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 Subject: What are you working on thread

Dann-O opened this issue on Oct 10, 2006 · 823 posts

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  Dann-O    ( ) ( posted at 11:43PM Tue, 10 October 2006 

I like these kind of threads where you get to see what different peopel are workign on so why shoulc there be none here on rosity. Well her eis what has been consuming my time for the past week or so. Post yrou latest WIP.

The wit of a misplaced ex-patriot.
I cheated on my metaphysics exam by looking into the soul of the person next to me.

  Gog    ( ) ( posted at 4:24AM Wed, 11 October 2006  · @2800308

I'm currently working on a very large excel spreadsheet :(

in the spare time I may get a chance to finish the piccy shown (not done much so far!)

and I also have a car started for this years peugeot comp, but can't show it....


Toolset: Blender, GIMP, Indigo Render, LuxRender, TopMod, Knotplot, Ivy Gen, Plant Studio.

  Teyon    ( ) ( posted at 6:57AM Wed, 11 October 2006 · edited on 7:26AM Wed, 11 October 2006 · @2800368

Nice work gang! Gog_CA1, you may want to rethink the material of the object closest to the camera in that render. It's kind of getting lost.

  Gog    ( ) ( posted at 7:14AM Wed, 11 October 2006  · @2800376

At the moment it's an almost purely reflective raytrace mat, it's going to get tweaked as the modelling goes on and the environment is added..... I was tempted to post a clay, but it's way boring at the moment!

I did think about posting this spreadsheet but it's even worse.....


Toolset: Blender, GIMP, Indigo Render, LuxRender, TopMod, Knotplot, Ivy Gen, Plant Studio.

  Teyon    ( ) ( posted at 7:31AM Wed, 11 October 2006  · @2800390

I hear ya. I hate spreadsheets...never had to use them until I got this new job. Sucks beans.

Here are some models I'm messing around with...



  Teyon    ( ) ( posted at 7:32AM Wed, 11 October 2006  · @2800394

  Teyon    ( ) ( posted at 7:33AM Wed, 11 October 2006  · @2800395

  Teyon    ( ) ( posted at 7:36AM Wed, 11 October 2006 · edited on 7:39AM Wed, 11 October 2006 · @2800399

Saddly, I've been really really busy lately and I haven't had time to work on these any more. Hope to get back to them soon.

  CaptainJack1    ( ) ( posted at 7:44AM Wed, 11 October 2006  · @2800398

I had been working on a model of a microscopic view of a human artery in Blender (I posted about that in a thread haloedrain started in the Blender forum) but I've only been using Blender for a few weeks, and I think that project's a little ambitious for me, so I'm putting it on the back burner.

Right now I'm working on a model of a 19th century Russian revolver for thefixer over in the Poser forum (here). I used Blender to model the curves, then did the bulk of the modeling work in Wings. I'm ultimately going to set it up as a static prop for Poser.

I've got a couple of geometry problems with this model that I need to fix, but otherwise it's about done.

Captain Jack

  Teyon    ( ) ( posted at 7:47AM Wed, 11 October 2006  · @2800407

Neat. I'm not so good with the non-organic stuff...I can do 'em, I just hate it though. So much repsect to the machine builders out there!

  Moebius87    ( ) ( posted at 7:48AM Wed, 11 October 2006  · @2800409

Cool idea for a thread... I've got tons of half finished models, but right now I am trying to learn how to uvmap stuff the hard way...

This one is a freebie Dystopian Computer Console Station that is nearly complete. The textured version is in my gallery.

Cheers! — Möe

Mind Over Matter
"If you don't mind, then it don't matter."

  Teyon    ( ) ( posted at 7:51AM Wed, 11 October 2006  · @2800413

ACk! The master himself comes to smack down the usurpers! :) Heya buddy. Always love your stuff!  We will be crossing some emails next week methinks....

  Dann-O    ( ) ( posted at 8:25AM Wed, 11 October 2006  · @2800438

Fun fun . Now we are talking. Great to see some new works. Gog I guess it is wait and see. Great revolver there, Teyon great stuff the first one is more my style slightly toony which I like. That is my next workstation there. I think we need stuff like this to perk up this forum.

The wit of a misplaced ex-patriot.
I cheated on my metaphysics exam by looking into the soul of the person next to me.

  Moebius87    ( ) ( posted at 9:46AM Wed, 11 October 2006  · @2800481

Teyon"Master"???... you're funny, boss. :tongue2: If there's anyone around here that's doing any smacking down that would be you, sir. Looking forward to those emails... thought you'd forgotten about that thread.

Dann-O — That's a very hip and cool character you've got going there. :biggrin: Are you going to be creating other equipment and an environment for him as well?

jevans69 — Well done, sir. I like the clean and simple meshflow of your gun.

Gog_CA1 — You've got me all interested and curious now... what is it?

Above is another mesh I was working on... practice mesh for some uvmapping and texture exercises. The mesh is very simple as you can see in the render, so a lot of it is about the image. The mesh and the uvmap are available as a free download.

Cheers! — Möe

Mind Over Matter
"If you don't mind, then it don't matter."

  CaptainJack1    ( ) ( posted at 10:52AM Wed, 11 October 2006  · @2800526

Teyon said:

Quote - Neat. I'm not so good with the non-organic stuff...I can do 'em, I just hate it though. So much repsect to the machine builders out there!

Thanks... I'm exactly the opposite. Mechanical stuff I feel comfortable with (although I sometimes have difficulty getting a hard edge when I want it). I'm especially having trouble learning to do faces. I've done a few "cartoony" things but I'm working hard to improve.

BTW, is that Silo you're using, or something else? I don't recognize the interface.


  CaptainJack1    ( ) ( posted at 10:56AM Wed, 11 October 2006  · @2800528

Dann-O said:

Quote - ... Great revolver there ...

Moebius87 said:> Quote - jevans69 — Well done, sir. I like the clean and simple meshflow of your gun.

Thanks to you both, very much. Mesh modeling is still a new thing for me. I've been using POV-Ray for around ten years, so I'm much more used to creating objects with CSG. I'm finding that I can be much more creative with meshes, though, and I'm really enjoying exploring the possibilites. 😄

Great thread idea, BTW, Dann-O. 😄

  BluEcho    ( ) ( posted at 10:25PM Wed, 11 October 2006  · @2800937

I like that little fella at the top. :) Teyon, your models are looking great. I finished the set of horns I was working on. they are now with a character pack in the MP. My first actul 3D model. Hopefully after I get moved this weekend, I'll have more time to work on the head I'm trying to do in Blender. No pics of it yet though because I messed up and gotta do it all over again. :(

Here is BluEcho's Web Site...


  Jumpstartme2    ( ) ( posted at 3:07AM Thu, 12 October 2006  · @2801046

Dang..Im embarassed to post my feeble attempts here with the gurus :lol: but..Im gonna do it anyways..ya'll need a good laff right? ~hehe~

This is actually my first attempt at anything fairly realistic as far as a human...still just playing around with him when I have some spare time.....still has no texture or anything..and it will be some time before he is even ready for a body LOL


Renderosity Community Admin

  Dann-O    ( ) ( posted at 5:16AM Thu, 12 October 2006  · @2801093

Hey ther jumpstart what software are you using. Teyon I like yoru work but my computer right now is not up to that task. Really had soem problems with hexagon in that department. I need a more mighty vid card so I work with what I have.

Well here is the dreaded goth punk rocker dude got some textures on him. Guitar is ok I think I woud like to make a real guitar sometime using a couple drawings of an SG.

The wit of a misplaced ex-patriot.
I cheated on my metaphysics exam by looking into the soul of the person next to me.

  Jumpstartme2    ( ) ( posted at 12:02AM Fri, 13 October 2006  · @2801888

That poor ugly fellow is being done using Zbrush :lol:


Renderosity Community Admin

  jtm_11    ( ) ( posted at 10:44PM Fri, 13 October 2006  · @2802774

Wow, great work everybody!

I've been trying to figure out how to uv map in Wings and create a Pov-Ray macro to choose the map.  The books in the top image are the results so far.  There's only 3 book meshes (the closed, open and tilted open) with 6 different textures (so far) applied by macro - much easier and less memory (and hard drive) intensive than creating a separate object for each texture.  I think each book is around 1k polys - could probably reduced alot by a better modeller than myself, lol.

The bucket of coal is pure Pov-Ray code - created with a macro so all you have to do is tell it the radius of the top and bottom and the thickness of the sides and it does the rest.  I still have to manually rotate the handle though - gonna fix that when I get a day off work.

The bottom is a corner of the scene I'm using the objects in.  Still just a WIP with a long way to go.

If anybody is interested in any of the objects or code, I'm willing to share once I clean it all up a little.

  Jumpstartme2    ( ) ( posted at 3:49AM Sat, 14 October 2006  · @2802897

Wow! I like those books!


Renderosity Community Admin

  billy423uk    ( ) ( posted at 5:20AM Sat, 14 October 2006 · edited on 5:21AM Sat, 14 October 2006 · @2802937

about 2 days ago i posted a big long post to this thread and cyberspace ate it all up lol. sorry i have nothing new to post but i love the threaads concept. as usual modbias amazes me and teyons stuff is superb. that said i'm impressed with danno's work and jevans's work they show that you can create really good models in mid, low or free range apps.  i also think jts books are well done but silly me loves the bucket better. finally jumpy's piece, i'd be proud if that was my first piece of organic. save the embarressment for those of shallow character jumpy. i hope you carry on cos we can see you develop if you do. as far as teyon or mobius goes i can't see their stuff improving much as they seem pretty dam good enough already lol. i know my first attempt was much worse jumpy, even i can see much improvement in the model im on now...it's not good by the standards teyon or mobius show but for me it's one helluva improvement. nice thread lets hope we can keep it going. what would be really nice is if when someone puts a piece up they say if they mind or don't mind everyones thoughts on it being voiced without malice of course. that way maybe we can learn a little or help a little. i will show what i do here as i progress but i have to rebone my model cos if i click on a certain point on the chest i highlight the mid of her mid finger. part of which resides in the tip of her right thumb. i also had an area of no bone which was infintessimally small so the figure i saved is useless as far as boning goes. i guess she's dammaged goods hehe. anyway. great wstuff everyone

forgot to say nice spring to Gog lol. it would be nice to see what it's part of but if its off the car i can understand why we cant.


  Dann-O    ( ) ( posted at 9:56AM Sat, 14 October 2006  · @2803058

Well starting soemthing new the punk rocker is par tof my halloween contest entry here. I have a big project in mind a sor tof sci fi story with sort of animals. so here is two of the characters started one is sort of a fish person and the other is an uplifted tiger of sorts just head and hands tried to make thehands unique the fish dude has webbed fingers and the tiger dide has little pads on his hands.

The wit of a misplaced ex-patriot.
I cheated on my metaphysics exam by looking into the soul of the person next to me.

  jtm_11    ( ) ( posted at 1:32PM Sat, 14 October 2006  · @2803178

I'm amazed by the models you guys are working on  - there's so much detail!.  I still have trouble modelling even simple shapes with polys or nurbs and can't model anything organic to save my life.

Just an update on my books while I'm here-
The texture on the book on the left is an image map made with PSP.  The texture on the right is completely procedural.  The cool part is that it's now macro-ized so I can give it either a file name for an image mapped texture or the base colors of the cover and the font and words of the title and it will automatically create a procedural texture and scale it to fit - don't have to worry about long words or too many lines of text running off the edges!

I can't do anything fancy with the procedural like mix fonts or text sizes or add symbols, but for lots of books on a shelf in the background, it's (hopefully) good enough and hundreds (each with different titles & colors) can be created in a matter of minutes. Well, at least no longer than it will take to type in the names of hundreds of books, lol.

  pauljs75    ( ) ( posted at 3:24AM Sun, 15 October 2006  · @2803661

There's nothing much here...  I've been working at getting the map on the label worked out...

Barbequed Pixels?

Your friendly neighborhood Wings3D nut.
Also feel free to browse my freebies at ShareCG.
There might be something worth downloading.

  Jumpstartme2    ( ) ( posted at 4:24AM Sun, 15 October 2006  · @2803675

Thanks Billy 😄 And do post what you are working on...Im interested in the boning aspects as well...Id eventually like to give my guy up there a body one day..and he needs to be able to bend LOL

And yes please, lets keep this going...you guys all do some outstanding work..I could learn alot from each of you.


Renderosity Community Admin

  billy423uk    ( ) ( posted at 9:03PM Sun, 15 October 2006  · @2804261

it's weird. i look at the bottle and its transparencie and i wouldnt have a clue where to begin. i think i'd struggle making the bottle let alone any mapping lol.

hers a couple of pics jumpy. the first is where i cocked up by leaving out some polys in the grouping, acatually i deleted the group no bone lol. the second is just a pick of the bones. you seen one lot you seen em all


  billy423uk    ( ) ( posted at 9:05PM Sun, 15 October 2006  · @2804262

heres the rigging minus the rotations and jp what ever they are lol


  Jumpstartme2    ( ) ( posted at 9:12PM Sun, 15 October 2006  · @2804266

Poly's, grouping, UV's....ack...your just going to have to teach me what all those do LOL Least you have all that stuff down Billy, I cant even figure out how to UV map my head up there....I even tried bringing it into UVMApper, and it was huge!...couldnt made head nor tails out of it.....


Renderosity Community Admin

  billy423uk    ( ) ( posted at 9:21PM Sun, 15 October 2006  · @2804269

lmao @ jumpy

i can't uv map or do anything other than make the model and partially rig it...i'm still learning myself. maybe after your post, some kind person here could set you set for a tut. or you could ask in the uvmapper forum they look pretty helpful in there. just keep at it jumpy...thats what everyone keeps telling me lol


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