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 Subject: Practical Poser 7 ... VERY SOON!!

Deecey opened this issue on Dec 08, 2006 · 11 posts

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  Deecey    ( ) ( posted at 5:53PM Fri, 08 December 2006 · edited on 5:57PM Fri, 08 December 2006

OK, UPS came moments ago with the first copy of Practical Poser 7, meaning that it will be moving out of the distributors soon and into your favorite book shops.  So, now that Poser 7 is also coming soon I can blab about the book a bit.  ;-)

First, the cover ... when the publisher saw ToxicAngel's art she drooled, and I am proud to say my #1 favorite Poser artist graces the cover (and the color section features art by ToxicAngel, Ravnheart, Arien, Skyewolf, and yours truly). But .. I bet you're more interested in the enhancements and the goodies on the CD. So here goes:

**Enhancements to the Book:

**Besides updating for Poser 7 feature enhancements, you'll get:

  • NEW Joint Parameter chapter ...learn how to create a skeleton, and how to configure joint parameters. Also includes a section on how to create hybrid conforming/dynamic clothing
  • NEW Animation Overview chapter and tutorials by Phil Cooke (THANKS, PHIL!)
  • NEW Chapter on the Walk Designer and Talk Designer
  • COMPLETELY REVISED material chapter ... Arien (a master clothing texturer, par excellence) allowed me to reveal her material room secrets and how she connects nodes for gorgeous results
  • COMPLETELY REVISED texturing chapter ... You'll also learn how Arien prepares all of her maps (texture, bump, diffuse, specular, transparency, reflection, etc) in Photoshop ... these aren't  your standard flood fill textures, and you'll get a LOT out of this chapter. THANKS, ARIEN!
  • Learn how to create face morphs and adjust pokethroughs in clothing with the new morphing tools
  • Mapping a shirt in Body Paint 2.5 (3 wasn't available at the time)

**What's On the CD?

Includes quality content from some of the leading content providers in the Poser community, including the following wonderful goodies for you to add to your Poser scenes:

*       Aset Arts, a group of seasoned and talented artists that have created Poser content for eFrontier, DAZ, Renderosity, and other popular Poser sites, share several articles of clothing and textures. Arien (whose texturing skills are featured in several chapters of this book) includes textures for both the Djinni outfit and the Crafted Swordsman. Deecey shares her Booties for Jessi, Terai Yuki 2, Miki 1 and Kate, with their base textures. Luthbel contributes The Crafted Swordsman, a wonderful fantasy outfit for Aiko 3. I'd like to thank the other members of my talented team for their generosity!

*       DAZ3D (http://www.daz3d.com) shares PC and Macintosh-compatible versions of several Poser figures, including the Toon Bot Chomper, Aiko 3.0 Base (including textures, Mimic phoneme morphs, hair style, poses, and so on); Civil Servant for Aiko 3; and the Toonimal Vulture, Bat, and Lemur. Special thanks to Steve Kondris and Dan Farr for their generosity and contributions to this project.

*       E-Frontier (http://www.e-frontier.com), makers of Poser 7 and Shade 8 have been a tremendous source of encouragement and content for this project. We thank them for their wonderful selection of poseable figures: the Dino Pack Version 1 and Koji Version 1. Many thanks to Steve Yatson and Tori Porter for these great gifts, and to Uli Klumpp for his prompt attention to questions and comments during the progress of this book.

*       Fredrik, a favorite of many who frequent the Poser communities, shares a wonderful outfit for Aiko 3: His Djinni belly dancing outfit is sure to please users of the DAZ Aiko 3 figure. Thank you, Fredrick, for allowing us to include your file on our CD!

*       Linda White includes original photographs for the tutorials in the lighting chapter. Thanks again, Linda, for allowing us to use your wonderful photos!

*       PhilC (Phil Cooke) shares a copy of his unique and practical female figure, KISS. You can find out more about this figure at Phil's web site, http://www.philc.net. Thank you, Phil, not only for sharing your figure with us, but for your expert technical help and suggestions throughout the development of this book, and especially with the animation chapter. This folder also includes a web page with a great animation tutorial video prepared by Phil (see animation1.htm).


*       UV Mapper (http://www.uvmapper.com) Perhaps the most widely used UV mapping program in the Poser community, Steve Cox has shared with us the free “classic” version of UV Mapper in both Windows and Mac format. But to fully appreciate the UV Mapping tutorials presented in this book, a demo version of UV Mapper Professional is also provided in both formats. Thank you, Steve, for sharing these files with us!


*       This folder includes HTML pages of additional basic material that was included in Practical Poser 6, but which was removed to make room for new and additional material in this current edition of the book. Open index.htm to begin your exploration of this content.

*       All of the images from within the book. These files are set up by chapter and Appendix B.


*       All of the files necessary to complete the tutorials in the book including necessary Poser content, textures, and images. These files are all in common formats that can be read by most 3D applications, and they are set up in the applicable chapter folders.

  ClintH    ( ) ( posted at 5:56PM Fri, 08 December 2006  · @2846064

The Poser 6 version of the book was fantastic...I'm sure this one follows in its foot steps...a must have for Poser users.

Thanks for the info Deecey!

Clint Hawkins
MarketPlace Manager/Copyright Agent

All my life I've been over the top ... I don't know what I'm doing ... All I know is I don't wana stop!
(Zakk Wylde (2007))

  Deecey    ( ) ( posted at 6:00PM Fri, 08 December 2006  · @2846069

Much obliged!!! It was a fun project ... and Poser 7 will be a hit, I think!

  StevieG1965    ( ) ( posted at 12:01AM Sat, 09 December 2006  · @2846334

Wheeeeee!  I can't wait, I got PP6 when it came out and it help me tremendously!  Everything sounds great and the CD sounds like it will have some wonderful stuff on it.  Thank you for making this wonderful book for us to learn with.

Let's see...PP7 coming out, Poser 7 shipping Monday and V4 and goodies waiting to download...yup, I'm broke.  WHO CARES!!  Merry Christmas to me! hehehe!

  SAMS3D    ( ) ( posted at 6:00AM Sat, 09 December 2006  · @2846500

When can I get one?  Is it at Amazon?  Sharen

  Deecey    ( ) ( posted at 9:29AM Sat, 09 December 2006  · @2846629

It's for sale at Amazon, yes, but not yet in stock. I suspect they will get it before Christmas time, but I can't be sure. Since I just got my preview copy yesterday I suspect it will be soon!

  SAMS3D    ( ) ( posted at 4:35PM Sat, 09 December 2006  · @2846935

Just preordered it and they said it will ship on the 14th of Dec.  Whaooooo!, Thanks for the heads up.  Sharen

  rkanyama    ( ) ( posted at 7:10PM Sat, 09 December 2006  · @2847128

I just preordered it as well. This will be my first attempt at Poser. I have been using DAZ3D and Softimage, Silo and ZBrush. I would like to make the backgrounds in SiloSoftimage, add details in ZBrush and then add characters via Poser. I have been avoiding the application due to the lack of animation and speech support. I will be sure to post my stuff online too.



  rkanyama    ( ) ( posted at 10:06AM Mon, 01 January 2007  · @2866978

Deecey: Just wanted to let you know that this book is great so far. Right now, I am hopping around between chapters. Soon I'll read the book cover to cover.

  StevieG1965    ( ) ( posted at 11:08AM Mon, 01 January 2007  · @2867015

I agree!!  I'm still playing with the freebie disc...so many awesome things to explore and try...the BootySuits ROCK!!  (could V4 be coming soon?  hint hint wink wink!!!)

  maraich    ( ) ( posted at 8:27PM Mon, 01 January 2007  · @2867360

With all the great items included with the book, it sounds like even non-Poser users might be tempted into picking it up.

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