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 Subject: silhouette colors on various elements

towknee opened this issue on Mar 05, 2007 · 5 posts

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  towknee    ( ) ( posted at 10:44PM Mon, 05 March 2007 

I'm trying to apply a different silhouette color to each element of my figure.

I pulled a nude jams out of the library and added conforming shirt, pants, shoes.

I want James to be a brown silhouette, pants colored blue silhouette, shirt green silhouette, shoes black silhouette

When I try and use the silhouette styles all the elements take on the same silhouette color. Any ideas on how to apply a different silhouette color to each element of my figure? Any ideas?

Thanks everyone :)


  pjz99    ( ) ( posted at 10:55PM Mon, 05 March 2007  · @2920945

One solution: render the items separately and composite them together in a paint program - trivial to adjust color that way too, as you adjust each layer before compositing them together...

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  Miss Nancy    ( ) ( posted at 11:26PM Mon, 05 March 2007  · @2920962

set 'em all to white (against black background) render as uncompressed tiff. as per pjz, in photoshop, click on each white body shape and give it a new colour.

  bagginsbill    ( ) ( posted at 7:51AM Tue, 06 March 2007  · @2921183

If I understand you correctly, you want to be able to pose and render but have all the items appear to be colored solid, no reaction to light, right?

Select each material zone where you want this to happen, turn off the Diffuse_Value and Specular_Value, then turn on the Ambient_Value and set the Ambient_Color you want. No need for post work. Don' forget that you can save the character like this and get him back any time you want.

In this screen shot, I'm showing the shirt material.

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  towknee    ( ) ( posted at 12:15PM Tue, 06 March 2007  · @2921389

Kewl THANKS A LOT bagginsbill :) You saved me tons of hair pulling and time.
I raise my glass to you, thank you sir.


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