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 Subject: Assets -- Shaders, Textures, Reference...

Modulok opened this issue on Jun 19, 2006 · 5 posts

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  Modulok    ( ) ( posted at 8:50AM Mon, 19 June 2006 · edited on 4:34PM Thu, 01 February 2007

Assets -- Shaders, Textures, Reference...

If you know a site that should be listed here,  post it or contact Modulok or nemirc and we will be happy to append it.

  levius    ( ) ( posted at 6:30AM Wed, 15 October 2008  · @3314429

Attached Link: http://www.environment-textures.com

The biggest gallery of environmental photo textures www.environment-textures.com. More than 110 categories, Hi-Res from 3000x2000 px.

  bijoux    ( ) ( posted at 2:27PM Fri, 16 January 2009  · @3369429

hi all
i wanr ro know if i can use the items of this site in secondlife,com
please help!

my messenger it is: ti_strozzo@hotmail.com

thank you kisses

  4saken4    ( ) ( posted at 3:24PM Sat, 17 January 2009 · edited on 3:25PM Sat, 17 January 2009 · @3369903

Here's a site with a lot of free textures.

A variety of free Maya video tutorials, some by an instructor that I find to be very good(Alex Alvarez).

Some free HDR images.

A good amount of free vehicle blueprints sorted by manufacturer.

  johnbrycejr    ( ) ( posted at 9:12PM Tue, 30 August 2016  · @4281616

Before being able to do normal maps, specular maps and AmbietOCC and displacement maps, I used this website: http://cpetry.github.io/NormalMap-Online/

It's a great tool to do a 'dirty' map to get a feel of how the model will look, and then go into and refine

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