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10:18 am

 Now I Get Quality
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Now I Get Quality

now I get some kind of mystery about quality.

what makes quality that's three elements rendering,lighting,texture.

rendering makes show close as subject.

lighting just decoration.

texture it's quality itself same as subject itself.

if your work high resolution texture quality batter than any other rendering and lighting.

I don't know how can makes great texture speacially living thing.

my market shaders to fantastic idea speacially reflection batter than quality.

we and I half to investigation great texture.

it's absoulutely way^^***************


3:21 am

 Painting Possible Gain or Not
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Painting Possible Gain or Not

in the human history two big part push out to stand drop down full are painting and philosophia

some century ago we can find great painter as man name great artist and great work

but dark fortune from photography.

photography by science too realistic picture occupation human view.

in the useful meaning photography eat painting.

painting possible gain or not possible.

and one more part,that's philosophia science rasing super power batter than philosophia only philosophia meaning scholar to literature,one more reason capitalism side people horrorble experience with carl max so philosophia too much dangeress.

these two part possible gain or not gain and gone in world of human.computer graphic what kind of part,first of all computer graphic never photography.

maybe it's more like new part or unique part.

3d computer graphic use many part of seience as remake over photography useful occupation.

photography only makes picture with our present not present like past times and futher times can't make pictures.

but 3d over that all pictures possible.

strong meaning is useful with computer graphic batter than art.

art is reading objectivity world with view,if like that art inclsion use to science and computer graphic atteck painting too,like photography.

but case of three part as brother.

we half to saparate three brother part as pure art,such as meaning only reading objectivity world with out use to science.

that can call pure art and another call useful art so we can think pure art rasing again in three brother all will be ok or not.

pure art rasing or not basicly I don't know but like that percentage high because human needs reading view without useful science.

if say why,I can say we have eye that needs pure view not only reason belive or not.

that makes stright happy like pure life with pure view.

there are tree what makes tree,what kind mechanism as science qustion time by time but we needs just view of tree.

that like more humanism batter than science.

how about philosophia,human not work philosophia maybe one century.

but wee needs entirly knowledge not only part,science only part.

exemple like this there are scientist,artist,polytical people,philosophy don't know science batter than scientist,don't know art batter than artist,don't know politics batter than politics man but philosophy know art ,politics batter than scientist other same meaning best kownlege stand entirely with philosophy.

we needs entirely konwlege that makes not confusion makes each part relationship to rights each part development more great with philosophy.

I can strong said if not be philosophia some time there each part meet -stop-.

because all human part source from other part such as reading obiectivity world and nature.

strights reading nature only small,in all work if some one part people want to study strights with another part,that‘s not surprise.

if someone part people want to study strights to another part that is stright philosophia.

every people can be plilosophy but how much inclusion part.

that's only problem.

that's not problem philosophia own self

philosophy needs informed man not expert that's philosophy expert.



4:35 am

 Michael Jackson Passed Away
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Michael Jackson Passed Away

one of giant of music ground eated by death.

who is michael jackson age 50 but looking and filling teen ager as he said i'm peterfan.

first time I heard that news as michael jackson died my fill joked.

because filling about him so much alived to me.

even another people same that's joke.

next time heard again micheal jackson death filling horrorble that kind great artist easy to death something huge wrong in this human world as hand by evil or devil.

no matter jackson died something big wrong all human life.

I was not sad because I have michael album he alive in my soul still that time not bilived michael jackson died realize.

heard again by heard again in south korea news too.

i'm going to fill and sansation bilived michael jackson real passed away.

I can many think about that ofcause sad because my young life absolutely with him.

I know him since when he rasing start.

many rumor was with him.

he looks like boice like lady,black man want to be white,maybe he drug more and more.

but I know he have beautyful mind and soul as angel he's skin becomes white because want to termination problem bettween white and black.

ofcause he is best pop star specially he was best dancer so fantastic visual and sound give to people that recived people was happyed,any his rumor can't against his greatful work as genius pop star.

what is mean death with ugly rumor time by time his death become legend i'm witness,
on his funeral place people gather almost seven hundred thousands people it's absolutely proved he is great artist and made work.

what is hurt micheal jackson life with rich and famous only 50 years old and what makes he died realize~~~~~

I don't know but only check some things.

he too much dedication his own work give condition to people maybe it makes phygical problem like elvis and what want as I know it's such as beatles song "Nowhere man"

words "Nowhere man" like this "he is real nowhere man sitting in his nowhere land,
making his nowhere friends for nobody"

michael jackson realize "Nowhere man"

me,too i'm "Nowhere man "type too,

so I can understand all kind of against filling "Nowhere man"he's pain,sad,filling alone,press mean absolutely he is not american,he is not black he just own clean human being as stand.

but why died this great man can't find out friend all around world all people makes hurt his soul?

I think without proved but to makes think and fill michael jackson died everybody share reponsiblity and our most mind hurt beautiful man's mind and press to such as devil "Michael!!!we want your condition.we will makes you become king of pops!!!

what kind runing from his death,if someone tell to ours give your condition you will takes power"and we half to say "i'm never give to you my condition,we experience michael jackson and elvis death"

world is even will to power but even will to condition-about that I half to many explain but another times-,one more~~~~rich and famous not guarantee happy life,this tragic proved with great position with great house "never land" he gone like slience wind.

we half to never forget great position is good but we half to care our condition and if we memorial michael we half to deserve "Nowhere man" big part our human world.

slience~~~~~~he finised not as finised he going to legend we see now.

even more tell i'm Nowhere man,too.

my image presentation from Nowhere man mind.

i'm korean but i'm care all around world like this "his real Nowhere man~ sitting in his Nowhere land,making his Nowhere friends for Nobody" john lennon singing like this~~~~



7:07 am

 I don't know,too!but I tell you as help me help you
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I don't know,too!but I tell you as help me help you

I effort computer graphic only half years.

but at case of makes computer graphic art everybody want to best of best!

who is not~~~~

I don't know too much computer graphic as ignorance but i'm thinking about that too much times~~~~

so i'm thinking saperate each part individuality and effect point to computer graphic as simple.

this simple as chart will helped myself and to someone else.

this is not knowledge just want to makes right affort plan utill reach to target work of level best of best.

I makes as chart at computer graphic to six part.

six part saperate two part,so that two part have each 3part.

first part I want to call story,second part I want to call tools skill.

story have pose,arrangement,expression almost zone of character that makes story from artistic idea.

but you half to ready for many 3d source,if not ready to enough 3d source your idea can't makes manything presentation,as lost makes idea like unfinished work.

in this part needs many effort batter than understanding.

your idea free but needs to many affort as sincerity,in this part more like hard work batter than kownlege skill.

next part is tools skill this part individuality as knowledge batter than affort ofcause needs affort but that effort not stright work affort with study,any ways if get study next very much easy ,this part skill are texture,lighting and rendering.

this three part each connection as involved makes to resoult hi quilty work.

even like a professional to realistic and beautyful,emazing view as finished work.

so totarlly we needs affort and study but second case hard thing is get know how on the screat many many as mountain by mountain.

so start computer graphic but give away easy with many people.

necessary strong gameness and luck to meet good teather.

meet in top of mountain or give away it's like hamlet's agony.

in the contiune ways best strong psychology are joy and not recognition other people laugh.

and step by step to reach as top of mountain,of cause be more mountain in computer graphic as modelling,animation,and programing.

I think it's not impossible but needs times in continue ways we half to each other encourage,if not encourage as hurt to resolut image we will knock out.

it's right mind.

I hope everybody good luck and me,too.

when you reach top of mountain I think and fill you can singing sweet for sweet song with hornor by many people,it;s even batter than money as pride,satisfection,fun,marks more and ofcause another tip chance to makes money too.



6:36 am

 People want to see beyond not surface
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People want to see beyond not surface

if we sansation everything in our life we reading outside world.

if we are not reading just as 5sence see,touched,hearing,smell,taste we are same with animal.

animal life as being we search animal being still don't know that perpectly.

but with most think animal eat and shit as machine.

human sansation connection with human nerves and brain.

if we cut connection that we lost any sansation part.

it's biological fact and mechanism.

are we just eat and shit machine,i don't think so,because human is difference animal with top of food chain.

so buddhism said human have 6th sence is meaning.

buddhism very hi level philosophy religion~~~~any way if we deserved 6th sence we absolutely difference with animal because 6th sence meaning,if like that animal maybe have not 6th sence or very weak 6th sence.

strong qustion we see,touched,hearing,smell.taste what is more.

that is 6th sence as meaning that is built high level human quility culture,many thing as science,philosophy,schola,all made material by human hand,art,society system,cloth,food,language,manner,polytical,medison more and more,we call culture that's absolutely difference with animal.

that from never 5sence wright from 6th sence as meaning that ability strong we are not animal.

ofcause meaning inclusion 5 sence,but we effort as zoom to only 5sence,it's surface understanding and animal life with very much worth.

explain we see not only see function with meaning,we touched not only touched function with meaning,we hearing not only hearing function with meaning,we smell not only smell function with meaning,we taste not only taste function with meaning.

that meaning makes language and all kind of human culture and our source of thinking,absolutely that is human being.

another time I wannt to tell brain scientist miss take,that we have 5sence as brain synapse than for what,simple reason we see for what,we touched for what,we hearing for what,we smell for what,we taste for what~~~~~maybe human brain standing with outdoor never own system but I think brain scientist don't know about that!!!!

that for what are I call nature every 5sence connection 6th sence meaning.

meaning reading for what as nature that makes meaning that's never surface,that's beyond 5sence,when obserber skill and ability to human being so every people want to see beyond not surface.

it's very much interesting human to human judgement and relationship.

example as when your opponent see you never only your surface see,filling,thinking your beyond!!!!!

example again if rendrosity member see me as sontaeseok never see only surface see beyond and you too!!!!and art too!!!!!

at this case no matter that judgemant and reading wright or wrong

if we makes only surface art that's not deep of meaning as too much little reading nature that's art value down to low level.

technic makes surface when we see great technic we impressive but not artist we impressive hi tech science tools.

that's not original art more like stright science!!!!!

maybe we want to make art,speacilly we want to makes view with computer graphic.

if we want to great art must be reading,meaning,beyond natures,not surface.

ofcause deep reading art fallow technic to more great but technic is second problem.

if you makes only surface,people not impressive your art~~~~impressive that tools scientist as deserved scientist not you as artist.

people want to see beyond not surface.

because art are high level culture that from 6th sence meaning ofcause people want to see art as byond,deep,meaning,reading outdoor,for what as nature never your art surface.

if you have great technic you must confirm people deserved your art or science~~~~like this computer graphic have two part reading nature as art and technic as science,many people deserved your technic that is not you right to scientist if your art meaning weak.

like this many case art people love your science not your art to laugh,if you have screat technic know how that honor to scientist not you!!!!!!



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