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 Subject: A face on a name

gebe opened this issue on Jan 15, 2004 · 130 posts

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  gebe () ( posted at 10:32AM Thu, 15 January 2004 · edited on 8:37PM Fri, 24 March 2006

I really would like to know how you look and to who I'm "speaking" here in the forum.
Please post a picture of yours in this thread. I will link to it from the header.

I have just taken a quick one with my webcam and will replace it when I have a better one. Voila that's me:-).
And you?


  rodluc2001 () ( posted at 10:38AM Thu, 15 January 2004  · @1617409

and that's me :D

  gebe () ( posted at 10:51AM Thu, 15 January 2004  · @1617431

Great! Nice to see you:-)

  agiel () ( posted at 11:03AM Thu, 15 January 2004  · @1617445

Here I am... I don't have a recent picture here at work, so I am posting an older one taken from a trip to China. Nice to see you all :) I can't believe we never had the idea to do that in 3 years I have been here....

- agiel - www.linfa.net

  SAMS3D () ( posted at 12:16PM Thu, 15 January 2004  · @1617569

These are great, gotta go find my camera....Sharen

  sittingblue () ( posted at 1:48PM Thu, 15 January 2004  · @1617751

I took this picture this morning. - Charles ;)


  smallspace () ( posted at 3:56PM Thu, 15 January 2004  · @1617966

My only good picture. -Steve

  IQ200 () ( posted at 4:52PM Thu, 15 January 2004  · @1618060

Its me and my wife :) Ten years ago... :) Leszek Borkowski (IQ200)

  dlk30341 () ( posted at 6:03PM Thu, 15 January 2004  · @1618188

This one is me on the left(red hair), my sister & her hubby Debby

  dlk30341 () ( posted at 6:03PM Thu, 15 January 2004  · @1618190

oops..sorry its so big red-faced

  lingrif () ( posted at 6:17PM Thu, 15 January 2004  · @1618223

I am NOT the one in the white fur coat. That's Charlie. - Lin Griffin


  whtbearfan () ( posted at 11:00PM Thu, 15 January 2004  · @1618646

Scarey, huh. I decided to place myself in one of my own VUE worlds. It's great to put some faces to some names. - Bryan

  Calseeor () ( posted at 12:00AM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1618726

Hey all.. This picture is a couple years old and was taken at about 5am after along night of editing (hence the lovely 'sheen' to my skin. gotta love that late night thing that happens to us all, huh?) Other then the sheen and the dye in my hair, I look the same. (Although it is 1am here...the sheen could be making its return....!) Nice to see you all. --Eryk

  wabe () ( posted at 1:51AM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1618844

Ok, to shock you a little this one, taken this morning 7.30 am. You see, fully awake and ready to go. Or to be honest already gone. This is in the office! A brilliant idea to do that here. Thanks Guitta. Walther

One day your ship comes in - but you're at the airport.

  TheWingedOne () ( posted at 4:48AM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1618953

Well, you asked for it... This one's about 5 years old, but I haven't changed until now. Same nose, glasses and haircut. Just remove the earrings, since even I got older. ;) Great idea, Guitta. It's really nice to get an idea who are the faces behind all those fancy names. :) Phil

  gebe () ( posted at 5:01AM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1618968

You all look great. I really love to see you:-) Guitta

  sacada () ( posted at 5:44AM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1618998

This is a scarey excercise... but very fun. This was snapped at work a couple of weeks ago. Scott (sacada).

  thomaskrahn () ( posted at 8:12AM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1619096

A truly great idea Guitta! :) And... no offence Walther, but that's just how I thought you'd be looking! Well.. this is me!

  gebe () ( posted at 9:00AM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1619123

Hi folks, Renderosity is extremely slow at this moment and you may think that your picture has not uploaded. That's why all these last images came in two samples :-(. Please consider that your photo will be uploaded even if the slider at bottom only runs until the half of its way and stops there. DO NOT POST TWICE PLEASE! Thanks, Guitta

  nish () ( posted at 9:50AM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1619174

I am extremely camera shy person. This one was taken a couple of years ago. Probably my next photograph would be when I renew my drivers license. :-)

  madasatadpole () ( posted at 10:10AM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1619198

This is Djeser and I on 2 Jan 2004, so it's pretty up to date...but not as much as Wabe's, lol! Walther, that's BRILLIANT!!!!!

  TheWingedOne () ( posted at 12:55PM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1619360

Hey folks, this is so much fun! Keep those great pictures coming. :))) Cheers, Phil

  gebe () ( posted at 2:22PM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1619450

We have never had a thread with soooo many deleted posts, because they are mostly posted twice:-(

  jwhitham () ( posted at 5:53PM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1619737

So, be warned... Davey and Djeser, great image, you look so happy!

  erka () ( posted at 6:09PM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1619760

Couldn't resist showing off my newest creation, and the best ever! :)

  nish () ( posted at 7:18PM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1619851

@Eran, "Your new creation"!!! Now I know you can't take all the credit by yourself. lol ... Must be a collaboration! lol ... Very cute BTW! Boy or girl? @Walther ... Way to go! Best portrait of the year!!! lol ... Like Thomas had a similar hunch. :-)

  Peggy_Walters () ( posted at 8:52PM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1619943

Nice to see you all. Here's me. Peggy

LVS - Where Learning is Fun!  

  ChuckEvans () ( posted at 10:19PM Fri, 16 January 2004  · @1620061

Not that I'm very active here...I mostly ask questions and say thanks for freebies. Anyway, here a photo from 5 years ago (15 pounds later and with my hair shaved off, I no longer allow photos of myself).

  gebe () ( posted at 1:33AM Sat, 17 January 2004  · @1620242

Erka, great creation! Such a sweet baby!! His face is just lovely (yours is not bad either ;-)). Guitta

  MightyPete () ( posted at 1:54AM Sat, 17 January 2004  · @1620272

Mighty Pete

  FrenchKiss () ( posted at 11:25AM Sat, 17 January 2004  · @1620741

Tis moi! This is such fun, Guitta! Thanks so much for starting the thread! Eran your baby is soooo cute!! You ALL look wonderful!! Kissies!

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