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Every once in a while, sometimes a long while, we'll have a still image, or animated challenge topic posted. The still challenge pertains mostly to the modeling crowd, while the animation challenge pertains more towards the animators. Anyone may enter these challenges assuming they follow the challenge guidelines that will be provided in the challenge topic thread. Most challenges are un-prized.

What if I have a problem with another member, or I'm having trouble posting?
Contact one of the moderators (links provided at the top of the forum), they will be more than willing to work with you until your concerns have been resolved.

Maya is Alias´s Oscar winning flagship product for producing premium 3D content.
Alias, and Wavefront were bought by Silicon Graphics in 1993. The two companies merged as Alias|Wavefront, developed Maya, and in 1998 it was first released, priced at $15,000.00 for Maya complete and $30,000.00 for the Unlimited version, both exclusive to the Silicon Graphics IRIX, Unix-like operating system. Since that time, Alias|Wavefront was renamed to Alias in 2003, Maya dropped in price, and at the time of this writing it is currently about $2,000.00 for Complete and $6,000.00 for Unlimited. As of 2006, Alias was purchased by Autodesk, the parent company of Discreet, makers of 3DS Max. Maya contains a full suite of tools for Modeling, Animation, Rendering, Dynamics, Particles, Fluid Effects, Cloth, Fur, and some other goodies not found in most other applications such as Paint Effects (a brush based 2D and 3D L-System).

Try it!
Maya is Free to try. If you like it, use it. For more information please check out the Autodesk website.