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 Subject: The (somewhat) definitive guide for Mac Poser to Mac Maya

scaramouche opened this issue on Jun 20, 2005 · 5 posts

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  scaramouche    ( ) ( posted at 1:36PM Mon, 20 June 2005 · edited on 12:05AM Thu, 23 June 2005

Ok, guys/gals - here we go: This has been extensively tested on the following specifications only: Macintosh Poser 4, Poser 5, Poser 6 Only Stock app included figures - NOT TESTED ON 3rd PARTY / DAZ Figures Macintosh Maya Complete 4.5, 5.0, 6.0, 6.5 Macintosh Maya Unlimited 6.01, 6.5 Panther OS 10.3.4, OS 10.3.7, OS 10.3.9 ALL combinations of the above work - EXCEPT v6.5 on OS 10.3.4 and OS 10.3.7. Nota bene (Latin, for "note well"): NOT TESTED ON TIGER 10.4 OR 10.4.1!!! Nota bene (Latin, for "note well"): NOT FOR ANIMATIONS - ONLY STILL FIGURES!!! How to import Poser into Maya: Create a folder in a convenient place, like the Desktop, and name it something memorable, like poser2maya, etc. Create the figure and pose desired in Poser. Export your model using the Wavefront obj file format. In the first dialog box, choose Single frame and click OK. In the Hierachy Selection dialog, uncheck UNIVERSE, then re-check the figure name (located directly after GROUND). Name the file and save it into the memorably named folder. In the next dialog box, check only Weld body part seams and Include figure names (figure names come in handy when applying textures) and click OK. Open up the .mtl file created when you exported the Poser figure. Scroll through the file and take note of the texture files used. Find ALL of the textures in the Poser folder and COPY them to the memorably named export folder. Open the Terminal Application on your computer. A window will show up upon opening. Type 'tounix' and then hit the space bar. Drag the obj file that you want to open in maya into the document window. The documents path will appear. Press Return. Type 'tounix' and hit the space bar. Drag the mtl file that you want to open in maya into the document window. The documents path will appear. Press Return. Now quit Terminal. Now you've switched your obj file over to a Unix based document. Start Maya. Go to the File menu and choose Project>Set and make the memorably named folder your project folder. This way, all the texture files referenced in the mtl file should load into Maya at the same time as the obj file. Go to Window>Preferences>Plug-In Manager. Check both "load" and "auto-load" for objExport.lib. Go to Import under the File Menu... Open the options for Import using the option box next to Import in the File Menu. Make sure file type is OBJ. Import your model. You may have to tweak the applied textures using HyperShade, but since all the materials have already been copied from the Poser folder into the export folder, it shouldn't take too long. The attached pic is just a quick render of the stock Jessie figure included with Poser 6. It is not production quality, nor is it intended to be anything other than illustrative of following the above tutorial steps. Enjoy! -scara

  Modulok    ( ) ( posted at 2:47PM Mon, 20 June 2005  · @2307646

Applause I put this in the sticky threads below the forum banner, if you don't mind :) -Modulok-

  scaramouche    ( ) ( posted at 3:41PM Mon, 20 June 2005  · @2307730

The beauty of this is that if a user has both Poser and Maya, he/she does not need an add-on program. -scara

  animajikgraphics    ( ) ( posted at 12:05AM Thu, 23 June 2005  · @2311269

Awesome Scara! Can't wait to try this out.

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  nemirc    ( ) ( posted at 12:45AM Wed, 10 May 2006  · @2681040


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