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 Subject: Fur New version for your Poser animals- Shader Node Poser5

Mec4D opened this issue on Feb 15, 2005 · 54 posts

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  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 2:22PM Tue, 15 February 2005 · edited on 4:16AM Thu, 09 February 2006

Hi here another shader for the fur, it looks much more nice as only using the displacement. with this shader you can blend the fur together with the textures or not, it is up to you. Please wait with reply until I upload all information about this and tricks. Thank you for your attention and I hope you get new inspirations :) Cath

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 2:52PM Tue, 15 February 2005  · @2121247


  Mazak    ( ) ( posted at 3:02PM Tue, 15 February 2005  · @2121257

Wow :O) Looks great! Mazak

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  mathman    ( ) ( posted at 3:02PM Tue, 15 February 2005  · @2121258

Thanks, Cath. Nice work. I am wondering if it is possible to make the fur "longer" - maybe more like hair ? regards, Andrew

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 3:13PM Tue, 15 February 2005  · @2121269

Thanks :) you can make it longer but not like a hair. in the image above you can see that you can use the color textures as the color base for the fur, it works very fine with the light and in darknes you will never miss your cat anymore :)

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 3:32PM Tue, 15 February 2005  · @2121289


  Sarte    ( ) ( posted at 4:09PM Tue, 15 February 2005  · @2121331

Snow Lion! XD

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  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 4:11PM Tue, 15 February 2005  · @2121332


  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 4:30PM Tue, 15 February 2005  · @2121358

I used in place of noises wood node :)

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 4:34PM Tue, 15 February 2005  · @2121363

here the settings for the wood in place of the noise it works much better .

  PapaBlueMarlin    ( ) ( posted at 5:55PM Tue, 15 February 2005  · @2121445

Thanks for your advice Cath -- now off to play :) Jeremy

  Farside    ( ) ( posted at 8:28PM Tue, 15 February 2005  · @2121578


  Gareee    ( ) ( posted at 8:59PM Tue, 15 February 2005  · @2121618

Looks like yer on a roll, Mec! Great stuff!

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  PapaBlueMarlin    ( ) ( posted at 11:24PM Tue, 15 February 2005  · @2121735

Here's my attempt with Sixus1's Lil' Devil.

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 2:26AM Wed, 16 February 2005  · @2121891

Jeremy, you can't use the Outer_Color red in this situation when the Inner is grey, this way you lose the hairy effect. try black as Inner or light -white as Outer :) Gareee... I wake up after 6 months of not see Poser :) lol don't wonder! I had my ideas a long time ago now only try to let it work better. THANX:)

  Netherworks    ( ) ( posted at 7:10AM Wed, 16 February 2005  · @2122030

Awesome! You really do justice to Poser 5 :D


  CraigMunden    ( ) ( posted at 7:19AM Wed, 16 February 2005  · @2122038

Wow - great inspiration for playing in the material room! bookmark

  Carcinogen    ( ) ( posted at 7:23AM Wed, 16 February 2005  · @2122041

Cath, you have got me experimenting with different P5 nodes and effects that I was intimidated by and hesitated for so long. Thanks for being my inspiration! Do you have any idea how much we missed you around here? Hugs, Tim.

  TrekkieGrrrl    ( ) ( posted at 7:25AM Wed, 16 February 2005  · @2122044

THANKS!! These are so COOL! Don't you ust LOVE P5's material room?! It's the BEST part of P5 IMO!

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  Dave    ( ) ( posted at 7:44AM Wed, 16 February 2005  · @2122057

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 7:45AM Wed, 16 February 2005  · @2122058

Thank you :)) I just work on a new Article-tutorial regarding the Refraction and refraction nodes in Poser5 Material Room, I will publish this one on ym website and let you know about later today. It is a very interesting article with many extras, so check out! Thank you Tim very much, I can't imagine better welcome abck as I got! it give me so much indpiations as well!! and ernyoka1 you are right P5's material room It's the BEST part of P5 IMO! lol and here I go to prove you that you can create every material in Poser5 Material Room you imagine.. I spend almost 12 hours for every material checking in any situation to get the best effect I can :) see you when I see you Hugs! Cath

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 8:50AM Wed, 16 February 2005  · @2122124

Attached Link: Refraction Article and test in Poser5 Material Room

if you are interested SEE THE LINK ABOVE

  PapaBlueMarlin    ( ) ( posted at 10:00AM Wed, 16 February 2005  · @2122220

Cath, I tried connecting the image map all 4 ways. I still don't think he looks very furry. I'm going to play with the lights to see if there's a setting that makes him a little brighter.

  Mec4D    ( ) ( posted at 10:34AM Wed, 16 February 2005  · @2122258

see light in the first post, in any way it looks not what we have to get, I tested on any animal I have with success and the same settings as above! hello Jeremy you plug the noise into bump, it have to be pluget into displacement!!! try the setting from Post number 10

  PapaBlueMarlin    ( ) ( posted at 10:59AM Wed, 16 February 2005  · @2122283

Here's an update with the noise attached to the displacement. The map is attached to the inner with the inner white and outer black. I'll reverse those colors and see how it looks.

  PapaBlueMarlin    ( ) ( posted at 11:12AM Wed, 16 February 2005  · @2122298

The map is attached to the inner with a grey inner and white outer. When I used a black inner the map completely disappeared.

  Gareee    ( ) ( posted at 12:49PM Wed, 16 February 2005 · edited on 12:51PM Wed, 16 February 2005 · @2122430

Mec.. when you open the refraction tutorial, you cannot increase the window sized to full screen (it opens just a tad smaller then the full size it should be width wise.) Just a FYI... Also, it's a great tutorial, but it would be nice to save it locally, in html format, or a pdf or such.

Message edited on: 02/16/2005 12:51

Way too many people take way too many things way too seriously.

  PapaBlueMarlin    ( ) ( posted at 12:57PM Wed, 16 February 2005  · @2122439

Cath, I forgot to say that the settings in post 23 are the same as post 10 with the wood displacement, just switching colors and where the maps is connected. Post 26 has the noise displacement and the same settings as post 1 except for the inner color being different. Jeremy

  akura_    ( ) ( posted at 6:30PM Tue, 12 April 2005  · @2211373

I suggest you give this to DAZ. Not only would it be easier to find but, your get 25$ at the same time. This is the most usefull tutorial I have found and the easiest. Awsome job with it. Akura

  akura_    ( ) ( posted at 5:26PM Sun, 24 April 2005  · @2229140

Where is the Fur Materals.

  byAnton    ( ) ( posted at 1:55PM Sun, 01 May 2005  · @2240271


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