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 Subject: more Japanese freebies

infinity10 opened this issue on Jul 14, 2007 · 2020 posts

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  Miss Nancy    ( ) ( posted at 7:48PM Sun, 28 December 2008  · @3358428

P.S. it's not actually a game, but a device called an "yogari-game" (no translation).
if properly designed, it must be bolted down to another device which ..... well, perhaps
"have" has one of those other devices as well. 

  facehugger    ( ) ( posted at 11:37AM Mon, 29 December 2008  · @3358660

Quote - > Quote - This is labeled, "yogari-game". I'm completely stumped how it's played. If anyone knows, please chime in. ?: / It's a for ADULTS ONLY game!

Going by the picture and a Google translation of the ReadMe, the central handle is a joystick connected by wires to the "Joystick".
It looks like movement of the first is meant to cause movement of the second, a pretty nifty piece of rigging if this actually happens in Poser.

Woohooooo! Force Feedback!

  musicat    ( ) ( posted at 9:28AM Wed, 31 December 2008  · @3359540

available for a short time!


  SeanMartin    ( ) ( posted at 3:40PM Wed, 31 December 2008  · @3359666

Attached Link: http://poserclub.jp/data_free_view.htm

A Santa suit and two short hair styles for Near Me.

docandraider.com -- the collected cartoons of Doc and Raider

  Greywolf Starkiller    ( ) ( posted at 5:28PM Wed, 31 December 2008  · @3359711


Something for the new year from Mamomamo. Casuals for the preteen girls.
Just grabbed them. This girl makes awesome clothing. :)


  facehugger    ( ) ( posted at 7:00AM Thu, 01 January 2009 · edited on 7:05AM Thu, 01 January 2009 · @3360001

Quote - available for a short time!


I wonder why anyone releases an item "for a short time only"? I especially love the guys that leave images of a freestuff item on their page but without download possibility. What do they expect? That we check their site twice a week just to make sure we miss nothing?

  Greywolf Starkiller    ( ) ( posted at 10:41AM Thu, 01 January 2009  · @3360100

It's free, so I guess they can do it however they choose. I've missed some nice
limited freebies over the years, and aquired others. I won't complain if it requires a bit of
effort on my part. It's a pity I can't get all the nice scifi items in time, but, as they cost me
nothing, it's really no loss on my end.

As to what they expect, that you DL it when available, and if you miss it, oh well. Visiting these
sites once a week or two weeks is a small price to pay for a quality freebie, and seriously, since
it IS free, we really have no right to demand they release it at our convenience. I'm not saying
that YOU do that, but many quality freebie makers aren't doing freebies anymore because
some people actually sent nasty, demanding emails about their freebies. BATLAB was one
that made awesome freestuff, but he got tired of people spitting in his face for it. :( Can't
say I blame him.  :)


  Madrigal    ( ) ( posted at 1:25PM Thu, 01 January 2009  · @3360163

It's probably just a case of them not having the bandwidth to allow people to use it up continuously downloading.


  musicat    ( ) ( posted at 11:22AM Sat, 03 January 2009  · @3360968

another new decoco outfit is up


  Elfwine    ( ) ( posted at 2:50PM Sat, 03 January 2009  · @3361104

Sorry to read that BATLAB was treated so rudely and disrespectfully. It's also a shame that so few people ruin it for the rest of us. On behalf of all of us who DO appreciate their hard work and generosity, I humbly apologize for those who have been less than grateful.

 Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things!  ; )

  Crios    ( ) ( posted at 10:51AM Mon, 05 January 2009  · @3362160

I want give my contribute, don't remember if this link is already posted, if not enjoy it:


  lisarichie    ( ) ( posted at 5:27PM Wed, 07 January 2009  · @3363620

The latest Decoco swimsuit is up for download.

  Crios    ( ) ( posted at 1:50AM Thu, 08 January 2009  · @3363869

Wow great stuff.

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 8:50PM Fri, 09 January 2009  · @3365180

Check out Akatora's limited-time Year Of The Ox sexy suit for Deco:

I just returned from Kyoto where my very zen-like hotel has almost zero-tolerance for internet technology.  Catching up here...  I see loads of links I've missed since I've been away !  Thanks for sharing them !

Eternal Hobbyist


  Elfwine    ( ) ( posted at 10:28PM Fri, 09 January 2009  · @3365223

Kyoto! You lucky person, you! Didn't even know you had gone away on vacation. I wuz kinda wondering why you had been so quiet for so long. So, what kind of manga did you come home with?

 Don't sweat the petty things, and don't pet the sweaty things!  ; )

  Madrigal    ( ) ( posted at 4:11AM Sat, 10 January 2009  · @3365325

Quote - Check out Akatora's limited-time Year Of The Ox sexy suit for Deco:

I just returned from Kyoto where my very zen-like hotel has almost zero-tolerance for internet technology.  Catching up here...  I see loads of links I've missed since I've been away !  Thanks for sharing them !

Hope you had a good time - despite the lack of internet! I should think there were plenty of other things to do, ne? :)

So that's the reason it's a cow suit! Hope he's still making stuff in 2012, a dragon costume would be amazing! :D


  h-kana    ( ) ( posted at 7:40PM Sat, 10 January 2009  · @3365776

Caution: Akatora site will close 12th Jan 2009 due to his moving.
Now he is distributing his past  "time limited" freestaff.
But it will end midnight of today(GMT+9), hurry up if you don't have his wonderful models.

  aproctor    ( ) ( posted at 1:12PM Sun, 11 January 2009  · @3366180

Does anyone know if this is a temporary closing or a permanent one?


  SeanMartin    ( ) ( posted at 2:35PM Sun, 11 January 2009  · @3366211

If he's just moving his server, temporary.

But I trust everyone noticed that the Devilman is back?

docandraider.com -- the collected cartoons of Doc and Raider

  Crios    ( ) ( posted at 3:01AM Mon, 12 January 2009  · @3366558

Someone know the new site link? I've read that Akatora has posted it on his BBS.

  aproctor    ( ) ( posted at 6:09PM Mon, 12 January 2009  · @3366989

I think that what was said was that he WILL post it on his BBS 😉


  Crios    ( ) ( posted at 2:02AM Tue, 13 January 2009  · @3367183

Oh sorry. :(

  aproctor    ( ) ( posted at 7:03PM Tue, 13 January 2009  · @3367689

Quote - Oh sorry. :(

No need to apologize!  Just letting you know :)


  Crios    ( ) ( posted at 7:57AM Tue, 27 January 2009  · @3375632

Excuse, but no one find new japanese freebies?

  SeanMartin    ( ) ( posted at 8:03AM Tue, 27 January 2009  · @3375640

Some interesting new stuff at Poserclub: glasses for NearMe (adaptive to other meshes with a few tweaks) and some clothing packs for either V4 or TY, I cant tell.

docandraider.com -- the collected cartoons of Doc and Raider

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 9:54AM Tue, 27 January 2009  · @3375725

 The clothing packs for TY2 apear to be updates to earlier versions, and are not complete runtimes in themselves.  I can't trace which are the original products the creator is referring to, unfortunately.

Eternal Hobbyist


  Whazizname    ( ) ( posted at 10:46AM Tue, 27 January 2009  · @3375761

The "BTST" outfit is for V4. {I just tried it out.} (:

  steverc    ( ) ( posted at 6:24PM Tue, 27 January 2009  · @3376098

  musicat    ( ) ( posted at 9:17PM Tue, 27 January 2009 · edited on 9:31PM Tue, 27 January 2009 · @3376186

not much has come out in the last few weeks.

here is one site that just came out with some mayadoll stuff tho


also more nearme stuff has come out at poserclub.jp


new bird character


upcoming things:

tentman is working on a new dress poser78.blog.shinobi.jp/

kakomiko is working on a new figure but i don't think it will be available outside of Japan or for poser  (it has a lot of ankle & joint issues) kakomiki.blog16.fc2.com/

sites - posernightmare is either down or transfering to a new server & akatora is still working on getting a new server.

  musicat    ( ) ( posted at 9:45PM Tue, 27 January 2009 · edited on 9:59PM Tue, 27 January 2009 · @3376201

yumeji has also created a special prop

blog.so-net.ne.jp/n_yumeji/archive/c359477-1  what it looks like

blog.so-net.ne.jp/n_yumeji/archive/c15372164-1  where you can download it (where it says VOL2)

naoki has made a robot  naoki-s.seesaa.net/

mochi has the akabeko (ox) mochi.s86.xrea.com/index02.html

sione also posts more often on her blog (advanced screenings of her freebies) sazanami.blog.shinobi.jp/

that's it for now -  there are 3 exhibitions going on.... one at posermama's, one at hisayan & another ? forgot where but you can find it off of forum3d www.forum3d.net/bbs/index.php

  musicat    ( ) ( posted at 10:08PM Tue, 27 January 2009  · @3376211

current: bristlecone city exhibition


upcoming: hisayan's exhibition


PAST: lock-on's site


  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 10:28PM Tue, 27 January 2009  · @3376218

 wow, thanks everyone for the updates and helpful comments !

( been away celebrating the Lunar New Year - Moo ! )

Eternal Hobbyist


  Crios    ( ) ( posted at 1:43AM Wed, 28 January 2009  · @3376273

Happy year Ox to all.

  Miss Nancy    ( ) ( posted at 8:57PM Wed, 28 January 2009  · @3377029

the kakomiko low-poly figure is in metasequoia format, and I can't find an OS X version of
said software nor any way to convert it :crying:
naoki has several nice figures.

  Greywolf Starkiller    ( ) ( posted at 11:15PM Wed, 28 January 2009  · @3377076

Several other figures are in 6KT format, which seems to be for a japanese modeler
called Super 5.5. Too bad. Some REALLY nice anime figures in that format.

Still, casiopea has a nice one; Rin Wear for NearMe, Miku Wear for Kururu, and a few other
goodies, including a lovely character for Vicky 4.



  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 1:10AM Thu, 29 January 2009  · @3377143

Quote - Several other figures are in 6KT format, which seems to be for a japanese modeler
called Super 5.5. Too bad. Some REALLY nice anime figures in that format.

The owners of the HexaSuper5 software are apparently still seeking distributors for USA and Europe:

Eternal Hobbyist


  Crios    ( ) ( posted at 1:34AM Thu, 29 January 2009  · @3377156

Great Casiopea site, a lot of Kururu's dress

  Whazizname    ( ) ( posted at 9:31AM Thu, 29 January 2009  · @3377341

Now available at poserclub.jp: "Sei" a character for V4.2 base. {33MB download} (:

  musicat    ( ) ( posted at 7:48PM Sat, 31 January 2009  · @3379165

ni-in-bdx.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/  snorkel set for decoco

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 9:20PM Sat, 31 January 2009  · @3379206

Please look at Sione's blog - she has released a Hiro4 shirt.

and Aiko3 clothes here:
( NCU = Non-Commercial Use only)

Eternal Hobbyist


  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 9:53PM Sat, 31 January 2009  · @3379226

argh apologies - the nyack blog is primarily a collection of renders of the freebies by others.

Eternal Hobbyist


  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 10:15AM Sun, 01 February 2009  · @3379537

Akatora's website is back up ( Decoco and Maybe etc etc )


Eternal Hobbyist


  befanini    ( ) ( posted at 10:17AM Sun, 01 February 2009  · @3379539

Thanks for the update, infinity10! ♥

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 9:46PM Sun, 01 February 2009  · @3379858

Blog links to freebies:
An INJ character pose for V4

Maccha has put his freebies onto his SkyDrive ( previous archive was at Yahoo briefcase):

Eternal Hobbyist


  befanini    ( ) ( posted at 7:03AM Mon, 02 February 2009  · @3380065

Maccha on Live! Great find, thanks very much! ♥

  Connatic    ( ) ( posted at 9:26AM Tue, 03 February 2009  · @3380872

I got the robot from naoki - it is a mecha from an anime called Layzner.  The detail and rigging on the model is fantastic!

  Greywolf Starkiller    ( ) ( posted at 2:12PM Sat, 07 February 2009  · @3384436

Interesting character I found. She seems to use geometry switching via MAT poses to get
different clothing styles. She's a cute TOON as well. Get Nyacky here:



  musicat    ( ) ( posted at 4:44PM Sat, 07 February 2009  · @3384532

something for the chibis


  Crios    ( ) ( posted at 3:51AM Mon, 09 February 2009  · @3385616

Here there are more downlaod from Nucky:



  Heite    ( ) ( posted at 3:29PM Mon, 16 February 2009  · @3391031

I just found this Link - it seems to be another Stand-alone-Cutie with clothes, i just downloaded and didn't try it out up to now:


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