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 Subject: Sound Emitter Works But no Sound In Movie Output

zonkerman opened this issue on Jul 16, 2011 · 5 posts

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  zonkerman    ( ) ( posted at 1:52AM Sat, 16 July 2011 

Hello Everyone.
I just finished an animation scene with a sound emitter and it plays great inside Cinema 4D.  However, when I render the movie to an avi file in Windows 7 64bit the final movie file has no sound. The video part is perfect but I don't know why the sound I was able to here in C4D did not come out in the movie output.  I checked the render options but did not see any settings for audio output.

How do I get the sound that my sound emitter plays in C4D to also be output in my rendered animation scenes? I am using Cinema4D R12.  Thanks in advance.

  zonkerman    ( ) ( posted at 9:08AM Sat, 16 July 2011  · @3818590

I made a mistake in the problem description. It is not a sound emitter I'm having a problem with it is a Sound Effector which I used under the MoGraph tools. I can hear the audio in C4D but when I render it to an avi it is not in the avi movie. If necessary I guess I'll have to just add it as a separate sond track using Sony Vegas Studio. 

I'm not really sure about C4D abilities to support sound at this point. I don't see anything yet in C4D that looks like the audio support in Sony Vegas like ability to add multiple tracks or manipulate sounds in various ways as a timeline of animation is being put together.

  kuroyume0161    ( ) ( posted at 2:09PM Sat, 16 July 2011  · @3818681

Most people render animation out as single images which they then composite in another application (QuickTime, Premiere, After Effects, etc.).  Can't include audio in a stack of frame images.

You can 'render' the sound out as an audio file.  This lets you combine various sound tracks and bake the effects in use on the audio.

C4D has lots of support for sound. There are indeed Sound tracks in the Timeline and you can have multiple sound tracks. "Help" is your friend.  I suggest you do a search on "Sound" in the Cinema 4D Help.

It appears that you can integrate sound with rendering to video:

Render Settings:Save

Include Sound

If one of the video formats above is selected, Sound will be used to integrate a sound file into the video.

Note: This does not work with NET Render!

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  zonkerman    ( ) ( posted at 4:28PM Sat, 16 July 2011  · @3818716

Hello Kuroyume0161.
I do have the "Include Sound" check box checked. My output is to .avi Movie format. The sound file plays fine in C4D and is causing the objects associated with the sound effector to react.  The sound just does not make it into the movie file when rendering output. 

My settings are depth is at 8 bit/channel, 8 Bith Ditering, "include Sound" is checked, and movie format is avi.  I'm going to try the "Quick Time Movie" format to see if that makes any difference. Otherwise I'll just go with Sony Vegas Studio to add the .wmv file as a sound track the the outputted .avi file.

  kuroyume0161    ( ) ( posted at 5:47PM Sat, 16 July 2011  · @3818733

I would contact Maxon support to see why the audio isn't being integrated into the video.  If it doesn't work then I'd say that it is a bug since the Help quote in my previous post says otherwise.

C makes it easy to shoot yourself in the foot. C++ makes it harder, but when you do, you blow your whole leg off.

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