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 Subject: WIP-Nov-Dec Bi-Monthly Challenge (Architecture)

arlivre opened this issue on Nov 16, 2009 · 43 posts

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  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 2:57AM Mon, 16 November 2009 · edited on 2:59AM Mon, 16 November 2009

Attached Link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Richard_Neutra


I´m a huge fan of mid century modernists architects like Richard Neutra.
In that spirit but with solar panels in the roof :),  here is my own "project" of a house (still in its early stages)

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 3:00AM Mon, 16 November 2009  · @3557832


  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 3:12AM Mon, 16 November 2009  · @3557836


  UnitSeven    ( ) ( posted at 4:03AM Mon, 16 November 2009  · @3557848

I can already tell I'm behind the ball and lacking in leet skillz. Ambitious project and a good looking start! What are you rendering with?

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 7:24AM Mon, 16 November 2009  · @3557881

Thanks UnitSeven :)

I´m using Vray for Rhino

  GregerE    ( ) ( posted at 1:55PM Mon, 16 November 2009  · @3558063

 Looks very good, Joao. I could easily spent time there :)


  tom271    ( ) ( posted at 6:11PM Mon, 16 November 2009  · @3558231

I like the house I like the swimming pool....


  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 12:46PM Tue, 17 November 2009  · @3558604

Thanks a lot gentlemen :)
The sea is 100meters in the front of the house, should be visible soon

By the way grass is tricky to simulate, oooh yes....

Xfrog trees
Rocks (many more to come)  random generated in Bryce, saved in dxf format, then  imported and converted to nurbs with the "mesh to nurbs" command

  UVDan    ( ) ( posted at 4:00PM Tue, 17 November 2009  · @3558695

Gotta love this project.  Rhino makes great rocks too.  The caustics on the water look fine also.

Free men do not ask permission to bear arms!!

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 11:21AM Sat, 21 November 2009 · edited on 11:27AM Sat, 21 November 2009 · @3560600

More wip...with this type of houses a lot of the interior is visible

@Dan "You can put mom and mom in law on opposite ends of the house"-- that was indeed the idea behind the separate part of the house :)

PS: mom  and mom in law are great  !

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 12:01PM Mon, 23 November 2009  · @3561503

Some more work done, clay render

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 12:03PM Mon, 23 November 2009  · @3561504


  GregerE    ( ) ( posted at 4:10PM Mon, 23 November 2009  · @3561605

 Now, that's beautiful work. Way to go, Joao.


  EHNisja    ( ) ( posted at 11:03PM Mon, 23 November 2009  · @3561813

Very nice indeed !!

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When the fear has gone there will be nothing.
Only I will remain. 

 Frank Herbert, author of Dune

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 2:40AM Tue, 24 November 2009  · @3561863

Thanks a lot gentlemen !

Vray has an option to render without textures and that´s what I used, changing the clay coulors to a light sepia. I will store these settings as I liked the result.

I´ve been "eyeballing all the way "(my favourite way of "Rhinoing" by far...) and it looks like some items need a little bit of resizing to be coerent.

The Vray clay render seems to have compressed the scene somewhat altought I´m overriding Vray´s  camera. Got to check that out...

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 4:24AM Sat, 28 November 2009  · @3563796

more wip.

Forgot to mention that the beautiful pool water material was downloaded from Jennifer´s site.

Thank you Jennifer !

  GregerE    ( ) ( posted at 1:31PM Sat, 28 November 2009  · @3564010

I allways been a fan of a warm-toned clay, and that sepia-toned clay you presented is realy nice. No wonder you saved the settings!
The last rendring; is it straight from vray, or did you do a little post sharpening?


  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 2:53PM Sat, 28 November 2009 · edited on 2:58PM Sat, 28 November 2009 · @3564045

Hi Greger,

No,  it was sharpened to better show the interior of the house (the now included glass blurred the interior a little)   but the overall effect is not quite satisfactory.
(The image was also cropped a little)

Here goes the original , straight from Vray, render

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 2:54PM Sat, 28 November 2009  · @3564047

Another straight from Vray render with more plants and a different angle...

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 7:11PM Wed, 02 December 2009 · edited on 7:14PM Wed, 02 December 2009 · @3566063

A few more items and a beautiful inhabitant that moved trees :)

  GregerE    ( ) ( posted at 1:47AM Thu, 03 December 2009  · @3566177

 This is looking better and better. The details makes it believable. Very nice work. Keep on! :)


  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 4:24AM Thu, 03 December 2009  · @3566207

Thanks Greger!
Those Xfrog plants are creating memory problems and crashes both in Rhino and Vray

.. had to creat a custom mesh with all settings zero except the two las ones: 0.1 and 16 and 


  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 4:03PM Thu, 03 December 2009 · edited on 4:08PM Thu, 03 December 2009 · @3566418

A tentative background placed and more details added.
The lady  was slightly scaled up
One window "open" in the top floor.

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 8:57AM Sat, 05 December 2009 · edited on 8:59AM Sat, 05 December 2009 · @3567152

Another "site", this one is a pic taken by me here in Portugal.
Like this one more, as it fits the house better both perpective and atmosphere wise.
A few more details added too

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 3:54PM Sun, 06 December 2009 · edited on 4:03PM Sun, 06 December 2009 · @3567951

Some heavy charging today (terrible weather over here by the way) before the working week starts as I will stop for a while on this project.

Lots of crashes with Rhino and Vray today . Heavy time loss and some frustration  ..
I am running 32 bits Vista (unfortunately!  that´s what came with this portable (HP dv5) I would much prefer XP)
(This portable has 4 GB RAM, Intel core duo, 2.4 GHz)
Tried different AntiAlising Vray mechanisms to save RAM (Fixed Rate and Adaptative DMC seem less crashy ?)
Any clues ?

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 3:54PM Sun, 06 December 2009 · edited on 3:55PM Sun, 06 December 2009 · @3567952

Low Sun scene position 1

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 3:55PM Sun, 06 December 2009 · edited on 4:08PM Sun, 06 December 2009 · @3567953

Low Sun scene position 2

  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 3:59PM Sun, 06 December 2009  · @3567954


  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 4:00PM Sun, 06 December 2009  · @3567955

more wires

  GregerE    ( ) ( posted at 4:14PM Sun, 06 December 2009  · @3567964

 This is coming on really nice. The Low Sun scene position 2 shows us the glory of this project. Very well done! This must give you tons of experience with vray :)


  arlivre    ( ) ( posted at 2:57AM Mon, 07 December 2009  · @3568172

Hi Greger, thanks a lot for your comments !

In the Simon contests never had crash issues but in the By-Monthly that´s another story altogheter. I end up invariably with over 100Mb files and that´s were crashes start.

Again applied the famous principle:

**"If all else fails read the manual" **  :)

Unfortunately Vray (at least for Rhino)  badly lacks  proper documentation and a help system....

Indeed after spending some  time trying to disclose more Vray inner workings with the (small) Vray for Rhino pdf document had to complement that with  surfing  the web for tips.

McNeel´s help and  documentation is way, way, way better.

Still pleased with Vray altought  it should be more "exact" science than labirintic  digital alchemy ;)


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