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 Subject: Please list your graphics card...

Modulok opened this issue on Dec 14, 2004 · 41 posts

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  Modulok    ( ) ( posted at 6:57PM Tue, 14 December 2004 · edited on 1:56AM Sat, 10 September 2005

I thought I'd make this thread as it may be quite useful to those seeking new/different graphics cards. The Maya qual charts are great, but they don't include all cards and driver combinations out there. Please list the graphics card make and model you use with Maya, as well as the driver version you're using, and if you've soft or hard moded your card. (i.e softquadro etc.) Then list any Maya related problems or issues you've run into, i.e. lock ups, system crashes, screen flickers, paint fx won't render in hardware or is really slow, artisan brush refresh problems, current time indicator color issues, keyframe color tick issues etc etc. Any contributions to this thread would be greatly appriciated by all. This thread will become available below the forum banner in the sticky links. I'll go first I guess. ---------------------- Card: Nvida Quadro 4 900XGL Driver version: 61.76 Known problems: I haven't experienced any in the two years I've used this card. I'll get back here and post my brothers configuration to add to the list later tonight if I can. Thanks guys! -Modulok-

  jeremym    ( ) ( posted at 12:41AM Wed, 15 December 2004  · @2043754

well I might as well add mine to the list. I Card: Nvidia GeForce 5200FX Not modded. Driver Version: 66.93 No problems yet. this is a new driver. Some older drivers caused no perspective display at all. Jeremy

  Shayder    ( ) ( posted at 1:29AM Wed, 15 December 2004  · @2043776

Ati Fire Gl T2 128. I downloaded the newest drivers recently which ATI said was updated for Maya and now I do not get the dragging outline in any of my viewports and other windows like hypershade. This has become annoying. I tried going back to an older driver but it still wouldn't work. That's all that comes to mind right now as far as issues.

  flakmonkey    ( ) ( posted at 5:08AM Wed, 15 December 2004  · @2043932

ati radeon 9800xt i think im on driver version 4.12 or something like that. i would in no way say this card is good for maya the persp view becomes a 1fps slideshow at around 500`000 polys (with res of 1280*1024)

  Sue88    ( ) ( posted at 7:39AM Wed, 15 December 2004  · @2044048

nVidia Quadro FX 500 Driver: 60.85 No problems. Great idea, Mod!

  Phlegm_Thrower    ( ) ( posted at 8:07AM Wed, 15 December 2004  · @2044070

Old ATI Radeon 9700PRO

Driver updated last august so im not sure which version... i think it's 4.9 or something.

Three problems:

  1. Ghosting trail with Artisan Brush.
  2. Blurry words and numbers in Hypergraph/Shade, viewport. (see image)
  3. Extreme zooming in on image plane squashes the image, used to be worse with only a small amount of zoom squashing the image before i updated the driver.

2.8 fps on around 135k poly but that's understandable since it's only an almost 2 years old 128mb card.

Runs Doom3 on High Quality setting fine with no noticable lag though.

  Sadicus    ( ) ( posted at 11:40AM Wed, 15 December 2004  · @2044310

ATI Mobility Radeon 9700 Driver Version: The Card was set-up by default to display at 127 dpi which will ruin Maya windows (you can't see them!) I'm sure in a panic i posted something obout it here! I thought something was wrong with the Maya install, but I backed it down to 72 Dpi and No problems yet.

  Hawke    ( ) ( posted at 1:48PM Wed, 15 December 2004  · @2044475

Nvidia Quadro 4 750XGL Driver 61.76 No problems I'm aware of

  PalmerPolanski    ( ) ( posted at 2:01PM Wed, 15 December 2004  · @2044491

GeForce4 Ti 4600 had it for a year no problems . PP

  vespertilum    ( ) ( posted at 4:53PM Wed, 15 December 2004  · @2044716

An old Matrox G450 DualHead. It has only 32MB, but it is needed about 50 materials to make hypershade slow. About rendering panels it runs fine until raising 5 characters (Poser high resolution with clothes). About desktop it is very good. One problem in Linux: with a not fine configuration in dual mode (not OPENGL and not good drivers) and using wrong parameters in cameras (near clipping = 0.01) I have got crashing X :p :p :p PD. X is the window system, not the operative system (it rocks).

  nemirc    ( ) ( posted at 10:19AM Thu, 16 December 2004 · edited on 7:04PM Thu, 08 November 2007 · @2045831

MSI Starforce GeforceFX 5200 128Mb Driver from manufacturer: 6.14 (comes w CD) Known problems: no hardware alpha output in the hardware render buffer :( during playback with michael 1 (around 60K polys) it runs at no more than 10fps) Pros: the videocard color is red instead of that default green :D

Sergio Aris ROSA
Sr. Staff Writer

  Eddepet    ( ) ( posted at 9:45AM Thu, 24 March 2005  · @2178304

At the moment i'm using Hercules Prophet 4000XT tv out.

I want to buy a better card, allthough i am able to work with this card quite well.
Since the last driver update the vertices are very small and difficult to see.

I also wanted to run Studio Tools but that doesn't work with this card.

  MischiefsChild    ( ) ( posted at 12:18AM Wed, 30 March 2005  · @2188291

I cant tell you if I will have any problems with my video card and Maya, none yet but I am less than 1500polys into my first model.. Radeon 9200 SE 128MB Driver 6.14.10 everything seems ok so far.. I'll let ya know though.

  viaCreations    ( ) ( posted at 3:13PM Mon, 13 June 2005  · @2299397

Quadro FX 1300 Driver: 71.84 Works beautifully!

  bicycle    ( ) ( posted at 10:59PM Thu, 16 June 2005  · @2303230

NVIDIA GeForce2 MX/MX 400 works pretty well for modeling. Rendering - not so good. thanks for thread Modulok, helps to choose upgrade.


  Modulok    ( ) ( posted at 1:30PM Fri, 17 June 2005 · edited on 1:31PM Fri, 17 June 2005 · @2304014

Nvidia GeForceFX 6800 Ultra (Manufactured by Gigabyte) - Failed to consistently be stable enough to run Maya for any greater period than about 10 minutes with any currently available driver configuration on the test system. PaintFX failed to update in the viewport, the majority of the brush outlines failed to update, full system crashes occurred on a regular basis. The card was later sold due to these complications, and replaced with an older quadro model. All complications have ceased since the replacement. -Modulok-

Message edited on: 06/17/2005 13:31

  Mizaree    ( ) ( posted at 11:41AM Sat, 27 August 2005  · @2388581

I have SLI dual 6800 ultras 256 on the test scene i get 8 secs but have problems with the batch render with maya and mental ray but if you use geleto it runs fine. and you have some flickers in the views when running live but nothing serious.

  xyz_equals_3d    ( ) ( posted at 1:56AM Sat, 10 September 2005  · @2403101

I have an NVIDIA G Force 4 MX integrated GPU The one down fall is that it will not render any particle effects except the ones that say (SR) next to them and it will nto render out any form of Hair or fur that I know of. and No hardware render at all

  nemirc    ( ) ( posted at 12:45AM Wed, 10 May 2006  · @2681042


Sergio Aris ROSA
Sr. Staff Writer

  KKnD    ( ) ( posted at 11:11PM Sun, 11 June 2006  · @2707047

ATI X800pro.

I'm only just putting my toes into the ocean of 3d rendering, but it seems fine to use for my scenes in Maya.

  binder    ( ) ( posted at 8:28PM Sun, 16 July 2006  · @2734818

lol...great thread.

vidCard:: ATI Radeon 9550 256mg

Driver::  Don't know, I'm not very techy @ all


  1. Extreme zooming in on image plane squashes the image,

  2. in texture mode ( pressing 6 ) if I rotate, pan or zoom...my objects don't show as textured anymore.....for example, if I have a textured smooth nurbs sphere, if it's moving, ( like animated ) it shows up unsmoothed ( like when you press 1 on the num pad )  but shows good again when I stop it..... WEIRD!!

any help?


How dare you speak to my sensei in that way!!  prepare yourself!


  ilumminati    ( ) ( posted at 12:44PM Tue, 25 July 2006  · @2741044

3Dlabs Wildcat Realism 500
Optimized drivers for Maya - runs smooth.

  Asgorath    ( ) ( posted at 10:51AM Thu, 27 July 2006  · @2742611

Nvidia Geforce 6800GT 256 no problems.

  XxDarkMessiahxX    ( ) ( posted at 4:39PM Thu, 08 November 2007  · @3109506

Dual 8800 Ultras. Driver version 163.75. 

No complaints other than being slow as hell editing UVs, but thats not a video card problem, its just Maya,

  nemirc    ( ) ( posted at 7:12PM Thu, 08 November 2007  · @3109611

New videocard.

Nvidia Quadro FX 550
version (downloaded automatically by Windows Vista), september 11 2007

problems: no problems

pros: no trail-artifacts with paint effects, support for "high quality render" in vewports and I can get around 50fps on a low-medium animated character :p

Sergio Aris ROSA
Sr. Staff Writer

  rumncoke    ( ) ( posted at 12:33AM Fri, 09 November 2007  · @3109749

quadro fx 1500, forceware 91.36 driver, xp pro os, 4g ram, no paoblems so far

  mustafa.maya    ( ) ( posted at 9:22AM Wed, 21 November 2007  · @3118079

for maya which grapihic cards is best??????????????????????????

  XxDarkMessiahxX    ( ) ( posted at 3:47PM Wed, 21 November 2007  · @3118324

First of all calm the hell down. Theres no need for 3 posts in 7 minutes.

Second of all, what are you doing primarily in Maya? Modeling, animation, image rendering? It probably won't make a huge difference from card to card if you're doing a lot of modeling, as a $1000+ nVidia Quadro card is going to do pretty much the same as one that costs 1/3 of the price. 

If you're rendering / animating in Mental Ray, and if Im not mistaken, a lot more of the load is going to be put on your computer's processor and memory, so that might be a better investment. 

Even a 8000 series GeForce card with high resolution & a bigger monitor will work, as it will give you more work space, since Maya's interface can get cramped sometimes.

I dont know if you're planning on buying a computer or building a new one or whatever, but if you have the option of a getting a new processor, definately go at least dual core. 

I splurged and dropped a quad core in my new system and did a render test in Mental Ray. My old Pentium 4 3.2 ghz with 2.5 gigs of ram vs. my new QX6800 2.93 ghz with 8 gigs of ram. The same image rendered on my old system would have taken at least 4+ hours. Rendered on my new system in about 50 minutes on extremely high quality settings at 2400x1800 resolution.

Needless to say, the rendering power is worth it. Is the price? Hardly, but I work hard so I can play hard. Prices will drop soon, as new hardware is always making not-so-old hardware obsolete.

Hope this gives you some direction.

  nemirc    ( ) ( posted at 6:04PM Wed, 21 November 2007  · @3118441

I took the liberty to delete the multiple posts.

@ mustafa.maya: Keep in mind that this is a forum, so people come and go with no real pattern, so there are always chances that nobody else will be around when you post. Questions ARE answered eventually, so there's no need to post multiple messages because you don't get an answer right away.

Sergio Aris ROSA
Sr. Staff Writer

  XxDarkMessiahxX    ( ) ( posted at 11:16PM Wed, 21 November 2007 · edited on 11:17PM Wed, 21 November 2007 · @3118572

Content Advisory! Violence advisory.

I like your avatar nemirc. I once Photoshopped that picture into something even more amoral than the Buddy Christ...

I thought you might enjoy this, but feel free to delete this post, as its obviously off topic.

  nemirc    ( ) ( posted at 11:30PM Wed, 21 November 2007  · @3118578


Sergio Aris ROSA
Sr. Staff Writer

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