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 Subject: how to make a material (in room) a lighter shade....?

DarkEdge opened this issue on Sep 16, 2006 · 8 posts

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  DarkEdge    ( ) ( posted at 9:05AM Sat, 16 September 2006 

hi all!

here's the deal; i'm using tabala materials in the material room and when i choose an image and want to make that image lighter (or darker) how do i do that?

right now i'm increasing the diffuse value or taking the image to photoshop and adjusting there, is there another/easier/better way to do this?

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  Tyger_purr    ( ) ( posted at 10:19AM Sat, 16 September 2006  · @2782772

if your working with an image you can lower the Texture_strength setting in the image node settings (it is the setting at the bottom of the node) this will lighten the texture.

if it is anything other than an image i think we would need to see a screen shot to recommend any changes

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  DarkEdge    ( ) ( posted at 10:27AM Sat, 16 September 2006  · @2782779

ahhh, yes i see now.

so this wont affect the texture in any other way besides the lightness and/or darkness of the image? what i mean is that the image/texture will still be there 100% but it is just the hue/saturation that is affected...right?

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  Tyger_purr    ( ) ( posted at 10:35AM Sat, 16 September 2006  · @2782785

it does make the image appear lighter and does not modify the actual image file.

it also does not change the preview. to see the affect it must be rendered.

there is also a hsv node that can be used (poser 6 only i think)

it is the last node under math

this will allow you to adjust the hue saturation and  value.

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  DarkEdge    ( ) ( posted at 10:53AM Sat, 16 September 2006  · @2782788

hsv node is what i want i think. thanks tyger purr for your help!

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  carodan    ( ) ( posted at 12:52PM Sat, 16 September 2006  · @2782845

Using an hsv node also means that you can plug the texture into something else at full strength. Very useful if you're using the same texture to control different aspects of a material.


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  Angelouscuitry    ( ) ( posted at 7:11PM Sat, 16 September 2006  · @2783019

Have you tried Ambient Color?

  diolma    ( ) ( posted at 2:31PM Sun, 17 September 2006  · @2783526

HSV etc introduced in P5 (IIRC)...

Don't forget that you can affect the brightnes/darkness of a texture simply by changing the "value" parameter of the diffuse node. Less than 1.0 makes it darker, more than 1.0 (yes, it can go above 1.0) makes it brighter..


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