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 Subject: more Japanese freebies

infinity10 opened this issue on Jul 14, 2007 · 2020 posts

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  leehilliard    ( ) ( posted at 3:32PM Thu, 30 August 2007  · @3061575

which thread was xblog in i couldn't find his link .

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 11:51PM Thu, 30 August 2007  · @3061919

Quote - which thread was xblog in i couldn't find his link .


Eternal Hobbyist


  Channing3D    ( ) ( posted at 7:27PM Fri, 31 August 2007  · @3062517

Infinity10, Thank you for these links. I especially appreciate the male-oriented items, but there are definitely plenty of other well-made items that I picked up.

  leehilliard    ( ) ( posted at 1:52AM Sun, 02 September 2007  · @3063335

thanks infinity. one last question : do you need to sign in for the 'public end items ? 

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 2:35AM Sun, 02 September 2007  · @3063338

leehilliard - those are no longer available, is what XPoser means.  No more public access.  There isn't any sign-up for those either.  It's just the way XPoser does things.

Eternal Hobbyist


  leehilliard    ( ) ( posted at 2:46AM Sun, 02 September 2007  · @3063341

thanks for all your help infinity. these links and your advice are a  great help. hugs 

  R_Hatch    ( ) ( posted at 1:28AM Mon, 03 September 2007  · @3063944

Quote - Use IE for the next one, it only works with IE web browser:

Works fine in Firefox

Po-ism is here-a-bouts :)

  leehilliard    ( ) ( posted at 12:23PM Tue, 04 September 2007  · @3064763

i found some more cool stuff at these links  http://wwwoo6.upp.so-net.ne.jp/nyanyan and http://www.amy.hi-ho.ne.jp/m_yokoyama/poser02.htm  be aware they might be for the japanese version of poser .

  leehilliard    ( ) ( posted at 2:05PM Tue, 04 September 2007  · @3064822

ooh hoooo !  i found one more link this one is linkinpark's http://reanimation.80code.com/index.htm you  enter by aiming the cursor at the robot thingy.once inside play around with the white dots.there are some character morphs and animations there.  

  EnglishBob    ( ) ( posted at 5:11AM Wed, 05 September 2007  · @3065264

Attached Link: http://www006.upp.so-net.ne.jp/NyaNyan/

Thanks for those, Lee - here's the corrected link for NyaNyan's site. Anybody planning to visit Linkinpark should be aware that it isn't safe for work - as if the robot's, um, appendage didn't give you a clue. ;)

  leehilliard    ( ) ( posted at 3:30PM Wed, 05 September 2007  · @3065625

lol there's a dot above the robot that takes you to the dl page . there are more dots there you can click on for her freebies.

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 9:42PM Wed, 05 September 2007  · @3065833

oh, well, there ya go, I thought the tail of the robot was fixed front to back.

Eternal Hobbyist


  3Dave    ( ) ( posted at 4:59AM Mon, 10 September 2007  · @3068851

Thanks for the links, I found some really useful items and some terrible teases, those limited releases

  kittykitty12    ( ) ( posted at 8:39PM Mon, 10 September 2007  · @3069278

ok got the website translated all the way up to theres a new m3 outfit for download in the gallery but the only clue is 67 alittle help here please

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 9:53PM Mon, 10 September 2007 · edited on 10:01PM Mon, 10 September 2007 · @3069311

I am confused now.
But the entry does refer to the item.
The blogger says it is the M3 Vest, but the credits at this page say differently:

As for the actual download link - oh, boy, I have no clue.
This is turning into a real treasure hunt all right.

( The person who found the item says she took 2 hours to find the link - and she's Japanese, so she must have scrutinised the entire website  !! )

Eternal Hobbyist


  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 10:10PM Mon, 10 September 2007 · edited on 10:10PM Mon, 10 September 2007 · @3069315

In the Primary Rhyme Character Description Gallery, I did notice a link to an old freebie which is a uniform for M3, but that's like, known to people already, not new.  And I can't see how that is connected to the clue of  "67".

roku-nana ?
roku-jyu-nana ?

grrrrrrr !!!!

Eternal Hobbyist


  SoCalRoberta    ( ) ( posted at 10:15PM Mon, 10 September 2007  · @3069317

I found it, but it took me over 3 hours yesterday. 
I'll give you a clue. She has a black and white gallery too.

  Madrigal    ( ) ( posted at 1:55AM Tue, 11 September 2007  · @3069423

AAARGH!  No, no, not another one of these! :D :D


  Madrigal    ( ) ( posted at 9:08AM Tue, 11 September 2007  · @3069559

Well, I've been looking all day, off and on, but can't even find another gallery apart from the one of 2d images which was there all along. Am I even looking on the right site? Should I be looking on the Poizon site? Or in the blog? Or down the sides of the couch? :D


  3Dave    ( ) ( posted at 9:56AM Tue, 11 September 2007  · @3069583

I too have trying been much today, now is fish of babel affecting speech

  kalon    ( ) ( posted at 10:42AM Tue, 11 September 2007  · @3069606

Quote - I found it, but it took me over 3 hours yesterday. 
I'll give you a clue. She has a black and white gallery too.


Thanks for the hint!


  spacenewt    ( ) ( posted at 8:23PM Tue, 11 September 2007  · @3070003

I don't think this one has been posted yet

A nice Japanese school uniform type outfit for V4


  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 8:50PM Tue, 11 September 2007 · edited on 8:52PM Tue, 11 September 2007 · @3070022

spacenewt - good one ! 

Also, I was curious about Poser78's Japanese nick, and got it translated over at Jim Breen's Dictionary website.  It reads "shichi ten battou" and means writhing in agony.  Oh dear....  Also, Poser 78's blog points to a Rendo member's freebies, so folks,  go check those out as well - by Tentman.  In Renderosity freebies.

Eternal Hobbyist


  Madrigal    ( ) ( posted at 3:31PM Thu, 13 September 2007  · @3071167

I found the vest! I found the vest! Go me! :D :D :D


  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 9:38PM Sun, 30 September 2007  · @3082580

Attached Link: possible Primary Rhyme Blog freebie forthcoming -

Keep an eye on the Primary Rhyme blog - the creator is thinking of setting another treasure hunt on her website for another free M3 item ( sounds like it's going to be a jacket or shirt with a morphing collar) :

Eternal Hobbyist


  Whazizname    ( ) ( posted at 8:18AM Tue, 02 October 2007  · @3083672

A little off topic: Can anyone offer some information about the "Akugirl" character, or her very interesting four-wheeled cycle? (:

  bwldrd    ( ) ( posted at 1:45PM Fri, 05 October 2007 · edited on 1:46PM Fri, 05 October 2007 · @3085991

Just what kind of information are you wanting? The Akugirl itself is a clothing set for A3. It comes with a bodysuit, boots, gloves, hair (for use with the helmets), a cloak as conforming figures. And 3 helmet props. As with every other Shukky item I've seen it is nice, quaility work, that conforms very well. The cycle is poseable the wheels turn, the front fork turns, the wheel arms go up and down (actually all of these have the standard poser x,y,z rotates, etc.) And has a couple of morphs to open and close a cover on the rear engine. Another A+ item (IMHO). Definately another one to have in your runtime.


Consider me insane if you wish, but is your reality any better?

  Whazizname    ( ) ( posted at 10:30AM Sat, 06 October 2007  · @3086431

Thanks for replying bwldrd. I too downloaded the excellent items a few days ago; but I wanted info about the character that inspired the suit & bike. I did a net search for her/ it, and the best I could find was a reference in a teen's blog about a "Korean drama character". The characters seems like it is from a anime type show or movie; so ... (:

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 10:31PM Mon, 08 October 2007  · @3088026


RTE required to decode
A3 and A3LE version Nanana figures
also V4base and V4 Nanana figures
forthcoming Nanana versions for: ChibiBel, Tuyoko, TheGIRL and... Hiro3 ?!?!

Now, I am not very certain, but this one appears to be for Kate, the girl figure from Poser 6:
It's at the download link

Eternal Hobbyist


  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 1:17AM Mon, 15 October 2007  · @3092275

Ichiya - a free M3RR Bishounen morph, by inugraph



Eternal Hobbyist


  leehilliard    ( ) ( posted at 1:31PM Mon, 15 October 2007  · @3092651

cool beans! thanks for the time you put in to find these i10 .

  vilian    ( ) ( posted at 2:30AM Tue, 16 October 2007  · @3093000

Ditto! Once again thanks for the links to so many goodies :-)

Long live House Mouse ! Check my freebies for Mousie stuff :)    <:3 )~~

  leehilliard    ( ) ( posted at 4:20PM Wed, 14 November 2007  · @3113262

just a note for all of you. i cruised through several japenese links today using googles translator. it's not perfect but i was able to find a few freebies including some from forum 3d .there are some outfits out there that will blow your minds.i'll definitely be searching for more sites like these posted here. not to worry i'll be sure to let you know if i find anything cool.    

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 1:05AM Mon, 19 November 2007 · edited on 1:08AM Mon, 19 November 2007 · @3116662

Some updates:

Rose has posted at her website about getting M3 clothes. 
You need to use Rendo sitemail to reach her, is what it looks like:

and Sione has a new Maddie outfit:

I'm visiting the other usual Japanese links today, post again later if I see anything interesting.

Eternal Hobbyist


  Channing3D    ( ) ( posted at 2:38AM Sun, 02 December 2007  · @3125232

I tried last August and failed. I'm trying again now. I just can't even find Seisui's gallery to begin the hunt and peck for these wonderful clothes. Can anyone help me out by pointing out the location of the link to her galleries? I'm using Babelfish, which does help to at least get an idea of what the blog entries say, but I'm not having any luck in finding the galleries. :crying:

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 4:54AM Sun, 02 December 2007  · @3125292

You have to click on her Gallery link from the main page.

In her gallery, you need to enable browser pop-ups.  Once you see the pop up, she shows you all her characters from her story.  In the description of each character are links to content she has used for their renders.  One of those links is her freebie treasure.

Eternal Hobbyist


  Channing3D    ( ) ( posted at 6:40AM Sun, 02 December 2007  · @3125322

Well, I'm closer infinity10, so thank you for the directions. At least I'm in the galleries now. The 2D images are very attractive, and so are the characters ... but all the links I'm finding are just to other characters' descriptions or to Daz or other vendor sites. I did follow a link to find an interesting top for M3 as well as some other items that I think I already had. Ah well, off to bed for now.

  SoCalRoberta    ( ) ( posted at 10:52AM Sun, 02 December 2007  · @3125446

If you are trying to get the Nico outfit, you need to send her an email with a link to a render using a male that you did.

  Channing3D    ( ) ( posted at 11:48AM Sun, 02 December 2007  · @3125593

Oh really? Would it be just any kind of male render? Thanks for that info SoCalRoberta.

  SoCalRoberta    ( ) ( posted at 3:39PM Sun, 02 December 2007 · edited on 3:40PM Sun, 02 December 2007 · @3125732

Attached Link: http://translate.google.com/translate?hl=de&langpair=ja%7Cen&u=http://www.rose.ne.jp/~seisui/gallery/poser_download/clothes/LimitedPageE.htm

Here's the link with the detailed instructions. And yes, any kind of male render is ok.

She's asking for Link OK because she's posting the links to the images on her site so everyone can go look at the images.


  Channing3D    ( ) ( posted at 6:24PM Sun, 02 December 2007  · @3125828

Thanks SoCalRoberta. I've loved and used the Laques Hair so often ... I'm glad to do a little to give back.

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 7:50AM Fri, 07 December 2007  · @3128853


NanaYo for V4 and Suntan lines MAT for NanaAi ( Nanana A3 version ). and NanaRo or Nanana for H3.

Eternal Hobbyist


  leehilliard    ( ) ( posted at 12:58PM Tue, 11 December 2007  · @3131541

in case nobody answered the question about buglifz swords, they were released here but (drats) they're no longer avalaible.

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 10:27PM Wed, 12 December 2007  · @3132600

Bugzlife's swords were part of his promotional package for buyers who bought his other product within a certain time after release.  He usually has such promotional packages going for new releases.

Eternal Hobbyist


  leehilliard    ( ) ( posted at 5:53AM Sat, 15 December 2007  · @3133938

there's a new year's giveaway forming in forum3d's thread. stay tuned. :)

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 7:42AM Wed, 26 December 2007  · @3140010

Attached Link: Rose's treasure hunt

The sadistic Ms Rose and her partners are at it again !!!

There is a treasure hunt on over at the Japanese websites, and they're offering a free M3 Troopers Uniform by Seisui.

You have to gather key words from the websites of the Dark Division team, namely:

aoaio ( Rendo merchant  !!)
mukumuku (also Rendo merchant ?)
Sob sob....  will make you weep, I think.

Eternal Hobbyist


  SoCalRoberta    ( ) ( posted at 2:43PM Wed, 26 December 2007  · @3140156

I looked at that one and will have to pass. Even with Babelfish and an online dictionary I can't  understand enough to look for the clues :(

  Madrigal    ( ) ( posted at 3:33PM Wed, 26 December 2007  · @3140176

Well, I'll give it a go, but... LOL!  I can't imagine what nonsense I might come up with! :D


  Acadia    ( ) ( posted at 10:40PM Wed, 26 December 2007  · @3140320

Quote - I looked at that one and will have to pass. Even with Babelfish and an online dictionary I can't  understand enough to look for the clues :(

Ditto that :(

"It is good to see ourselves as others see us. Try as we may, we are never
able to know ourselves fully as we are, especially the evil side of us.
This we can do only if we are not angry with our critics but will take in good
heart whatever they might have to say." - Ghandi

  BastBlack    ( ) ( posted at 11:04PM Wed, 26 December 2007  · @3140324

Ooo Ooo! Thanks for the heads-up. oO! runs to give it a try

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