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 Subject: Materials Room help please - P5

AilsaDS opened this issue on Mar 04, 2007 · 3 posts

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  AilsaDS    ( ) ( posted at 5:30PM Sun, 04 March 2007 


I've been playing in the materials room in poser 5 to create textures, this is the 1st time I've really used this feature because I usually apply clothing textures through mat pose edit.

Anyway, I've saved a texture in the materials room library & I'm trying to put it into the pose library, so it can be applied to the clothing without having to go in the materials room.
I've tried re-naming the texture file to 'pz2' & 'rsr', & tried saving directly to the pose library from the materials room, but none of the pose files work on  the clothing

I tried reading the help files with poser, but I'm a bit lost, if anyone could offer some suggestions, I'd be very happy :)


  svdl    ( ) ( posted at 6:20PM Sun, 04 March 2007  · @2919873

It can be done.
Copy the .mt5 material file to your Pose library and change the name to .pz2.
Then open the new .pz2 file using a text editor.

Change the line
actor $CURRENT
and change the line
material Preview

This MAT pose then will only affect one single material. If you want more than one material in the pose file, you'll have to incorporate the contents of other .mt5 files.

This is how it goes:

  • copy the second .mt5 file to your Pose library;
  • remove the top lines up to the material Preview line
  • scroll down to the very end of the file and remove the last two curly braces "]"
  • select EVERYTHING that's left, copy it to the clipboard;
  • switch to your first pose file, and paste just before the line starting with material

Don't forget to fix up the material names!

When you have all materials you want, save this file as a .pz2. It should work just fine.

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  AilsaDS    ( ) ( posted at 2:11AM Mon, 05 March 2007  · @2920084

Thanks for the great advice, that's exactly the kind of information I was looking for :)
I'll give it a try tonight after work.


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