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 Subject: For All The Beginners I Hope This Helps You.

EagleWing1000 opened this issue on Jul 29, 2006 · 15 posts

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  EagleWing1000    ( ) ( posted at 8:26AM Sat, 29 July 2006 · edited on 8:27AM Sat, 29 July 2006

Here are a few online tutorials you can use if you want to gain excellent knowledge on particular things. I also reccomend visiting the newtek tutorial page(s) too:


Here are the online tutorials I found for you all...

Snow Effect

Various Tutorials:

how to break a box into hundreds of pieces:

make a rocket with HyperVoxels 2.0:

Boiling Suns:

BY FAR The Most interesting one i've Seen ::: Ever seen Blade the film:::CHECK this out.

Ice cubes:::

for the acoholics out there lol :

tonnes of various tutorials::

Here fishy fishy:::

I can see the pub from here!!!:::

Spacey environments:

Blow things to hell:::

exploding space station effect:::

Enjoy all :)
I hope for once in my life i've been helpful.

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  stew451    ( ) ( posted at 8:44AM Sat, 29 July 2006  · @2744161


  ekho    ( ) ( posted at 9:50AM Sat, 29 July 2006  · @2744201

Attached Link: and this:)

And dont forget to check out the almighty big tutorial collection :blink:  :biggrin:

  Mikewave    ( ) ( posted at 10:19AM Sat, 29 July 2006  · @2744211

Nice tutorial collection dude! Thanks

Coming soon

  nio103    ( ) ( posted at 10:26AM Sat, 29 July 2006  · @2744212

Thanks for the links,  I like to learn as much as i can :)

  Hawkfyr    ( ) ( posted at 1:28PM Sat, 29 July 2006  · @2744299

Bookmarked this thread for sure.

Never can have too many resources.



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  petes    ( ) ( posted at 2:00PM Sat, 29 July 2006  · @2744319

hey...thats some great stuff! I love the blade one! Also, it was really nice of you to take the time to post it and share with the community. As i think Talley mentioned, I am in the middle of re-designing the forum top. I hope to make threads like these more accesiible. As well as some gems from the past. Being around here for 5 years I've seen some great info in the past and I'm working on digging it up for you guys. In case some of you are not aware, the backroom has tons of great little links which i hope to give more reckognition to also! p

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  EagleWing1000    ( ) ( posted at 5:22PM Sat, 29 July 2006  · @2744443

Thank you all for your comments, i'm grateful, I'm also glad that you all found them useful.

I plan to give the Blade effect one a go sometime, and the one where there's a ring explosion in space. both look awesome.


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Intel Core 2 Duo T9500 2.6Ghz
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  nio103    ( ) ( posted at 11:12PM Thu, 08 November 2007  · @3109725


I get a 404 on the boiling sun.

  Pandorian    ( ) ( posted at 2:31PM Fri, 09 November 2007 · edited on 2:32PM Fri, 09 November 2007 · @3110163


The link for "how to break a box into hundreds of pieces" leads me to a NewTek page that informs me that the page I'm looking for cannot be found.  Do you have an alternate link for this particular tutorial? 

P.S., I appreciate the helpful listing of links.  :)

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  XENOPHONZ    ( ) ( posted at 5:49PM Fri, 09 November 2007  · @3110308

Thanks for taking the time to put this collection of links together for us!  Very much appreciated.

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  zapper1977    ( ) ( posted at 11:26AM Fri, 16 November 2007  · @3114678

Quote - Snow Effect

link dont worky

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  billy-home    ( ) ( posted at 3:58PM Sat, 17 November 2007  · @3115683

That's probably because the original post is over a year old now, and some of the sites have probably either shut down, or the tutorials in question either removed or just moved someplace else.



  petes    ( ) ( posted at 9:32PM Sun, 18 November 2007  · @3116579

yeah..being around for some years, I remebered this link...even though som eare dead, it's still worth posting ;-)

lightwave, photoshop, oreo's...tools of the trade.

  EagleWing1000    ( ) ( posted at 5:07PM Mon, 19 November 2007  · @3117088

yeah, they were all in my IE favourites, some for a while, so I appologise if some didn't work.

Dell XPS M1730
Intel Core 2 Duo T9500 2.6Ghz
500GB (2x 250GB) RAID 1 Sata HDD
Nvidia GeForce 9800M GTX SLI

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