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 Subject: Anyway to invert the noise material?

7/8'sIrish opened this issue on Dec 24, 2005 · 11 posts

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  7/8'sIrish    ( ) ( posted at 12:40PM Sat, 24 December 2005 · edited on 4:19AM Thu, 09 February 2006

I am trying to make a metalic paint and would like to inver the noise node so it is the spots that get highlighted, could another maths function do it?

  Little_Dragon    ( ) ( posted at 2:56PM Sat, 24 December 2005  · @2515607

Invert like this?

  7/8'sIrish    ( ) ( posted at 3:21PM Sat, 24 December 2005  · @2515622

Yes now can this be connected to the noise node?

  Little_Dragon    ( ) ( posted at 3:27PM Sat, 24 December 2005 · edited on 3:27PM Sat, 24 December 2005 · @2515626

Sure. Just plug the noise node into Value_2. I only used the tile node as an example, so you could clearly see what the math node was doing.

You can use this trick to invert image maps, also. Or raytraced reflections. Or pretty much anything, for that matter.

Message edited on: 12/24/2005 15:27

  7/8'sIrish    ( ) ( posted at 3:49PM Sat, 24 December 2005  · @2515648

thanks you have helped out often- I appreciate!

  Casette    ( ) ( posted at 1:59AM Sun, 25 December 2005  · @2515890

bkmrkd Nice trick :)

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  diolma    ( ) ( posted at 3:00PM Sun, 25 December 2005 · edited on 3:03PM Sun, 25 December 2005 · @2516190

Hi Irish,

Just an idea that you might like (since it doesn't involve numbers, just colours).

Instead of using the "Math Functions" node, you can use "Color Math".
Does much the same thing, but can sometimes be easier to visualise.

Inverting an image (Color Math; subtract image from white). See above...

(and happy Xmas)

Message edited on: 12/25/2005 15:03

  diolma    ( ) ( posted at 3:08PM Sun, 25 December 2005  · @2516195

And that can lead to other interesting possibilities... Subtracting from a Colour... (BTW: Just using Turbulence as an example - almost ANYTHING can be plugged into the Color Math node, same as the Math Node as Little Dragon explains. In fact almost anything can be plugged into any other node. There are very few restrictions..) Cheers, Diolma (and a Merry New Year)

  7/8'sIrish    ( ) ( posted at 3:43PM Sun, 25 December 2005  · @2516213

wow thanks both of you I am starting to see potential for nodes I previously had nothing to do with!

  Acadia    ( ) ( posted at 4:19AM Thu, 09 February 2006  · @2576675


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  dxrs0    ( ) ( posted at 2:40AM Mon, 04 August 2008  · @3277604

Thanks for this one.  I asked all over and everyone said it couldnt be done.  I had the trouble of a backwards alpha map.  I just needed to flip it, and was told the only way was to take it into photoshop.  Will work on this tech tomorrow. 

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