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 Subject: Dusty

Robo2010 opened this issue on Aug 22, 2007 · 3 posts

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  Robo2010    ( ) ( posted at 9:04AM Wed, 22 August 2007 · edited on 9:05AM Wed, 22 August 2007

This is a new problem, I never encountered. Wanted to work on a new image, but I am scratching my head, wondering how do you make anything dusty. For example a tabletop, lamp, glass. Enough that you can write with your finger "please clean me!"

  bagginsbill    ( ) ( posted at 11:17AM Wed, 22 August 2007  · @3054992


Renderosity forum reply notifications have been wonky in the past. I'm testing the waters to see if it's working now. If you ask me something and I don't come back, it probably isn't. (Updated January 17, 2017)

  Robo2010    ( ) ( posted at 2:13PM Wed, 22 August 2007  · @3055124

Wow!...thanks bagginsbill. Will give this a go.

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