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Animation F.A.Q (Updated: 2016 Jul 11 4:53 pm)

In here we will dicuss everything that moves.

Characters, motion graphics, props, particles... everything that moves!
Enjoy , create and share :)
Remember to check the FAQ for useful information and resources.

Animation learning and resources:




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This document is meant to explain a little about this forum. The Animation Forum is a place for discussions related to animation, including but not limiting:

  • computer animation research
  • animation technology
  • software packages
  • film and TV
  • animation industry
  • animation for the web
  • motion graphics
  • characters

If you believe that your thread has to do with animation in any way, feel free to post it. Please use meaninful titles. Something like "check this out!" or "Poser doesn't like me" will not help. Something like "please critique my walkcycle" or "rendering for filim: what resolution and encoder" is better :)

Share your toughts. We are here to learn from one another, and the only way to do that is interacting.

When posting images it would be nice if you "saved them for the web". Sometimes browsing gets really slow because of big images. On the other hand, you can post the "final image" in high-res.

Animation Resources

I've compiled a list of Animation websites on the Forum Banner. If you find more resources feel free to post them. I will try to keep that list updated.

Useful threads:

Some questions are asked very frequently and sometimes users post very useful information. I will gather a list of those threads in here for you.

Specs about reating full frame DVD or TV animations

mrscience to write musick for free for Renderosity animators

16:9 target info for rendered video

Voice recording equipment

Simple video software

Stupid animation tricks

Looking for Soundloops for your animations?

Tv colour corrections

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Storyboarding and conceptualizing

Soundtrack creation

Mirage 1.5

Animation Tutorial Flash