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 just trying to create a character...
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Yesterday I load gnd gs morph from renderosity and thought  that its time to create a new character .I still work in poser 5  but v4 worksi  ok in it so.. I have GND morphs and Victoria V4 magnetized version or how its called anyway I injected all basic morps to V4 like GND.... ++ morphs...Muscle morphs and Stephanie 4 and few custom morphs like lovely Utopian and mature morphs...After injecting Gnd character looked like Well GND...but what happened after I injected Mature morphs was not planned..First  characters chest was well busted.... but after adjusting breast volume to smaller scale V4.2 was marvelous Idont know what happened it sort of returned to like basic V4.2 shape but its much better than Basic V4.2 ...Any suggestions.....well I was celeb,n too early.... for some reason poser doesnt find texture for it although it is there ....hmmm.Still the wierd problem continues or rather got wierder other texture worked just fine with it poser says that it cant find or read the texture.. but it works in my other characters ok hmmm .Well lady bends well and works .I have perfect thigh morph also injected in my character but still thighs look "bit " awful when i bend them or put some side motion on .Has anyone solved this problem? or do I have to update my V4 to v5?... And i got rid of the wierd texture problem also....  Now If anyboby can guide me how to upload my character to renderosity i could try send it here

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