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 Subject: Some useful node settings for P5 - Tutorial

Mason opened this issue on Dec 23, 2003 · 20 posts

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  Mason    ( ) ( posted at 9:47PM Tue, 23 December 2003 · edited on 8:38PM Fri, 10 March 2006

I thought these would be sueful to folks. The first is how to add a bitmap to a skin texture, In this case its a mask but can be used for tattoos, bruises even make up. Saves a lot of memory since the mask can be small and you don't have to make a new, merged skin texture outside of poser wich can be very expensive memory wise. The mask texture here is 128x128.

  Mason    ( ) ( posted at 9:53PM Tue, 23 December 2003  · @1583052

The next is adding an emblem to a shirt or clothes without making a whole new texture. Here I did a paramedic with a small 64x64 paramedic logo I downloaded from the AMA site plus a weave procedural for the white shirt. The same logo is used for the front and back of the shirt. The trick here is to turn off the tile setting on the texture and use the UV scale and displacement to move the emblem around till its placed right. I used a multiple instead of a blender since a blender requires a mask. You could do this with a blender IF you wanted to make a BW mask for the emblem. Then you have more mixing options for clothes colors. But this shows how you can move a texture around and size it as an overlay.

  Mason    ( ) ( posted at 10:02PM Tue, 23 December 2003  · @1583063

Make up. I can't tell you how many times I cringe when I see a skin pack sold with various lipstick, blush, eye shadow... all at like 3000x3000 res. That means for your figure to have red lipstick with green eye shadow and purple blush you have to have 4 3000x3000 textures loaded for just the face!! Yikes! No wonder peoples' posers lock up. Here I added eye liner, eye shadow and blush to a figure using small textures (64x64) as masks for the blender channels. Now I can have that 3000x3000 skin texture and still have variations of make up without giving my machine a heart attack. The original texture is a lightened Kelma texture (and yes you can lighten a texture using a blender as well). It had no make up on it. Just vary the color and the intensity of the blender channels and you can have all the make up you want. This scheme also works well with bruises, cuts, scrapes, dirt, blood, just about anything you want to overlay on the skin. Bruises can even be done with no map at all, just one of the cloud shaders used as the BW mask. And you don't have to butcher up a texture map just to add eye shadow.

  biggert    ( ) ( posted at 10:09PM Tue, 23 December 2003  · @1583075

thanks man....you just gave me an idea. :::rushes off to experiment:::

  KarenJ    ( ) ( posted at 12:21AM Wed, 24 December 2003  · @1583222

That's a great idea, especially the makeup! So... what are the chances of you sharing your little 64x64 maps for the eyeshadow and blusher? Hehe, I'm just lazy... ;-)

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  Lawndart    ( ) ( posted at 12:26AM Wed, 24 December 2003  · @1583230

Now this kicks ass! Thinking outside the box are we? Very good, Joe

  Mason    ( ) ( posted at 1:39AM Wed, 24 December 2003  · @1583288

Doh! I forgot to check the res on these. They are actually 256x256. But still pretty darn small. I'm attaching them here. Here's the blush mask. These are V2 masks BTW. V3 would be a bit different.

  Mason    ( ) ( posted at 1:39AM Wed, 24 December 2003  · @1583289

Eyeliner mask

  Mason    ( ) ( posted at 1:40AM Wed, 24 December 2003  · @1583290

Eyeshadow mask

  Mason    ( ) ( posted at 1:40AM Wed, 24 December 2003  · @1583293

Lip liner mask. Goes on lip material

  Mason    ( ) ( posted at 1:43AM Wed, 24 December 2003  · @1583294

And since these are so small, a vicky 2 tan lines mask. Using the same blender technique on the skin you can put a tan line hilight on the body without messing with the original map. Also works with applying sprayed on clothes like shorts, T-shirts etc.

  quinlor    ( ) ( posted at 3:38AM Wed, 24 December 2003  · @1583373

Very good stuff. Thank you! Stefan

  PabloS    ( ) ( posted at 6:38AM Wed, 24 December 2003  · @1583500


  Crescent    ( ) ( posted at 11:20AM Wed, 24 December 2003  · @1583854


  Lyrra    ( ) ( posted at 11:35AM Wed, 24 December 2003  · @1583877

very neat and useful info! thanks :)

  Little_Dragon    ( ) ( posted at 6:06PM Wed, 24 December 2003  · @1584489

Excellent use of the scaling and offset values, Mason. I'd tried something similar earlier (putting a unicorn logo on the Spywear belt buckle), but Poser kept locking up on me for some reason.

  iamonk    ( ) ( posted at 5:44AM Thu, 15 January 2004  · @1617025

That's useful stuff, thanx!

  Silke    ( ) ( posted at 8:29AM Tue, 19 October 2004  · @1971493



  Jalad    ( ) ( posted at 8:08PM Thu, 29 December 2005  · @2520561

Stupendously helpful! Thanks!

  infinity10    ( ) ( posted at 8:38PM Fri, 10 March 2006  · @2612266

VERY VERY helpful indeed. Much appreciated.

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