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4:16 pm

 How do you overcome?
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 The real problem with 3d graphics and animation is a two edge sword called advancement. Without the dynamo of creation that arose in the late 90's and lurched us decades ahead in technology. We would still mostly be dreaming about creating the things we are working on now. In order to keep up with this incredible advancement one must sacrifice something, and in my case that really seems to be the ability to be creativly productive as an indivdual.

The good news as I can see it all around me all the time, is that there are those who appear to sacrifice in the the opposite. Focusing on creativity and somehow finding the best route to use current technologies. My hats off to those incredible individuals.

So now off I go to try be creative...wait what is that? Oho so cool how did they do that? here search there...try to make notes and notations (which I will never be able to find or recall when needed)...time gone...time gone...Dang Why did'nt I just stick with that last creative Ideal I actually had...wait...what was that ideal...damn it!

6:00 pm

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I got caught up in Runescape. Next thing i know its several years later, and Cararra, Bryce, and Poser have changed hands. They also went through a few versions, and now im finding myself filled with anxiety, not only have my favorite programs advanced, Im still working in OS 10.3 so even the mac has up up and advanced on me. Oh well, One day at a time as i rediscover the thing i loved about computers inthe first place. Time to Bryce/Poser and Carrara it up!

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