here's the hypernurbs version.


  wolf359    ( ) ( posted at 9:40PM Tue, 10 January 2012  · @3882187

"I think I'll be sticking with my aging Poser and InterPoser Pro for the moment."



Same here!!





  zonkerman    ( ) ( posted at 10:30PM Tue, 10 January 2012  · @3882208

Thanks everyone for the feedback.  A while back I used to import Poser characters and C4D objects into Vue and do my renders from inside Vue. I recently started checking the integration of Vue xStream into C4D and am thinking of doing more final scene work inside of C4D now.  The one main part missing now are the Poser characters.  I thought about Daz 3D Genesis toon as well so that's why I was asking about it.

I used to import Poser characters (.psz files) into Vue and manipulate them quite well within Vue.  I don't think C4D can read the Poser file format of .psz because when I try to I get an error.  So I guess I need a plugin to give me comparable flexibility to what I have when I import Poser items into Vue?.  What is the best tool to import Poser characters into C4D that will allow me to work with them as easily as I could when I imported them into Vue?

  MarkHirst    ( ) ( posted at 12:55AM Wed, 11 January 2012  · @3882245

Quote - What is the best tool to import Poser characters into C4D that will allow me to work with them as easily as I could when I imported them into Vue?

I use InterPoser Pro in all my C4D / Poser images. Worth trying out the demo version with your demo C4D:



  contrafibbularities    ( ) ( posted at 7:09PM Wed, 11 January 2012  · @3882586

Fbx export from DAZ Studio 4 to C4D works quite well for me, too. Like prixat said, the rig is simplified. Materials always need to be tweaked, of course.

How did you change the materials for the eyes in Cinema ? I can't figure out how to get those right in C4D...

  prixat    ( ) ( posted at 8:34AM Thu, 12 January 2012  · @3882743

Quote - @prixat
How did you change the materials for the eyes in Cinema ? I can't figure out how to get those right in C4D...

I let my FBX exporter time out, but I'll check with the latest collada export and get back to you, it should be the same fixes required. 


  contrafibbularities    ( ) ( posted at 8:58AM Thu, 12 January 2012  · @3882756

Thanks in advance, prixat, I really appreciate your help! :-)

  animajikgraphics    ( ) ( posted at 9:15PM Thu, 12 January 2012  · @3883049

Just saw this on Daz:

CR2 Exporter for Genesis Fiqures (From D|S 4) - along with InterPoserPro might be another workflow.  Have not tried this yet.


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  kuroyume0161    ( ) ( posted at 7:32AM Fri, 13 January 2012  · @3883183

There might even be a more direct route in the future - with Daz backing.

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  animajikgraphics    ( ) ( posted at 9:00AM Fri, 13 January 2012  · @3883202

"There might even be a more direct route in the future - with Daz backing."

Would love to see this.



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  prixat    ( ) ( posted at 6:28AM Wed, 18 January 2012 · edited on 6:34AM Wed, 18 January 2012 · @3884861

Quote - Thanks in advance, prixat, I really appreciate your help! :-)

sorry for the delay, I had problems installing to a new machine.

Going from XPpro-32 to w7-64 seems to break a few things in DS4 including the collada export. ...but I got another 30 days of FBX.

http://www.design2win.biz/clientarea/eyes.pdf (884KB)


  contrafibbularities    ( ) ( posted at 12:05PM Wed, 18 January 2012  · @3884928

Awesome, prixat! :-) I didn't expect an entire tutorial... This is really great! Thanks for sharing this, it's very helpful! Thank you so much for your trouble! :-)

  tvining    ( ) ( posted at 11:11AM Tue, 31 January 2012  · @3890075

Quote - There might even be a more direct route in the future - with Daz backing.


I'd be the first in line for it!!!

  masbenny    ( ) ( posted at 2:56AM Wed, 02 January 2013  · @4026680

You very help me guys.. and thank so much prixat
I <3 You're Tutorial :D

  foryoureyes    ( ) ( posted at 2:31PM Thu, 03 January 2013  · @4027159

Check out the plugin Kobold Charakteranimation for Cinema 4D! They have imported Victoria 3 to Cinema 4D and it runs with their own rig. Their rig has none of the shortfalls we know from Poser, just incredible! They have a Morph-Room where they organized several hundred morphs, I did not know before I tried this how many wonderful DAZ morphs there are. I mailed them and they gave me a somewhat limited trial version.


  Chelnov    ( ) ( posted at 2:00AM Tue, 03 September 2013  · @4101375

  MetalVagabond    ( ) ( posted at 7:34AM Sun, 26 July 2015  · @4215479

Quote - Thanks in advance, prixat, I really appreciate your help! :-)

thanks for tutorial, but how do you fix the white eyes too, got the part of fixing the eye shadow look, thanks 

  prixat    ( ) ( posted at 1:31PM Sun, 26 July 2015  · @4215528

Find the material that's covering the eye. It's called something like 'Eye Moisture' or maybe 'Cornea', depending on your FBX settings etc..

It will need reducing to a simple transparency. In general, all the materials had to have the specular width reduced by more than half!

If you show the material settings we can get more specific.


  perilous7    ( ) ( posted at 10:05AM Thu, 06 August 2015  · @4217796

daz studio seems to import via fbx to c4d quite well, there has been the odd positional error of props that i had made and parented to figure not coming in properly placed but i bet i hadnt placed the axis in the centre of the prop doh - its just the textures that seem to take forever (and assigning them) thats the killer for me at the moment 

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  wolf359    ( ) ( posted at 1:57PM Sat, 08 August 2015  · @4218289

For non genesis figures I am using interposer  pro.

for genesis it just easier for me to use the Daz obj exporter with the "collect textures" option and back in C4d use rip tide pro to import.

This may not be an option for most who have upgrade beyond R11.5 (I have not)

as Riptide stopped development after that version I am told.

I dont know the current state of the R16 obj importer regarding texture handling etc.



  oamz2000    ( ) ( posted at 9:06PM Mon, 17 August 2015  · @4219910

I am using the built in FBX exporter in Daz Studio 4.7. and then importing in to C4d R15 on Mac. After much experimentation I have managed to sort out the texturing issues most people seem to experience. I am also able to get a full range of face, hair and tongue morphs using the following morph export rules:
I'm not sure What CTRLVS does as removing it seems to have no effect.

The problem is when it comes to full body pose morphs. For example, if I use the rule 'Arms' I get the pose controls Arms up, Arms forward etc. However they only affect the mesh and not the joints. Also using more than one at a time causes strange distortions. Is there a particular command that needs to be entered to get the morphs to conform to the skeleton? or is this just a limitation when importing to C4D?

I have searched extensively online for a list of Morph Export Rules but no one seems to have posted one. I have found people suggesting the rule 'arms.CTRL' but this doesn't seem to do anything for me. I believe this kind of command may be for older versions.

Something else I have noticed is that the rule 'head' needs to be completely lower case in order to work. Trying the rule 'arms' or 'hands' does nothing, for it to do anything it must be 'Arms' or 'Hands' (capitalised as it appears in the pose control menu in Daz). Conversely using the rule 'Head' does nothing, is there something that I am just not getting here? This appears to be a very odd naming convention.

Any help would be greatly apreciated. Thanks.

  prixat    ( ) ( posted at 5:51AM Thu, 20 August 2015  · @4221452

I think the CTRLVS items are just the visemes.


  perilous7    ( ) ( posted at 2:57AM Fri, 04 December 2015  · @4242424

have found that in daz studio if you click on the gear icon of the morph you are currently using it brings up a new dialog and on this it shows the the morph used to put in the export rules :) so just manually add this at time of export


 A cleaved head no longer plots.


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