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 Subject: P6:::::: Subsurface Scattering ::::: preview images mini tutor.

Mec4D opened this issue on Mar 26, 2005 · 44 posts

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  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 9:00PM Sat, 26 March 2005 · edited on 3:17PM Sun, 01 May 2005

As requested here the SS feature from Poser6. what I can say more? excellent and fast effect, I am very surprised about, I never saw more faster SS as in Poser6 and I used very much softwares.... :) Happy Scattering! :) Cath

  wolf359    ( ) ( posted at 9:03PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183013

Thank you for for this !! :-)



  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 9:33PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183039

here one more image with a human figure :) it is a very strong light behind.. if you get the effect to much try to put more light in the front of the scene to reduce the scattering and it will works fine..

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 10:27PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183104

I made test of the SS with James and my new free textures for the James casual that I am working on and are almost done. The effect of the model with the SS and new textures is just amazing, no post work! I am just speechless of this effect! Cath

  PapaBlueMarlin    ( ) ( posted at 10:30PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183109

So doing SS isn't the same as doing translucence right?

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 10:35PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183116

yes Jeremy, it works in reality almost the same way but SS is more heavy waxy material and translucence is more paper material.. what you think about my new James?

  PapaBlueMarlin    ( ) ( posted at 10:36PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183119

I think he looks awesome :)

  GWeb    ( ) ( posted at 10:47PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183129

Cath Yayaya now you see subsurface scatter made him look organic and life like realistic. Cheer!! GWeb

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 10:58PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183140

Thanks :)) here another horror scenes from the subsurface scattering, the hand got only SS without textures .. the head have also SS but with other value.. No IBL no AO... 2 spots + one infinite light .... I hope you like!! I can't get off from my computer anymore lol so much ideas fly around my head... Cath

  PapaBlueMarlin    ( ) ( posted at 11:11PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183156

Very cool :) I wonder what it would look like if the skeleton was under his skin...

  Aureeanna    ( ) ( posted at 11:14PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183161

wonderful ideas they are...thanks so much for sharing them with us!

  artistheat    ( ) ( posted at 11:17PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183164

That is very cool.I saved this tutorial as a PDF so I could have it for reference later...Thanks

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 11:18PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183169

Thanks Aureeanna:) Jeremy you can read my mind!! I just play with it! and it is soooo coooooool!

  GWeb    ( ) ( posted at 11:18PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183170

Hehehe Cath!! PapaBlueMarlin, not really necessary to have skeleton because skin tend to show transclent effect. If you put your hand to the sun you still won't see your bones. But your suggestion is still good for some creatures with thin skin especially bat wings. GWeb

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 11:25PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183181

so from what I see Subsurface scattering have to be used always for the human no matter what, it give the surface very organic and natural effect! exact as suggested for Maya...

  GWeb    ( ) ( posted at 11:26PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183183

Yep very true.

  GWeb    ( ) ( posted at 11:34PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183193

Cath, I have one more suggestion for you to make it look more organic. I am not sure if Aura is added in P6 I do not find any in P5. The skin need little aura along with the subsurface scatter. GWeb

  squid69    ( ) ( posted at 11:36PM Sat, 26 March 2005 · edited on 11:39PM Sat, 26 March 2005 · @2183201

Post three - looks very cool, especially the outsides of the neck and around the scalp. Regarding post 15 (16? too much barley and hops soda), would you use this in bright light as well? bowing I'm not worthy!

Message edited on: 03/26/2005 23:39

  operaguy    ( ) ( posted at 11:52PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183226

James with Cath Texture and Poser6 lighting and rendering = the new leading man of my films! BEAUTIFUL! Cath you must love men because yours are infused with the real thing. Are there great morphs already for James to make him into distictive character? Does not matter, morphs can be made. ::::: Opera :::::

  operaguy    ( ) ( posted at 11:54PM Sat, 26 March 2005  · @2183229

Cath, your texture fits both low-res and hi-res James, right? ::::: Opera :::::

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 12:28AM Sun, 27 March 2005 · edited on 12:30AM Sun, 27 March 2005 · @2183257

I think well I don't checked but I am sure..
I made the head already for the casual James low res..

and here my own movie Poser6 Star James Johns in own animated story "ANUBIS" :)

Finally I can use it for the animation I was working in Poser5, now with new update of James and new features from Poser6 it looks much better.. scene is from Poser6 but the Lens Flare was added after rendering manually.. I used my own prop for Lens Flare but it take to long for rendering..

Jeremy do you remmeber Woody by Anubis? now you know what I was talking about ;) he is awesome !


Message edited on: 03/27/2005 00:30

  GWeb    ( ) ( posted at 5:27AM Sun, 27 March 2005  · @2183622

The image look excellent but I am still bothered that James still need little aura effect to match with the backdrop image.

  SAMS3D    ( ) ( posted at 5:49AM Sun, 27 March 2005  · @2183640

Cath, you should put all these tuts on a CD and sell them....I would surely buy it. Thank you so much for all this help, I will have to come back and get this one too as soon as my copy arrives. Sharen

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 8:02AM Sun, 27 March 2005  · @2183761

GWeb I know what you mean! but nope we don't have this and if I go to use a little bit atmosphere then it will render forever.. I am going to pu tin a particleillusion effect on the very end to get everything mixed nice together and when he move it looks much better because of motion blur he match more with the rest of the scene.. Sharen....... that is really sweet from you to say words like this.. Thank you my dear!!! I am going to put the all Poser6 mini tutors on my website so everyone that just started with P6 can take a look inside... About 2-3 months I go to work on a big commercial projects for our 3D community.. to this time I have fun doing things for you and not always for sale.... Cath

  Gareee    ( ) ( posted at 8:10AM Sun, 27 March 2005  · @2183770

Is there some reason why the nails on the hands looked like they were glowing? That just looked sort of odd, but the rest is killer stuff!

Way too many people take way too many things way too seriously.

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 8:17AM Sun, 27 March 2005  · @2183774

you are right Gareee the nails looks ODD... I forgot to put the same SS material as on the hand... I ASK for forgiveness !!!! the rest was a killer stuff that why I forgot...now you know the truth!!! Cath

  Gareee    ( ) ( posted at 8:31AM Sun, 27 March 2005  · @2183791

Ah, cool then. (It might have been a bug, or something that would decrease the value of the technique.) Thanks for sharing P6 goodness with us lowly souls who preordered Da Box.

Way too many people take way too many things way too seriously.

  PapaBlueMarlin    ( ) ( posted at 10:16AM Sun, 27 March 2005  · @2183881

Cath, your animation stills look great :) James is certainly a little more interesting than Woody ;)

  xoconostle    ( ) ( posted at 12:02PM Sun, 27 March 2005  · @2184055

Before upgrading to Poser 6, I found that by using face_off's subsurface scattering Python scripts with Traveler's free "Radiosity Lights" (from RDNA,) I got effects just like Cath's, above. The fastscatter node may not yield the surface complexity that face_off's products do (they add freckles, vein bump, etc.) but it appears to yield slightly faster renders and require fewer lights to get those chiarscuro-like light effects. Most cool. Thanks for your excellent P6 tips, Cath. It's a real pleasure exploring the new features, isn't it?

  face_off    ( ) ( posted at 5:16PM Sun, 27 March 2005  · @2184462

xoconostle...the method described above is based on light coming from behind the object - ie. backfacing sss. It is generally accepted that it is the front-facing sss (ie. light entering the skin from the direction of the camera and then exiting the skin) which gives realism to human skin. So the above method should be used in addition to, rather than instead of, the fake sss python scripts. Also, the fake sss scripts do not results in any noticeable slowdown in rendertime. I tried the mini-tut and didn't get anything resembling the results above. Perhaps Cath you could share your render and light settings?

Creator of PoserPhysics
Creator of OctaneRender for Poser

  Becco_UK    ( ) ( posted at 5:16PM Sun, 27 March 2005  · @2184463

Nice work and points in the general direction but the effects shown look like variations of translucencey rather than true sub surface scatering. Is this a limitation of Poser 6 (which I'm waiting for) or is it because we all need to get to know the new nodes better?

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 7:19PM Sun, 27 March 2005  · @2184572

face_off I used the same scene for the dog as for James, the setting of james head is above but I used only my own new textures that will free soon. I tested before the SS and don;t got so good effect that why I wrote under your last topic if you tested it, you told me what to do and I did in above images.... it works for me as well.. Becco_UK you are right in this preview we get sort of translucence effect and that is sort of Subsurface Scattering but there you have 2 sort of the paper effect and the waxy effect SS in Poser6 do the job right and you get the waxy effect if you use also the AO IBL to render it, self the SS is very fast to render but AO take longer time... If you use translucence node for the head you fill never get the effect as with Poser6 SS.. I tested everything without effect before only if I used extra translucence map it worked very well.. now I don't need it anymore.. here is not standard setting for that, you can create deeper effect or just :translucence: looks like effect.. very interesting stuff and take some time to play with for sure. xoconostle .. Thanks! I just share my own tests and ideas don't mean that is everything you can get, it is only begining and here a mini tutor is always a nice thing to start from..

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 3:40AM Mon, 28 March 2005  · @2185029

I made some tests with the Free Latchworm by Mugsey and Brycetech and SSS in Poser6 ... still not what I want but looks promissed

  GWeb    ( ) ( posted at 3:49AM Mon, 28 March 2005  · @2185038

It looks awesome and geogerous. What exactly were you looking for? To show some veins and sorts? Try to merge SS with a grayscale texture map.

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 3:57AM Mon, 28 March 2005  · @2185043

thanks GWeb, I am not done with the texture for this model because I just got this 30 min ago.. but I have some nice idea to get it looks more soft and organic, worms like this always looks dark or grey but putting behind the light it get a cool effect as the image above of real worm .. so I got new inspirations :) when I get the effect in P6 as a bove I will post the exact settings.

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 4:07AM Mon, 28 March 2005  · @2185051

ok I got it looks more closer to the effect I want but need more details and more glossy on it, the contour need to get more light and shine..

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 9:10AM Mon, 28 March 2005  · @2185259

Poser 6 SSS Translucence node for the leaf... you can see what make Transulence and what Subsurface Scattering node to the surfaces. I used 2 light behind, one for the SS and one to create shadows . lens flare was added manually.. Cath

  GWeb    ( ) ( posted at 10:17AM Mon, 28 March 2005  · @2185357

Excellent render, very uncanny :) Gene

  PapaBlueMarlin    ( ) ( posted at 10:54AM Mon, 28 March 2005  · @2185417

very cool :)

  byAnton    ( ) ( posted at 3:17PM Sun, 01 May 2005  · @2240390


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  kaustubh2006    ( ) ( posted at 10:41AM Tue, 27 November 2007  · @3122101

thanks a lot for the tutorial...the only thing that i was missing in my renders.....he he

  SSAfam1    ( ) ( posted at 11:05AM Tue, 27 November 2007  · @3122113

WoW Cath truly excellent. I LOVE your James texture.

Keep 'em coming!!!!!

  kaustubh2006    ( ) ( posted at 12:00PM Tue, 27 November 2007  · @3122148

i tried your tutorial....but i am not getting good results....can you be please more elaborative about the technique.... :-(

  vincebagna    ( ) ( posted at 3:22AM Wed, 28 November 2007  · @3122630

Quote - Poser 6 SSS Translucence node for the leaf... you can see what make Transulence and what Subsurface Scattering node to the surfaces. I used 2 light behind, one for the SS and one to create shadows . lens flare was added manually.. Cath

Wow! I have to follow this! It's one of the pics that leads me to posering ^^

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