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 Subject: OBJ export issue - mesh distortion.

Rich_Potter opened this issue on Jan 01, 2010 · 4 posts

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  Rich_Potter    ( ) ( posted at 8:26AM Fri, 01 January 2010 


Happy new year and all that :)

I'm having some issues getting obj and lwo files exported from LW to open again, even in lightwave.

I am creating the objects in Lightwave 9.6 and exporting them as .obj files, these files open successfully in poser and in hexagon

However when I re-open the object in lightwave I get the following.

and in Vue

Ive tried to work around this by exporting it from hexagon as an OBJ but when I try and open them in vue I get the following error message.

In Lightwave the deformations are gone and the model is ok.

I have tried this on my desktop computer and my laptop with the same results both time (trying to see if it was a driver issue/bad install etc etc)

I also have tried this with a LWO file directly from lightwave, the results where different as in it loads into vue, but the uv file is completely wrecked/not read properly.   Initially I thought this was due to it being tripled when it was brought into vue, so I tripled my model in Lightwave and redid the uv maps/colour maps etc but the issue still remains, the image in the link below shows the difference between the two models.

Here is the mesh and a reduced size uv map.

Anyone have any ideas whats going wrong?

(Also posted at newtek forums)

Thanks for your help :)



  Rich_Potter    ( ) ( posted at 9:30AM Fri, 01 January 2010  · @3580031

Solved by a very kind chap at newtek forums "kuzey"

The solution was to remove the front wall and repaste it  back in without merging points..

embarassing really :P



  petes    ( ) ( posted at 4:44PM Sat, 02 January 2010  · @3580818

yep..or..keep it pasted and change teh smoothing angle..at lease to see it correction LW..
Smoothing angles tend to change from program to program....or so as I see it.

Glad it worked out buddy.

lightwave, photoshop, oreo's...tools of the trade.

  Rich_Potter    ( ) ( posted at 4:48PM Sat, 02 January 2010 · edited on 4:49PM Sat, 02 January 2010 · @3580821

cheers petes, i think ideally in this case there shouldnt hvae been any smoothing angle, probalby something ill check out next time :)

also vue is particularly tetchy when it comes to... well... anything... which probalby isnt helping much.



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