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 Subject: P6 V3 MT from Maya 6.5

Angelouscuitry opened this issue on Jul 24, 2006 · 7 posts

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  Angelouscuitry    ( ) ( posted at 5:29PM Mon, 24 July 2006 

This is my first week in Maya 6.5.  The first chore I chosen for myself is to try and get handy with Maya's Manipulator Tools using a Poser 6 Daz3D Victoria 3 Head morph target. 

The top left image above is the Poser 6 render with Daz3D Victoria 3, that I would like help, from Maya, with.  Exporting the V3HeadMT.OBJ seemed fairly simple enough.  In Poser 6 I simply selected File>Export>Wavefront OBJ>Deselected All of the Hierachy except Head, and then Deselected all options exept "As Morph Target."  I was careful not to have any Magnets going at the time of export.  And my exported V3HeadMT.OBJ does Re-Import back into Poser to do a fine job restoring her V3's face.

Using the Maya 6.5 Plugin Manager to toggle on the .OBJ Import and Export plugins was easy enough.  The top right image is my Poser Exported V3HeadMT.OBJ imported into Maya 6.5, and rendered out.  I was careful no to change it's position or scale, this scene just had the cameras moved a bit, and a texture plugged in, to further inspect the integrity of the Import.

The bottom right image is Maya 6.5's .OBJ export, loaded back into Poser, and rendered, to see what Maya was exporting.

But the bottom right image is that same .OBJ file(as in the bottom left image,) after being loaded into my V3 figures head, and toggled on.  Again, I was careful not to have any Magnets, or other morphs going at the time I turned the new(Maya exported .OBJ) MT dial on to "1?"

I've read the thread a few down from mine " How to turn Maya into Poser... ", at http://www.renderosity.com/mod/forumpro/showthread.php?SID=c3df43cab96adda5040cea88f5ce9aee&thread_id=1728639, but the links in it's first post do'nt  work.  I'll be posting a link to this thread, in there, momentarily.

I've also looked through the Maya and the Poser tutorials, as well as the Maya F.A.Q.(Which is as close I I've come to a "Maya Back Room."  The Poser Back Room was equally frustrating, as it linked to a Tutorial refered to by the thread above, but upon surfing to the links' destination, http://www.digital-opaque.net/" you do'nt immediately see any tutorial, nor do you on any of the subsequent links that I tired(And allthough I did find a search for the "Blogs," I struck out again there.)



  paleman    ( ) ( posted at 6:08PM Mon, 24 July 2006 · edited on 6:09PM Mon, 24 July 2006 · @2740496

play with your export options when exporting that obj file from within poser.
Haven't done this for a couple of month so I don't remember exactly what the correct settings are within poser's export dialog box.
What happened is vertex hierarchy of the obj mesh crashed during export.  More accurately you still have an alike looking mesh with exact the same number of vertice, but vertex order is different.

export from within poser / import to maya (do a simple mesh transformation, e.g. scale / rightaways export from maya and reimport into poser.
check if that 'morph' works. if it does then your exported obj mesh got the correct vertex hierarchy.
to  check proper vertex hierarchy while you're performing mesh transformations in maya, keep another copy of you're imported obj mesh in your maya file. whenever you feel it's time to check vertices, unhide the base copy, select a particular vertex, open script editor and find the appropriate line (usually the last one in the print tab) that states last action action and vertex number (within brackets) - OBJECTNAME.vtx[] .
copy this:       .vtx[
] use another wildcard to make it look like this:  .vtx[]
paste into quickselection box, hit enter.
now all the vertices on any polygonal object matching the number within the brackets are being highlighted and therefor lets you check correct vertex distribution of once duplicated geometry pretty quickly.

  Angelouscuitry    ( ) ( posted at 6:31PM Mon, 24 July 2006  · @2740519

Thank you.  I should have mentioned I tried quite a few different export options, besides just "As Morph Target."  I've tried All, None, and All Exept Each, but there must be hundreds of possibilities.  If you could remember which options work I'd love to hear.


  nemirc    ( ) ( posted at 11:47PM Mon, 24 July 2006  · @2740715

Quote -  ...but upon surfing to the links' destination, http://www.digital-opaque.net/" you do'nt immediately see any tutorial, nor do you on any of the subsequent links that I tired(And allthough I did find a search for the "Blogs," I struck out again there.)


You have to browse deep into my webpage to find the tutorials :p
Anyway, I don't remember if I still have those tutorials there but I know what your problem is.

Your V3 head "explodes" when you apply the morph target in Poser, right? That's because Maya re-ordered the vertex number so anything that you do in Maya will be pretty much useless in Poser. If you have UVMapper pro you can reorder the vertices again so that the morphtarget really works.

Sergio Aris ROSA
Sr. Staff Writer

  Angelouscuitry    ( ) ( posted at 6:06PM Tue, 25 July 2006  · @2741251

nemeric - Yes that is exactly right, as paleman has eluded to. thank you.  Is using UVMapper just as easy as importing the .OBJ and then simply exporting/saving it, or is there some special function I'll need to perform with the program?

=  )


  Marque    ( ) ( posted at 1:13AM Sun, 08 April 2007  · @2950348

I couldn't find them either, think you could take the time to do a direct link? I don't understand why all of the tutorials were taken out. As moderator I would think you would be more helpful to the people who are asking questions.

  Marque    ( ) ( posted at 1:13AM Sun, 08 April 2007  · @2950349

By questions I mean where the tutorials are.

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