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 Subject: Creating bioluminescence with P6 shader nodes?

Nalif opened this issue on Apr 16, 2005 · 223 posts

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  Nalif    ( ) ( posted at 11:48PM Sat, 16 April 2005 · edited on 1:55PM Wed, 01 March 2006

I have an idea as to how to do this, but I'm not sure how nice it would look. Basically just create your texture map, and then create a black and white mask of the same texture, making the white areas where you want the bioluminescence to be. Then plug the mask into the ambient value node.

That's the most basic thing I can think of, though. The only thing this would really accomplish is the bioluminescence glowing whenever it wasn't under light, though. In normal images, where the figure is somewhat lighted, the other areas wouldn't appear to glow. They would just be slightly brighter than the surrounding parts. (I know, I know. Bioluminescence doesn't really show in the light anyways. I'm not after true bioluminescence. I just want certain areas to appear to glow.) Is there something that would give better results?

And while we're on the topic, P6 is amazing - but I wish they had an option to make an object illuminate other objects around it :( - You can make things glow in the dark, but they don't cast the light on things around them. I want glowing objects >_<

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  PapaBlueMarlin    ( ) ( posted at 12:08AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2217764

I'm wondering if you would have to do a combination of an object with translucence mapping and a point light positioned inside it. By bioluminescence, I take it you're talking about things like lightning bugs.

  Nalif    ( ) ( posted at 12:23AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2217780

Yes - Lightning bugs, jellyfish, anything that lives in deep water, etc.

  Little_Dragon    ( ) ( posted at 12:46AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2217798

.... P6 is amazing - but I wish they had an option to make an object illuminate other objects around it :(

We do have such an option. It's called the gather node, and you can use it to create colour-bleeding effects (simulated radiosity) in the Material Room.

Here's an example, using an ambient material on a simple box prop, and a gather node hooked up to the ground plane.

  Nalif    ( ) ( posted at 12:57AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2217805

WHaaaaat? That's amazing. I remember looking into how to hook up the gather node, and for the life of me couldn't get it to work. So does it only "gather" the colors that bleed through the ambient channel? And how do I hook it up? Does it plug into the alternate diffuse?

  Little_Dragon    ( ) ( posted at 1:21AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2217824

There are a million different ways to hook it up, of course, but this is the setup with which I've experimented today. Don't forget to enable raytracing in your render options.

  Little_Dragon    ( ) ( posted at 1:22AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2217827

Another test render.

  xoconostle    ( ) ( posted at 1:25AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2217833

I hadn't tried the gather node before, but Nalif's question intrigued me, so I tried a quickie experiement by plugging the node (with default values) into the alternate diffuse channel of Ajax's floor tile texture on the ground plane. Now I'm looking forward to hours of happy gather node experimentation with other channels and values. Thanks Nalif and Little_Dragon! (Sphere texture is "Bacteria" by Stewer.)

  stonemason    ( ) ( posted at 1:34AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2217840

coolstuff LD!...I'd been looking for somekind of light emitting materials in P5

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  Nalif    ( ) ( posted at 2:00AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2217856

Stonemason: I do a lot of sci-fi modeilng along the lines of your work, and I've always dreamt of a way to make console buttons give off a glow "aura" with a material node. Unforunately, I don't even think this will let us do it. Those buttons always look so flat :(

  Little_Dragon    ( ) ( posted at 2:45AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2217892

Actually, I know how you can achieve that, even with the flat-panel controls you see in Star Trek. Place a one-sided square just above above the surface of the control panel, normal-side down. This will be your emitter. Enable "Remove backfacing polys" in your render options. The emitter itself shouldn't be visible when rendered, but the raytraced colour-bleeding still works.

  semidieu    ( ) ( posted at 2:47AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2217895

Wow !!! Incredible ! This is really cool !

  Nalif    ( ) ( posted at 3:09AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2217905

Here's my go at a jelly fish-like shader. Alright, so jelly fish don't have pink spots...but it looked cool ;)

  Little_Dragon    ( ) ( posted at 3:26AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2217917

I don't think jelly fish have hooves, either ... but I'll let that slide for now. :)

  Nalif    ( ) ( posted at 7:05AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2218073

Messed around for a few more hours and wound up with this. This is very close to a bioluminescent jelly fish. The scene has one infinite light behind the creature with mostly specular, and one spot light to the left of the image.

  dirk5027    ( ) ( posted at 7:20AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2218088


  guslaw    ( ) ( posted at 7:55AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2218127


  dlk30341    ( ) ( posted at 8:06AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2218146


  Marque    ( ) ( posted at 8:11AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2218152


  tonymouse    ( ) ( posted at 8:54AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2218192

bookmark Very very cool

  Redfern    ( ) ( posted at 9:07AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2218203

Oh! Now that's just damned clever, Little Dragon! I was wondering how one might go about creating a "repelling field" glow for the underside of a Dalek. I saw a clip of a "home made" Dalek prop/costume that had a lighting fixture rigged waithin the "bumper" section. An unearthly glow "bled" just beyond the "bumper" suggesting some alien electromagnetic field "levitating" the war machine (instead or simply rolling upon castors). From the few screen captures of the upcoming "Doctor Who" episode. "Dalek", I it appears they will employ similar visuals. I wondered how that (or even "if" it) could be accomplished within Poser. That is perfect! I will try that this afternoon when I return home. Sincerely, Bill

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  nick_brown1967    ( ) ( posted at 9:08AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2218207

bookmark yes very cool

  facehugger    ( ) ( posted at 9:45AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2218257


  SamTherapy    ( ) ( posted at 11:41AM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2218419

Very coll stuff. Is there any way to simulate this in P5? I know about using the Ambient channel for self illuminated objects but how about a P5 equivalent of the Gather Node?

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  xoconostle    ( ) ( posted at 12:51PM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2218528

SamTherapy, good question. I don't have the technical know-how of L_D but perhaps you could use the color picker to sample the hue of the object that you want other objects to "gather," then apply that color to subtle shadowless soft spotlights aimed appropriately? What I want is a relfection catcher in addition to the shadow catcher. Imagine the possibilities if an object could be made invisible with the exception of relfective properties. By the way, I've seen biolumenescent jellies with pink spots at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Nelif, your jellyfish node is beautiful. Cool work!

  Ghostofmacbeth    ( ) ( posted at 1:34PM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2218592

Is there a way to combine it with another ambient channel? I am very new to the nodes and really have no clue about them.

  PapaBlueMarlin    ( ) ( posted at 3:02PM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2218729

Ghost, you might use the blender node to create different ambient effects...

  SamTherapy    ( ) ( posted at 6:31PM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2219014

"What I want is a relfection catcher in addition to the shadow catcher. Imagine the possibilities if an object could be made invisible with the exception of relfective properties." No problem. Gimme a few and I'll post the Material room settings.

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  SamTherapy    ( ) ( posted at 7:50PM Sun, 17 April 2005  · @2219138

Here's a P5 Reflection Catcher.

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  c_hubert    ( ) ( posted at 12:41AM Mon, 18 April 2005  · @2219390


  Singular3D    ( ) ( posted at 2:30AM Mon, 18 April 2005  · @2219474


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