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 Subject: Stupid Matroom Trick; More Car Paint

FreeBass opened this issue on Jun 24, 2005 · 7 posts

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  FreeBass    ( ) ( posted at 11:39PM Fri, 24 June 2005 · edited on 4:17AM Thu, 09 February 2006

OK, so ya have yr nice shiny new paint job. If not, here's where I learned; http://www.renderosity.com/messages.ez?Form.ShowMessage=2073866 & here's my own current method; http://www.renderosity.com/messages.ez?Form.ShowMessage=2149331 Dunno 'bout you, but I always been kinda partial to the matte black hoods on old muscle cars (& a few new ones). Makes 'em look mean. Probbem is, if ya simply trow a tex map on yr hood, is still gonna be shiny. Me fix 8-)


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  FreeBass    ( ) ( posted at 11:45PM Fri, 24 June 2005  · @2313825

1st ting ya wanna do is put that texmap on the hood as a base color. If yr usin' the Diffuse color as yr paint color, you'll wanna make sure to use a B/W texmap. If yr used a texture mapped color over white diffuse, you'll still wanna convert it to B/W fer later. Next, insert a Math Functions node directally off yr Reflection Value & whatever ya hava attatched (in this case, a Color Ramp). Set the Math Arguement to Multiply, plug the "interrupted" node into Value 2 & set the parameter to 1. Now copy yr main Texture map (or use the B/W one ya made), & plug it into Value 1 of the Math node. The reason fer the Copy is thus; by adjusting the Texture Strength of the map, you can adjust the "flatness" of the paint...full strength = no reflections, no shadows, no nuttin'. Pure black. Zero strength = well...redundant, innit? The point is that even "matte" paint duz give off reflected light, it just ent glossy like a nice shiny car. The reason ya want to use a 2nd tex map instead of simply pluggin' yr main one into the Math Node is that when ya reduce yr Texture Strength, if yr connected to yr main tex yr gonna get color bleed through yr nice black decal. Have fun, & remember to wear yr respirator while paintin' 8-)


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  almostfm    ( ) ( posted at 12:34AM Sat, 25 June 2005  · @2313861

Very cool! BTW, where did you get the car?

  FreeBass    ( ) ( posted at 2:05AM Sat, 25 June 2005  · @2313922

Free cars galore! (mostly .lwo format) http://dmi.chez.tiscali.fr/models1b.html


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  ziggie    ( ) ( posted at 10:32AM Sat, 25 June 2005  · @2314230

FreeBass: Thanx for the heads-up on that site. Some awesome models there. I thought they would be okay as background models, but... they are much better than that! The textures need some remapping and renaming in UVPro.. but what the heck :-) WIP on the Volvo police car.

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  TrekkieGrrrl    ( ) ( posted at 5:05PM Sat, 25 June 2005  · @2314598

Wow that police car looks awesome, ziggie! And thanks FreeBass for the tip :o)

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  Acadia    ( ) ( posted at 4:17AM Thu, 09 February 2006  · @2576667


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