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 Subject: Car paint - a challenge

MungoPark opened this issue on Jan 11, 2005 · 55 posts

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  MungoPark    ( ) ( posted at 5:32AM Tue, 11 January 2005 · edited on 4:17AM Thu, 09 February 2006

Attached Link: http://www.3dfuturebits.org/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&p=1174

After I have fooled around with it in the material room and I did not get anywhere close to it, I am asking for help or ideas. Can something like this be done in the Poser material room? (see link) Car paint is difficult - ral car paint not just a color with glossines and reflection. Thre seem to be two approachers in the literature on the net. One is modelling a two layer paint and the other can be seen at the link. Thanx in advance for hints.

  MungoPark    ( ) ( posted at 6:01AM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2073882

Attached Link: http://www.xsibase.com/forum/index.php?board=12;action=display;threadid=16310;prev_next=next

This is another link to car shader showing the second approach with two tone colors.

  stewer    ( ) ( posted at 6:36AM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2073902

The first one ceratinly is possible, I can post an example later today. I can't say much about the second one yet, as I'm not very fluent in XSI, and it looks like the screentshots document only parts of it. I'm not sure if XSI EXP will load the shader that's posted. Anyone wanna give me $499 for XSI Foundation? (You will get a P5 car paint shader in return)

  MungoPark    ( ) ( posted at 7:02AM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2073919

Unfortunately I dont have the bucks - but the second one seems to be a modified toon shader

  cherokee69    ( ) ( posted at 7:24AM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2073929


  stewer    ( ) ( posted at 12:01PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074184

First draft in P5, needs maybe some more parameter tweaking. I'll be leaving the house now for an hour or two, so consider this a teaser ;)

  Robo2010    ( ) ( posted at 1:25PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074282


  stewer    ( ) ( posted at 2:16PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074348

I ditched the car model, went for something more organic. I don't have any decent vehicles in my tiny runtime.

  stewer    ( ) ( posted at 2:19PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074354

Quick gamma adjustment in Photoshop for a brigher look on this Windows computer (may be washed out if you're on a Mac). Note that the car image above had a white plane above it, like in the Maya tutorial (very popular trick for car images). This image has a HDRI environment map (real HDRI, that is - stay tuned for some material room magic ;)

  stewer    ( ) ( posted at 3:02PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074400

Here's how the white plane trick works: Take the square prop and scale and translate it like in this image. Then set its diffuse and specular color to black, set its ambient color to white and ambient value to 1.

  stewer    ( ) ( posted at 3:05PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074406

A reflective material will now, assuming you have enabled raytracing, have this nice reflection.

Note that you could do the same with an environment map - in fact, the environment map would render faster because it doesn't require raytracing :)

  raven    ( ) ( posted at 3:40PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074454

Here's a Z3 with a slightly modified version of the metallic paint material from the freebie P5 shaders by Ajax.

  stewer    ( ) ( posted at 3:47PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074469

Now how to have HDRI maps in P5: The trick is to decompose it to LDRI maps in HDRShop and recombine them in the material room. In this case, I exported to 8bit TIFF files from HDRShop, one at an exposure of +2 apertures, one at -6 apertures. The multiplication factor of 2^8 = 256 (8 aperture steps difference) brings the maps back to their original brightness.

  raven    ( ) ( posted at 3:54PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074479

stewer, would you apply that to a sphere that encloses the scene, and if so would you still need to use lights (which hdri images normally produce)?

  stewer    ( ) ( posted at 3:57PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074487

Finally, my P5 version of that Maya shader.

  raven    ( ) ( posted at 3:59PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074491

That's a nice looking paint!

  stewer    ( ) ( posted at 4:05PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074498

stewer, would you apply that to a sphere that encloses the scene, and if so would you still need to use lights (which hdri images normally produce)? The HDRI map here is used for reflection, not illumination. It's a popular confusion, 99% of the time when someone says "HDRI" he/she really means image based lighting. Not here - here HDRI is just that - a high dynamic range image. So, you use this just like you would use a reglar environment map.

  stewer    ( ) ( posted at 4:07PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074500

And here's the shader from above, using the HDRI reflection map from above. Two infinite lights, the key light casting shadows.

  raven    ( ) ( posted at 4:14PM Tue, 11 January 2005 · edited on 4:19PM Tue, 11 January 2005 · @2074508

Right, I see. Is it that HDRI set-up that is connected to the reflect node in your paint shader material, or is that just a regular environment map connected?
Sorry for all the questions, but inquiring minds want to know! :) Cheers. It seems you answered while I was writing! :) Very good effect indeed.

Message edited on: 01/11/2005 16:19

  stewer    ( ) ( posted at 4:18PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074512

It's the HDRI setup from above - it would have been very confusing to have it all in one 2000 pixel screenshot (Where's my 23" display when I need it?). Stefan

  Robo2010    ( ) ( posted at 5:01PM Tue, 11 January 2005 · edited on 5:01PM Tue, 11 January 2005 · @2074571

On the reflect nod. What is connected to that? I have a few vehicles I like to try this on.

Message edited on: 01/11/2005 17:01

  stewer    ( ) ( posted at 5:08PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074573

See two posts above ;) If you want to use an environment map, plug it in the reflect node. If not, just leave it empty and set it to the background color as usual.

  Robo2010    ( ) ( posted at 5:14PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074580

K..I have a environment image, will use. Wonder about a metallic color?

  richardson    ( ) ( posted at 5:47PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074627

Happy rendering is in my near future...! Eye reflects, clothing... WATER! I'm so out of here_____________________> Thanks, stewer!

  Connatic    ( ) ( posted at 6:50PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074701

stewer, I wonder what your hdri shaders would look like connected to the Specular channel instead of Reflection? I get good results using reflections on the specular, at least for a non-metallic, non-candy colored paintjob.

  Robo2010    ( ) ( posted at 9:20PM Tue, 11 January 2005  · @2074879

Now, I am doing the paint job nods. But having problems with Decals.

  MungoPark    ( ) ( posted at 12:13AM Wed, 12 January 2005  · @2075014

Thanx Stewer - thats great, I will play next week with it - now I will be away for some time - I will then post my results.

  MungoPark    ( ) ( posted at 11:07AM Mon, 17 January 2005  · @2081905

Heres a humble try - nothing special - it works - again thanx stewer

  MungoPark    ( ) ( posted at 11:52AM Mon, 17 January 2005  · @2081949

another try

  sudi    ( ) ( posted at 4:16PM Tue, 18 January 2005  · @2083671

Try search in www.3dkingdom.com tutorial for max but close with stewer explanation

  Acadia    ( ) ( posted at 10:44PM Thu, 26 January 2006  · @2558587

I saw someone asking how to make a car shiney the other day, maybe this thread will help.

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