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 Subject: Plant textures don't load

Unckmania opened this issue on Feb 03, 2008 · 11 posts

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  Unckmania    ( ) ( posted at 11:32AM Sun, 03 February 2008 

It probably has been answered before. My plant textures/materials, aren't loading, only the polygons with a crappy gray standard texture all over

  AboranTouristCouncil    ( ) ( posted at 11:43AM Sun, 03 February 2008  · @3165991

I've noticed this problem if you've run any kind of utility that removes temporary files.  When I was using Windows XP, the utility  I used sees .prv  as a temporary file and deletes them.  Which really plays havoc with Vue plants . The solution? I've had to reinstall  all the plants, and make sure I verify every file that is deleted.

Hope this helps


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  Dr_Sizzle    ( ) ( posted at 10:33AM Mon, 04 February 2008  · @3166650

I'm also Having this problem and I can't figure it out. I create a new document and load some plants on just a small plane and it's find but my larger scene the trees and plants render grey.

They look ok in the preview but they are not. How can you tell if there is missing files in a .veg file type?

  Paula Sanders    ( ) ( posted at 2:10PM Mon, 04 February 2008  · @3166813

In my experience, if a veg file is missing, Vue asks for it. Sometimes the file is already there. I have had it ask for prv files a few times that are in the proper directory. I just go to the directory and locate them anyway. This is a different problem than you have Dr_Sizzle. I did put in a suggestion in your thread. Don't know if the suggestion made a difference though.

RE: Dr_Sizzle's problem - If it loads in another scene, you have to look at the scene in question. I'm not sure if anyone asked if you reloaded the plants tho' I imagine you probably did.

Can you remove the ecosystem from the original scene, resave the scene and put in the same or different plants? That should give you some indication of the problem. I'm trying to think of anything that might help. Have you looked at Color Variability in the ecosystem in question and how it is set? I know these ideas might all have been tried by you.

  AboranTouristCouncil    ( ) ( posted at 2:37PM Mon, 04 February 2008  · @3166832

Dr_Sizzle- This sounds a lot like another thread currently running here. I don't know if that one was ever resolved. One of the solutions offered was the atmosphere.  If it works on the small scale, and you shift to large scale, given the distances involved, combined with fog, haze, what have you, might it not be the atmosphere?

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  AboranTouristCouncil    ( ) ( posted at 2:39PM Mon, 04 February 2008  · @3166836

oops. never mind. just saw that thread was started by you.

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  Unckmania    ( ) ( posted at 5:02PM Mon, 04 February 2008  · @3166917

Even tough you didn't solve it you pointed me in the right direction. Turns out i have to open Vue with administrator rights for it to load textures correctly

  Dr_Sizzle    ( ) ( posted at 11:38PM Mon, 04 February 2008  · @3167084

 Administrator rights? Are you on Mac or PC? and how do you launch with admin. rights? 

Well today I continued my quest to solve the gray veggies. I'm beginning to think it has something to do with the Realm_ Collections from Cornucopia3D I used a different brand of tree today and with much success the trees where stable. I had to copy and paste the entire scene into a new .vue file.

I'm also going to make multiple files for the different fields and render them separately and re-composite in after effects for quicker renders. The Atmosphere, not the issue, proven that theory. 


Unckmania, tell me more on your solution so I may try that as well.

  Unckmania    ( ) ( posted at 4:14PM Tue, 05 February 2008  · @3167478

I'm using Windows Vista

  Dr_Sizzle    ( ) ( posted at 2:12PM Wed, 06 February 2008  · @3167991

and?.................care to address the rest of that paragraph of questions directed to you? :)

  Unckmania    ( ) ( posted at 11:03PM Wed, 06 February 2008  · @3168237

I'm Using Windows Vista 64 bit. Toi star an application with admin rights yo just right click the exe or shortcut, and the option is right there, then a UAC advisor should appear, click  allow, and it should work if you have the same problem as me. I assumme you're using Vista too, or else you wouldn't have made write all of this

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