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 Subject: Animation(WIP): Alien Rocker Kicks Out A Jam

kashak opened this issue on Nov 03, 2008 · 103 posts

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  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 4:28PM Mon, 03 November 2008 · edited on 4:31PM Mon, 03 November 2008

At first, hi all Renderosity comunity!
Let me introduce myself first just in few words :D  I am 22,student of Riga's Technical University Power industry faculty(Riga is capital city of Latvia, one of Baltic states in East Europe) but here I should better be taken as animation enthusiast or, as I like it more to put, "yet-to-become" animator. I am not a professional CG artist for now and neither I have a job related to CG for now.
I bee for a while here on this forum, although for quite a time I sort of "dissappeared" from this and some other forums once started this project which by the way isn't the only one. For the first time on this forum I would to introduce WIP of my current 3D project that I am already working on for a many months already, probably some 7-8, can't say exactly now. As many others probably, I always have to deal with all sorts of distractions coming from outside and so on. This project originally and till this moment was intended as test to my character rigging, skinning and animating skills which attracts me most in 3D. Why I didn't mention modeling? That I left for other time, not this time although model and everything I indeed done by myself. Alien model was created by me following to very cool, awesome and clear Video Training provided on other forum http://www.3dbuzz.com which could be downloaded for free until their site has gone huge changes. Their training was awesome! and that lead to take steps further with my first ever created character and to skin him and put into action. And that's where we come to my project 8)
Since first shoots it grown in it's own rights, ambitions and scale. It will be sort of musical 3D short, where this Alien fellow plays his guitar and gives a real kicking out a Jam :D He will be playin' one of Monster Magnet rock band songs but let this be kept in little secret which exactly. To make things straight I should mention that animation won't be long - approx. minute and half long without credits and intro.
When project gone into production I once realized that Alien is alone and he kinda feels like that. And here we come to Plankman. This 2D character appears from time to time. It was intended as an 2D and 3D integration. 2D Plankman + 3D Alien Rocker = 5D Space Jam 
As I mentioned above, this project already gone quite long road and that's why I have to mention this - since many frames rendered, much of time and effort already spent, project gone it's own way I decided not to change anything. I know that some or many people could easily point flaws in Alien model or skinning flaws. I am still learning many stuff and that's my first rig and skin after all. I hope, I very much hope that community won't take this statement as my unwillingness to hear critics !  Not at all. It's just a matter of how things go around me and how much time I have on this project, hard to explain everything and no need.....
My desire to post WIP here was driven by my wish to introduce this project to wider public. It's already is in 3dbuzz.com WIP but I am here not to distract people from one forum to another, at no point! Quite opposite, I decided that probably this project could rise some interest and maybe even some inspiration in this community also.
One more thing you should excuse to me - for more intrigue I rarely post rendered shots or videos. I hope you accept that :amish: After all, everybody will be able to enjoy this animation for free, needless to say, so I keep my rights to little intrigue :twisted:
Okay, now for my final word of my "short" introductory some tech specs. Software I use include this: for 3D I use 3ds max 2008. All renderings are done in Mental Ray with some Final Gather and Motion Blur usage. For Alien skin I used MR Skin material. There is also cloth simulations included. In first shots Alien is wearing only T-Shirt but later trousers appears, that's where things goes more interesting but also more computation-heavy. Alien is approx. for 50 000 polys. For 2D Plankman and few more stuff I use Anime Studio 5.5 Pro - awesome soft. For 3D scene background videos and some composite stuff I use AutoDesk Combustion 4. Video edit I do in Sony Vegas Video 7.

Ok, with having said all this looks like I am done. Oou, just one more. If anyone is interested, here I post link where people can watch my previous 3D works.



  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 4:33PM Mon, 03 November 2008 · edited on 4:35PM Mon, 03 November 2008 · @3326591

One old screen from rig, bone setup. Rig isn't complicated. It mixes simple rig techniques which I learned after reading book of Michelle Bosquet "Character Rigging and Animation with 3ds max 7" and spine rigging method presented in max manual. This is the way I went

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 4:37PM Mon, 03 November 2008  · @3326594

Screen of work on UWV UNWRAP modifier

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 4:43PM Mon, 03 November 2008 · edited on 4:44PM Mon, 03 November 2008 · @3326600

One of very first animation sequences went on

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 4:45PM Mon, 03 November 2008  · @3326604

One of first sequences goes on in which Alien appears alone playing his guitar

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 4:51PM Mon, 03 November 2008  · @3326607

Here, for very first time appeared Plankman

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 4:58PM Mon, 03 November 2008  · @3326610

First Plankman scene gone into Combustion for some compositing stuff

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 4:59PM Mon, 03 November 2008  · @3326612

In days will post all other "making of" pictures which I took back than

  bandolin    ( ) ( posted at 6:19AM Tue, 04 November 2008  · @3326849

Keep us posted.

[Former 3DS Max forum coordinator]

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Caution: just a hobbyist

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 8:34AM Tue, 04 November 2008 · edited on 8:35AM Tue, 04 November 2008 · @3326898

Yup, that I will do : )
So here goes bunch of pictures. Here we see shot with Alien Rocker and Plankman together.

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 8:41AM Tue, 04 November 2008  · @3326904

Work continued and after few initial shots Plankman sort of "transitioned to another place" where he continues singing. Here I draw Skull Mountain on which he  stand and sing with a cosmic landscape in background to appear

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 8:42AM Tue, 04 November 2008 · edited on 8:44AM Tue, 04 November 2008 · @3326905

Here's the Skull Mountain itself with fearsome, handsome and awesome in the same time Mister Plankman :D

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 8:48AM Tue, 04 November 2008  · @3326908

Work went on to other sequences. With Alien Rocker now being surrounded with video background plates all things went more tricky and work-time consuming. Video effects for backgrounds I created in Combustion using it's cool Particle engine, had a fun to play with particles.

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 8:49AM Tue, 04 November 2008  · @3326909

This shot captured moment while doing camera tweaks for first scene with those new background plates. Sometimes camera takes a lot of time.

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 8:53AM Tue, 04 November 2008  · @3326914

Some tests. I found working with trajectories quite useful for specific times. It gives capability to see and correct camera's or any objects movement trajectory in viewports

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 8:55AM Tue, 04 November 2008  · @3326917

Sometimes happened this sort of stuff - collapse of 3D. Max simply went nuts!

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 8:57AM Tue, 04 November 2008  · @3326918

Some other scene of Alien and Plankman went in progress.

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 9:02AM Tue, 04 November 2008  · @3326925

In one scene, after quite a few shots I imagined once that perhaps trousers is what Alien wants to feel even more comfortable on scene. So, I decided to insert "trousers appearing scene". That added complexity and simulations of cloths became more time consuming

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 9:05AM Tue, 04 November 2008  · @3326926

Scene where trousers will appear

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 9:07AM Tue, 04 November 2008  · @3326928

Scene with trouser appearance will incorporate little composition effect

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 9:09AM Tue, 04 November 2008  · @3326930

This snapshot captured moment of work in progress on usual Alien scene. Before cloths goes to simulation all movements of Alien fellow are refined until I found them satisfactory

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 9:11AM Tue, 04 November 2008  · @3326932

Another scene with Plankman. Planet Venus(at least that was intended) in background

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 9:14AM Tue, 04 November 2008  · @3326935

Typical work routine on Alien cloths.  By the way, texture for trousers I created in Gimp

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 9:17AM Tue, 04 November 2008  · @3326937

Quite often after simulations there is still some work required on cloth's. With case like this where only minor cloth - mesh penetration appears I found that adding Edit Poly modifier to cloth and moving appropriate cloth's polygons does the thing

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 9:23AM Tue, 04 November 2008 · edited on 9:25AM Tue, 04 November 2008 · @3326939

Cloth to cloth simulation completed in one of scene. Every simulation gives slightly different results. Slightly minor changes in parameters in end gives different result - undeterminism, chaotic behavior.  Oou, doesn't that sounds familiar? Wasn't this E. Lorenz talking like that on subject of chaos theory?
Cool, 3ds max inhabit the spirit of chaos theory : )   Okay, that's for joke but than again, looks like it's not...

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 5:55AM Thu, 06 November 2008  · @3328258

Snapshot from other Plankman cutscene

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 5:58AM Thu, 06 November 2008  · @3328259

In one shot there's once again changes in video backgrounds. Planets, few asteroids emerge from darkness and surrounds Alien Rocker scene

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 5:59AM Thu, 06 November 2008  · @3328260

Wireframe of scene with already simulated cloths

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 6:01AM Thu, 06 November 2008  · @3328261

This snapshot captures moment of work going parallel all the way - video editing of rendered sequences and preview animation to establish feeling of animation and further sequences. It slowly grows longer and longer : )

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 6:03AM Thu, 06 November 2008  · @3328262

Some render goes on. Renders include Final Gather calculations

  kashak    ( ) ( posted at 6:33AM Thu, 06 November 2008 · edited on 6:34AM Thu, 06 November 2008 · @3328274

 One shot from actual animation footage

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