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 Subject: Simon Says:!!!!!WINNER!!!!!

GregerE opened this issue on Jul 09, 2010 · 11 posts

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  GregerE    ( ) ( posted at 1:49AM Fri, 09 July 2010 · edited on 1:50AM Fri, 09 July 2010

Simon is overwhelmed by the generosity.
He's getting his boat on the water, that's for sure.
It' almost an impossible task to pick a winner.
All models are good and relevant, but there can
only be one winner. The  beautiful anchor from 
nexxus made it to the top this week. Grats!

Thanks to all of you for a very fine session,
and for keeping Simon alive!


  UVDan    ( ) ( posted at 2:54AM Fri, 09 July 2010  · @3669875

Congrats to nexxus and thanks to all who participated for keeping Simon alive at sea.

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  UVDan    ( ) ( posted at 2:58AM Fri, 09 July 2010  · @3669879

Everyone can keep track of the winners back to Oct, 2009 at the Rhino Forum Sub Community Page.

Free men do not ask permission to bear arms!!

  PaulJones    ( ) ( posted at 4:39AM Fri, 09 July 2010  · @3670026

 well done nexxus some great models this week 

  An_Anthropologist    ( ) ( posted at 6:24AM Fri, 09 July 2010  · @3670136

Congratulations nexxus, can't wait to see what Simon has in store for us next!

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 9:07AM Fri, 09 July 2010  · @3670199

Fantastic Simon this week !

Congratulations Nexxus on a great model and render

  nexxus    ( ) ( posted at 12:57PM Fri, 09 July 2010  · @3670285

Thanks very much guys, will have a new Simon says up shortly  :)

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  DAM3D    ( ) ( posted at 2:46PM Fri, 09 July 2010  · @3670338

 Grats! :D

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  perfectude    ( ) ( posted at 2:50PM Fri, 09 July 2010  · @3670341

Bravo! Nice to see all those great models!

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  EHNisja    ( ) ( posted at 7:10PM Fri, 09 July 2010  · @3670410

Congratulations Nexxus, great job!!

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  tom271    ( ) ( posted at 9:32PM Fri, 09 July 2010  · @3670453



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